"Nutritional Supplements," Fallen Angel Technology & Merging with the MACHINE

good morning everyone my name is Abby Elizabeth and this is the urban vessels YouTube channel I have a message today for Christian sisters but anyone is welcome to listen this is some pretty significant information that I don't think is widely available at least not all in one place so I'm bringing you information about some dangers that I see in these times that we're living in particularly in relationship to the mark of the beast so I do want to begin with the scripture and if we go to the book of Revelation chapter 13 and of course I would advise people to go back and read this entire chapter as a matter of fact the entire book of Revelation as well as the entire Bible but for the purposes of this video I want to focus on some details in this prophecy all right so in Revelation chapter 13 and verse 15 and we're reading here about the man of perdition or the Antichrist and he had power to give life unto the image of the Beast that the image of the Beast should both speak and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the Beast should be killed and verse 15 and he causeth all both small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads and that no man might buy or sell save that he had the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name so I want to focus on some things that are just not generally known about things that are happening right now with technology all right there are people who recognize that technology is in fact the MA of the beast so what we have is we have an inanimate object that people are worshipping and how this is happening it is perhaps not something that people are aware of but it's the technology that when people have a screen which is a black mirror so technology has a black mirror which is an occult thing that people use in the occult to practice divination so a cellphone is in fact a black mirror as is a computer all right and I'm not saying everyone who is using the Internet is worshipping the image of the Beast but I'm saying this is a precursor to it that these objects should be handled very carefully and used wisely right so it's the first thing that I want to say in the United States of America what we have forming right now is something called the 5g network which will connect all devices into a huge grid and basically it's a surveillance system and it's also a system of control whereby if someone at the steps out of line with the Beast system they can immediately be located and arrested now in legislation since the 90s we have had things in place called crime prevention programs the first time I noticed it was in the Violence Against Women Act which was basically about propaganda and disseminate disseminating information to police and to judges and so doctors medical professionals about how to prevent domestic violence and usually the way that this would unfold is for community police to be monitoring relationships and make an arrest of the man before a crime took place so a couple might be arguing and the community police would be become aware of it and arrest the man and then this of course was very detrimental to his ability to work his ability to be respected in his home so that's not the topic here but I did want to mention that these laws of community policing and teaching judges and police officers about how to enforce something called crime prevention has been around for quite a while now when we have a system now with of surveillance so it's cameras it's the NSA monitoring Internet activity which by the way I just want to say is not something that is isolated here or there they are gathering all of your deck data they are looking at all of your emails all of your phone conversations cell phone in particular they're tracking your every move they know when if you're carrying a cell phone with you they know when you enter a building when you exit it they know how long you spend in the bathroom they have recorded images of you of your face they have a lot of data about you and this data is gone through by something known as the d-wave computer so that the artificial intelligence which is Satan goes through this this data and then knows how to prevent crime all right now this is about to be put into place some of it has already been put into place the reason why we have had so many violent offenses where were crowds of people have been killed is is in order to in the public mind create a need to have this kind of surveillance and control now when we have these these events happen where people are massacred in a public place by someone who is a lone gunman that there's many ways that this can be used by the evil system but one of the most obvious ones is that they're they're saying that we need to have more supervision by the government and that people are frightened so they're crying out for for something to be done about this kind of violence before it starts and some of the surveillance that exists exists in the pharmaceutical industry where people and the medical industry where they are are surveilled by the medical practitioners and the pharmacologist as to whether or not they might become violent so these this system is absolutely huge already but there are some parts of it that many people don't understand and so now that I've given this background information I want to talk a little bit about the things that are not widely known one thing I want to start out with before I go any further here is to emphasize that this is a Christian Channel and because this is a Christian Channel here we hold to the Word of God and it's for people who have been saved in Jesus Christ baptized in his name who had received the Holy Ghost and people who have obeyed the gospel in this way have a in this way that's like a silly way to put it I'm sorry people who have obeyed the gospel according to the scripture okay so not the false gospel that many people believe have something equality in them known as spiritual discernment where we can see things on a spiritual level that that others in the world cannot see because they're not born of God all right and many people believe that they're born of God when they're not and if you are wondering about that you can contact me but for the purpose of this video I want to tell people that everything that I'm saying that is about a scientific thing or a medical thing will be linked in the description box below but the spiritual discernment' that I'm giving you as a sister one of God's people is not going to be able to be documented in some other place all right if you want to ridicule this point of view you are welcome to start your own YouTube channel or to go to the multitudes of YouTube channels that would disagree with the things that I'm saying here but because this is a Christian channel I do not allow people to debate whether or not God's Word is God's Word and that being the King James Version of the Holy Bible that God's Word is what we hold to hear because this is a Christian channel and if you find that offensive I'm sorry but I have an obligation as as a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ to not have useless debate and endless arguing going on in in the comments section so that is something that is not tolerated here alright so I wanted to clear that up right away before we get started here with this information now I had done on some videos about carbon 60 and I want to add some information to what has gone before this video here will also have linked in the description box the previous videos that I did that attended to carbon 60 in particular alright but there's some things I need to add to that information all right carbon 60 is made up of nanotubes and it is not naturally found in the earth like many people claim that it is it is not it is something that is formed through the use of technology and the men who invented this who created this I don't like using the word created here but they manufactured this substance the men who did so one of them was a former NASA scientist and the two of them met in a in a think tank now think tank is a term that is used to deceive the public about what that is okay they think that it's a bunch of smart people who get together to have ideas and and invent things and it may be that but it's also something else it's a code word for a secret society and the people who are in these think tanks whether or not they openly admit it they have an elusive aryan agenda they have an agenda to bring the world into what they call the new golden age all right so I can provide documentation as to what I'm saying about these two men who received my noble Nobel Prize I believe for inventing this substance it is not something that is naturally found all right and the way that they manufactured this was to play with atoms by using lasers so it was the use of technology to form carbon molecules that are not found naturally in nature now naturally in nature they're not found in the creation of God all right so please forgive me here if I'm a little bit stumbling here over my words this is a very important topic and I'm doing the best I can to to present this this information to you so that you will be able to protect yourself all right so at any rate the the carbon buckyball fullerene which is another name for carbon sixty it's it's something that is made up of fullerenes and fullerenes are superconductors that contain data now I want to emphasize that I'm going to say it again okay fullerenes are superconductors that contain data now every fullerene and the carbon 60 molecule can hold up to a terabyte of data when carbon 60 is consumed with a fat and they recommend that people consume it with a fat and even if they don't it it would be hard to find a human who does not ingest fat and when the person ingests it with a fat it crosses the blood-brain barrier and becomes a receiver in the brain that's one thing that it does and that's what I had discussed in previous videos but I also found out that carbon 60 also carries data in alright and it is highly questionable that what these scientists are saying is that it it on it surrounds things that are dangerous like radiation and then expels them from the body that is the claim but this is a nano particle and nano particles become embedded in cells all right so I think it's really unlikely that that's true and I would suggest to people that they do some further research about this which I will do as well but I have heard that in fact the carbon 60 is very difficult to remove from the body and what it actually is doing is it's bringing data into the brain now some people have said after taking carbon 60 that it has affected them mentally and they don't like the effect and they stop taking it other people have said that it has been a cure for things like Alzheimer's disease as a matter of fact and one of the links below one of the scientists who first manufactured this substance gave it to his mother he testifies to that who had Alzheimer's disease and that she is very old and very much recovered she's around 92 years old and now has recovered from Alzheimer's where they were planning on getting her a full-time nurse and now she's driving and and well okay so this is being purported to be a cure for everything from 5g radiation or Wi-Fi radiation to things like aging all right and people think that this is just the best thing since sliced bread and I would say to you that it's a Trojan horse and that that people these kinds of people who who were employed by NASA people who are scientists who who are representing this as being a cure-all from everything you know from radiation to being an answer to aging all right that this smells to me like Satan and the reason why is Satan way back in the guard Garden of Eden said to Eve thou shalt not surely die and this has been an objective of mainstream science for a very long time – to crack the problem of human death and this buckyball this carbon 60 seems to be at least leading in that direction where people are noticing the dead they are thinking is getting clearer that that various deteriorations of the human body are improving their energy is improving immune system problems are improving and so on so for Christians of course we find our healing in Jesus Christ and we don't take pharmaceutical substances and anything anything that occurs naturally in the world that has been altered through the use of technology is a form of pharmakeia all right now let's go to the scripture and we'll go to Revelation chapter 18 Revelation chapter 18 and I'm going to isolate parts of this chapter for the sake of time so we'll start in verse 4 and I heard another voice from heaven saying come out of her he my people pardon me come out of her my people that ye be not partakers of her sins and that ye receive not of her plagues now this is talking about Babylon it's talking about God's commandment that his people come out of Babylon now we're going to move a little bit further into this same chapter of Revelation and we're going to read the end of this and starting in verse 23 and this of course is the judgment upon Babylon the thing that we don't want to be partaking up right it says and the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee and the voice of the bridegroom and the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee so this is talking about that that Jesus Christ and the church will come out of the false religious system okay they will not be there anymore and then it says for thy merchants okay thy merchants were the great men of the earth for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived now the word sorcery those who follow my channel are are well aware that this word in greek is pharmakeia pharmakeia is the root greek word for a pharmaceutical drug for pharmacy for pharmacists and the use of drugs is one operation of witchcraft it's one of them it's not the only one but it's an important one so when we are reading here that babylon you know most people are aware that babylon is the false church ok the global one-world religion and if you're not informed about that please contact me and i will send you some links on that topic but this babylonian system this false religion has merchants who sell things ok and by their sorceries were all the nations deceived now some of the operations of witchcraft that deceive that the people of the world are the operations of witchcraft when it comes to changing the Word of God in various translations or twisting language and the scripture in order to to change who God is to change what the gospel is and to present to people of false Jesus if you want more on that topic please email me or comment and I can send you some links about that but please be specific about what your question and it's when you say that you want links ok because I I would like to be able to address you with what you're actually asking for so people are deceived by sorceries and this is an important part of what I want to talk about here in relation to pharmakeia and it's not I'm not going to be talking now about pharmaceutical drugs or about drugs that are illegal I'm going to talk about something else that's very serious okay and this is the use of nutritional supplements there was something that was implemented in the food supplement industry called the best practices and it's something that are recommendations by the FDA where people who are involved in manufacturing food supplements are held to either be in compliance or not compliance with these FDA standards and there are a couple of things that I want to mention that happened when these best practices came and one of them was the use of flow agents in the manufacture of these substances so for example someone might want to buy supplement that helps their cardiovascular system and their brain function such as Co Q 10 and when a they buy this it's something that's an isolated nutrient that is very beneficial for the human body but what has happened because of these best practices is that usually this and all other nutritional supplements have one or several different flow agents in them in it for the purpose of this video I want to focus on two of them the first one is silicon dioxide or silica now people will tell you that silica is naturally found mineral in the earth and that's true it is silica is found naturally on earth and what it it's basically sand or quartz quartz is also a conductor and it is a receiver all right and it is the silicon dioxide that is in most supplements the flow agent is used is something that is a nanoparticle it's a nanoparticle and it gets into your cells and it breaks down the human DNA there's been studies done that prove that double strand damage to the DNA is done now the reason why this is of concern is because if you have a damage to one strand of your DNA the other strand can step in and repair it but when there is double strand DNA what this does effectively is it cuts the DNA and then when you introduce something like carbon 60 the carbon 60 gravitates to that breakage in order to repair it but what it does is it inserts that the data that was contained and in those phone rings now we don't know what that data is but I would be suspicious of this because it looks to me like DNA changes are happening through this process so for many years now people have been ingest ingesting large amounts of silica into their bodies and they have DNA damage because of this and now that they're sick because they have DNA damage so they're suffering from autoimmune disorders and and problems with their general health okay where they're sick that they take the carbon 60 because it's being represented as a cure for these diseases and what is happening then is that they are gradually being connected with the beast system now how can I say that well the way I can say that is that silica and carbon 60 are both superconductors carbon 60 actually can bring data and add it into the system and particularly in the brain so when people are taking it with a fat and it crosses the blood-brain barrier and they're taking it for things like Alzheimer's disease one has to wonder what exactly are the DNA changes that are happening and what exactly is the data that's being downloaded people are talking about if you look at people who are talking about this like it's a good thing one thing they will say is that they are having manifestations so this would be when someone say once a certain thing to come into their life and then they take the carbon 60 and then they notice that that these things are coming into their life that their desires are being answered and this is again resembling the the idea of something other than God bringing healing something other than God bringing spiritual manifestations into a person person's life people have also said that it connects them with with channeled beings with aliens and and angels and so forth so I think that these things are easily discerned as being of the enemy but they're also part of the religious system and that people who are taking these things tend to represent themselves as being in favor of humanity gathering as one to solve our problems and that we as a one-race in the world need to set aside our religious differences which cause Wars and so forth and and join with this idea this globalist one-world religion where where Jesus Christ is rejected as being part of the old system all right so the religion of the new age basically says that when we enter the Golden Age okay and I mentioned that before or right about this being the Luciferian agenda of the secret societies that the men who first invented this substance belong to okay that this golden age will require people to worship Lucifer and Lucifer is the the Antichrist so it's a man who will have the spirit of Satan in him but he will masquerade as a world teacher or a world Messiah now I want to address another substance that is used as a flow agent under the FDA's recommended best practices for the manufacturer of food supplements okay the other one that I want to mention here is called magnesium stearate now there's a number of reasons why magnesium stearate is not a good idea in terms of health and just a few of them are that that one thing is when it's in a supplement it creates a biofilm in the intestine which makes it less likely that the nutrient that you're taking will be absorbed okay so it reduces the effectiveness of the nutrient that you're a supplement that you're taking okay another thing that it does is it suppresses t-cells so basically what it does is attack the immune system it can contain carcinogenic carcinogenic substances and formaldehyde it's often frequently contaminated and again it is not a natural substance it's a manufactured substance now people say oh it's magnesium and a lot of people have a magnesium deficiency but though it's not a form of magnesium that is beneficial to people it's combined with a fad and this this is something that does not benefit the human body it has no benefits at all even though that the people who used it try to represent it as being a way to supplement with them using another thing that they'll say is they'll say well magnesium stearate is not good for a person if they get too much of it but the amount that's in a little supplement pill is not much the problem is that it's ubiquitous it's everywhere not only is it in most supplements but it's in many foods as well it has a number of different names so it's an additive in many foods it's also the fat part of it the stearate part of it is usually the way that it this fat is put into it is it's a GMO FF so these fats are again very detrimental to the human body anything that has been genetically modified is an abomination before God and so Christians should remember that that the war against the seed began way back in the book of Genesis okay we can read of that on just so we can read about that in Genesis chapter 3 and verse 15 and this of course is God's judgment upon a serpent and he says I will and I will put enmity between thee and the woman and between thy seed and her seed it shall bruise thy head and thou shalt bruise his heel so the war against the seed began way back in the garden of another way that it manifested was when the fallen angels came and and had sex with human women in order to produce offspring and the motive behind this of course was to corrupt the human seed in order to prevent the Messiah from being born that was the intention of that and and so this war against the seed has existed for a long time and we read in the Book of Daniel about how the enemies of human life will mingle with human people okay but it won't be done in the same way hold on I'll get you that so in Daniel chapter 2 and verse 43 this is the image of the different governments that would exist in humanity and this is talking about the government that is existing now so if you want to study more on this I would read the whole chapter but that it's a picture that the king had in a dream of an image of a man and the man had different parts of different metals so the head and woods of gold and the shoulders and chest were of silver and so on and the final kingdom before Jesus comes is we can read of this in verse 43 and where as well we'll read in verse 42 and as the toes of the feet were part of iron and part of clay so the kingdom shall be partly strong and partly broken and where as thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men but they shall not cleave one to another even as iron is not mixed with clay and of course the clay is the human flesh okay and the iron is technology all right so when people are taking something like magnesium stearate it has the effect of a number of things and one of them is not really recognized and this is something that is in a lot of things it's it's a drug delivery system so what it does is when you ingest magnesium stearate it makes pharmaceuticals more likely to pass through the blood-brain barrier now these kinds of drug delivery systems are found in many things such as denture cream denture cream something that many people use in their mouths to hold in a denture actually contain substances that are drug delivery systems now why in the world would something be used as an oral adhesive be also a drug delivery system why why would anyone do that because by per sorceries we're all the nations deceived people who are taking anything into their body without knowing what it is and these times is in real danger so I think I've been clear about the way that some of these substances that are found in nutritional supplements need to be avoided if you want to take nutritional supplements the way to do so is to buy them in bulk and either put them in a smoothie in the blender or or to consume it in the food that I'd put it him alright now there's a couple other things I want to add about nutritional supplements and one of them is that the vegan capsules are made of cellulose plant cellulose and it's a crystalline substance and again this is something that gets into the cells of your body and causes DNA harm and it's nanotechnology if people want to consume a nutritional supplement they should look for one that does not contain these flow agents and if it contains something else that you don't know what it is then what I would do what I've done is you google that substance you write it into your search engine and then you write toxicology after that and then you will see the studies that have been done about these things silica for example is a carcinogen it's been determined to cause cancer in rats and the reason why it's a person agendas it causes DNA damage the combination when people have been consuming silica for years thinking that they're taking a healthy nutritional supplement and then they take carbon 60 when now they have cancer or an autoimmune disorder on what happens then is that this activates all of the nanoparticles that one has ingested so we breathe these nanoparticles it's in the water and it's in the food it almost cannot be avoided because the chemtrails are showering nanoparticles down on even the organic and non-gmo farms and these nanoparticles are so small that they go very deeply into anything they fall on so for that reason we all have ingested nanotechnology and if we're Christians we know that if we eat any poisonous thing we won't be affected by it so let's go to the book of mark and chapter 16 and we'll read in verse 18 this is Jesus Christ speaking about people who have obeyed the gospel okay they shall take up serpents and if they drink any deadly thing it shall not hurt them they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover so not drinking any deadly thing or taking up serpents what this refers to is that that we are not poison a bull as long as we're in the will of God if we've obeyed the gospel and excuse me and we and we are walking in righteousness every day for living a holy life we don't have anything to fear here and it's the enemy who tries to convince us that we we need all these things we need to be taking supplements because the food is no longer healthy food we need to be taking things to protect us against the 5g radiation but you see what Satan does is he creates a problem and then a reaction and then he presents his solution and that's why I wanted to warn people about this now I had one other things I wanted to say about magnesium stearate is that it does also act as a drug delivery system it gets things to cross the blood-brain barrier more readily and is probably related in part at least to why so many people now are developing Alzheimer's disease with the nanoparticles and the chemtrails that are aluminum that then when you're you're taking a drug delivery system what you're doing is you're basically just downloading all this nanotech into your brain and it cut aluminum been documented to have a relationship with dementia and Alzheimer's disease so finally I also want to go to the book of second Corinthians chapter 6 and verse 3 up 3:17 you know I refuse to get another pair of glasses because my eyes are improving steadily because I'm praying for healing with my eyes and I'm not buying another pair of glasses and because of that the glasses don't work so well anymore because they're a little bit too strong so let's go to Romans chapter 6 and verse 17 and here we read wherefore come out from among them and be ye separate saith the Lord and touch not the unclean thing and I will receive you and will be a father unto you and ye shall be my sons and daughters saith the Lord Almighty you see Christians we want very much to be healthy and strong and serving the Lord we also want to be careful because the enemy has infiltrated just about every area of human life whether it's GMO foods whether it's pesticides on foods whether it's nanotechnology in the air and the water whether it's water fluoridation whether its pharmaceutical drugs that are supposedly for our benefit whether it's the whole medical system which is supposedly about health care when really what it's about is control and surveillance and poisoning people all right that all of these things all these areas of human life have been infiltrated including including the supplement industry ok when the FDA which is an arm of the federal government that has similar government agencies in other countries of the world so this is not limited to the United States the World Health Organization and the United Nations is everywhere ok so this is not limited to the United States but in our country here in the USA we have the FDA who determines how it is that these companies can safely manufacture supplements and because of that what we have is the opposite okay because this is a lie it's about manufacturing supplements that will in fact corrupt your DNA and make you susceptible towards becoming part of the beast system in the book of Revelation in chapter 13 when we read of the mark of the beast we can understand a few things about it okay that it's got to do with people buying and selling and that's what most people notice with the implantable chip in the hand alright but when we're talking about what's in the forehead it's my belief that this is talking about technology that gets into the brain where someone is marked in their brain now this can be something where a chip is implanted into a brain this is something that the under the brain initiative that that Barack Obama started to study treating certain disorders that one of the things that they have been working on and continue to work on is to control human behavior or control certain disorders by implanting technology in the brain one of these of course is the disorder of psychopathy where someone is a criminal and has no function of a conscience that in order to prevent crime one thing that they're talking about in this brain initiative is to implement chipping the brains of people who are deemed to be potential Psychopaths or potential by violent criminals so that's one aspect but what I would say is it was forming now is we have 5g network that is going to connect all devices everywhere and this surveillance will be almost impossible to avoid with cameras and ubiquitous cell phones and laptops and even things like refrigerators and televisions our smart smart so this grid that is being formed is one way the image of the beast is seizing control the world wide web is something that connects people as this beast is growing in power it is wanting to assimilate the human seed into technology when we read in the Book of Daniel that they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men but not cleave that may cleave is referring to marriage so when the fallen angels married women in the days of Noah all right that that was one way to mingle the seed now the way that they're mingling the seed is by forcing people whether they're aware of it or not to be ingesting some substances that damage the DNA and then enticing them and it's important to notice here enticing them to take a substance that promises them health and longevity and even spiritual experiences and thereby attaching to the DNA something that contains data and is also a receiver all right so this is why I did this video I know it's kind of a complicated topic there will be links in the description box for the various scientific evidence for what I am Telling You here but I did feel it necessary to warn people about the supplements because up until very recently I was under the impression that that supplements were a good thing to take and I was unaware of these dangers and I think that for that reason many people probably are not aware of the dangers of magnesium stearate silica and and the way that these are drug delivery systems and they also cause DNA damage that that is something that is then that we'd seek a solution for alright so problem reaction solution bad poor quality food is a problem the reaction is to try to take supplements and and that causes DNA damage that most people aren't aware of and then people are sick and they're looking again to the scientists to provide for them a solution if someone is telling you that carbon 60 is found naturally and in the creation that this is not the case that's not true carbon 60 carbon is everywhere in creation but the buckyball on fullerenes are something that were manufactured by men of science alright men of science who have an allegiance to a Luciferian god and are seeking to create the conditions where humanity can ascend okay where we can become as gods the and this is the state the statements of the technological people that that's what they want to do they want to be as well and this is the way that they are going to try to assimilate as many human beings as possible into the beast system that's the reason for this video to warn people about this if you're concerned that you've taken these substances and you're christian all that you need to do is repent of it ask God to forgive you ask Jesus Christ to heal you and then hold to your faith knowing that he promised he promised that we can find healing this way let's go to the book of James and chapter 5 and we will read and force verse 14 it says is any sick among you let him call for the elders of the church and let them pray over him anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord and the prayer of faith shall save the sick so it's not some of the time we'll save the sick it's shall save the sick this is a promise okay and the Lord shall raise him up and if he have committed any sins they shall be forgiven him of course it is sinful to look to the solutions of this world systems when we're sick okay it's a sin to look to doctors it's a sin to look to technology it's a sin to take pharmaceutical drugs and for unfortunately it certainly appears now that given the FDA's regulation of the food supplement industry that most food supplements are no longer simply food supplements but they're actually a manifestation of sorcery and witchcraft and they're actually they contain from suitable substances in these flow agents so I hope this message is blessed you feel free to email me or to comment in the comment section below but I am going to have to approve all comments if people get out of hand and in the comment section I don't like doing that so I'm not going to do it unless it really becomes a problem so feel free to comment in the comment section below and if you want to ridicule me or ridicule my faith or ridicule the word of God then your comment be deleted all right my prayers are with all of you that that the light of God's Word will shine abroad in your heart and strengthen you in these times that we're living in and able in order to be able to walk and faith and obedience all the way until the edge


  1. So vitamins and minerals which have silicon dioxide magnesium r not good for you…..? Is charcoal, coconut, ginkgo, wheat grass spirulina, raw garlic, ginger ginseng and turmeric good for you???

  2. Hello, I subbed a few days ago, thanks to brother Clinton. Thank you in advance for all your input. For "some reason" on the rare occasion I go to the doctor, they mostly say the same: wait a few days, if it doesn't change in a couple of weeks…" Anyway, they rarely give me any medication. I firmly believe our Heavenly Father is keeping me. Now I have osteoporosis (spine and right hip), I am looking into diet and right supplements. Just thank you and much πŸ’•πŸ™

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  5. AMEN! I rest in joy and in praise to our Lord that he revealed this truth to you dearest sister! It is very disheartening and infuriating to phathom the motives, deceptions and evil of this system…but I THANK God each day as I walk closer and closer to complete and utter faith in our Lord, as he too sheds from me the confidence I once allowed with mankind and this world with my precious soul. So thank you for tending to each of ours as he so beautifully instantaneously heals yours! Its such a gracious gift of the simplicity and purity of our Father's promises, and it brings such joyful tears when witnessing His hands upon another. I send you great sisterly love and my prayers for you ascend above always!

  6. Sister Abby your wisdom is so deep and precious!!! As u were talking about this God brought the verse to my mind about ingesting and it not hurting us and you began to read it!!!! The Lord is so good to His people and I thank God for you Sister Abby!!!!

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  8. Very informative Sister Abbey. Thank you… King Jesus helped me get rid of all my medication, (Cold and Flu, Musinex; IB Prophine & Norco, pain killers; Vix Vapor rub; Allergy meds; chewable cold preventative; throat spray etc.); upon watching your previous video on Pharmakia. It has been replaced by limons, ginger, honey and ginger tea's… I heard Brother Clinton, but I wasn't ready. All I have remaining is: a few more tablets of Zinc; Iron; Fish Oil and Centrum (multivitamin). In God's unctioning, I only plan to refill the Centrum…Thank you Lord Jesus. May King Jesus continue to bless and keep you Sister Abbey.

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