Nutrition Is The First Step – Dr. Schulze Weekly Blog

You have to do what I call the
fundamental basics to turn this around so you can feel
great, have tons of energy, and live a long time. And the first one is nutrition. You cannot do anything, you
can’t get your body to do anything unless it is
flooded with nutrition. I want so much nutrition
flowing through your bloodstream that anything any organ needs– any organ needs any building
block to make any chemical– and I don’t care if you’re
talking about hormones, I don’t care if you’re talking
about estrogen or progesterone or testosterone. I don’t care if you’re
talking about thyroxin. I don’t care if you’re
talking about insulin. It doesn’t matter. If your body isn’t
working right, it isn’t creating what you
need to have good metabolism, you need more nutrition. And if you won’t put that into
your body, I can’t help you. Because remember, I don’t
care what disease you have. I’m not interested. It bores the shit out of me. OK. Because that’s focusing
in the wrong direction. Remember what I said? I don’t have time for that! I’m not going to
indulge diseases. I’m not interested. What’s our focus? I don’t indulge unclarity
and uncertainty in my life. I don’t indulge
negative thoughts. I don’t indulge diseases. That’s a reality, my friends. OK. You go back to me. Get the good looking guy. That’s a reality, my friends. But I don’t take time
for that reality. I don’t live in that reality. There are alternate realities,
and I certainly live in one. I am way too busy feeling great,
getting healthy, having energy, finding great food,
having a great morning, surrounding myself with
people that I love, doing things that are fun. This is a full time job. Sorry, but I don’t
have time for shit. I don’t have time
for a depression. I don’t have time to hang
around with people that want to tell me god awful shit. I don’t have time
to eat food that’s going to make me feel like
I want to puke an hour or two later. I don’t play that game. So the first thing to
get well, the first game, is you got to take
some of the food that you eat that is crap
food, and you know what it is, and replace it with
better quality food, and start changing that balance. And that’s just for
the average person that wants to feel
a little bit better. But let me tell you. If you’re really
sick, you’ve got to shift that
balance dramatically. Rebecca went to juices. Just get the juicer
out for a month or two. If you have any disease in here
that any doctor said you’re going to die, food is out. Get the juicer out for a
few months and call me. I was tough on my patients.

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