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We need to be taught. What does it take to
be healthy and well? It’s all about creating successful habits. Can you imagine saying,
you know what I haven’t seen any changes with my teeth with 52 brushes? I don’t think it’s
working? I’m not gonna brush my teeth tomorrow. I’m gonna wait 52 more days to find out that
I got cavities before I’m gonna start that again. Exercise will transform your life in so many
different levels not only it will transform your body and make you feel good and make
you healthy for a lifetime but the emotional gains that you will get from taking control
of your health and accomplishing goals. It can take you from existing to really living.
You can find free programs online, you can hire coaches, you can ask friends that already
done it. There’s a lot of resources out there that can help you. Exercise is a journey, it’s not a destination

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