Nutrition for Disease Prevention and Weight Loss

it happened again a beautiful old muscle car classic car pulls up outside my office and you can tell it was really cared for it looked like it was a showroom model so I was in awe of this car but then the owner got out and you could tell that the owner did not put the same time and effort and passion and to take care taking care of their health as they did with that car and that made me think once again this has happened many times and I think it's so it's so ironic it's such a shame that the person couldn't take that the passion and intensity and commitment of taking care of that old classic car and put it into their body I think if if they could just imagine I'm not going to put bad gas in my car I wouldn't do that I would never miss a tune-up and I'm gonna wash and wax and and work on this car all the time imagine if they would do that with their body and pay very careful attention to what they're putting in for fuel into their body their food they wouldn't put bad gas in the car let's not put bad gas or food into our bodies and that's what we're talking about today on this show feeding yourself better so let's look at the state of the of the country right now and overall how are we doing on let's say the past 20 years so how is the country's health how is our nutrition how's our exercise and so forth well if you just turn on the TV you know it's terrible we are doing a terrible job in this country with chronic disease and longevity and so forth so obesity just looking at obesity 23 years ago our obesity rate was less than fifteen percent 23 years ago less than fifteen percent we are now currently in 2013 at 35 points seven percent obesity rate so under fifteen percent to over thirty-five percent in 23 years that's not easy to do the way that you have to do that is this eat a whole bunch of bad stuff don't move very much make sure you get stuck in front of video screens for many hours a day perfect formula for disaster and that's exactly what we've done in this country as we go along with this show we need to talk about some simple nutrition steps that you need to do right now to get your life in order we have to change this obesity epidemic that we have what I want you to do if you're watching this show I want you to think about why it's important to you what you're motivating factors are to making a change in your life is it that you want to be alive for your grandchildren is it that you want to be involved with your hobbies throughout the rest of your life until you die maybe it's you don't want to go into bankruptcy the number one reason that somebody goes bankrupt in this country in the United States is because of medical bills that means that you get a chronic disease that you have for a long time with a big hospital bill and then you just can't pay that the number one reason for bankruptcy so maybe you decide that you know I just don't want to be bankrupt and I don't want to bankrupt my family I need to take care of myself so I don't get sick think about what your why is why do I want to pay attention to my health and then that will give you the importance of changing the food that you pick for yourself and for your family so obesity let's talk about obesity for a moment obesity is just being fat right it's just being overweight no it's not I want you to think differently about obesity obesity is heart disease and high blood pressure obesity is cancer we know that people that obese have a much higher rate of cancer and that includes all cancers breast uterine colon prostate esophageal panco attic and kidney cancers are all higher if you're obese obesity is diabetes obesity is Alzheimer's dementia and vascular dementia obesity is strokes obesity is liver disease cirrhosis of the liver and fatty liver disease obesity is gallstones it's pancreatitis female disorders such as abnormal periods and infertility all types of arthritis sleep apnea and snoring is also increased with obesity it's lung disease including asthma and pulmonary blood clots obesity is inflamed veins and blood clots anywhere in your body in other words obesity which is what reading and our level of exercise and so forth is the alarm bell it's the Titanic heading towards the iceberg that's dead ahead that's what I want you to think of a little B City it's more than just being overweight it's a signal that you're heading for these diseases at an alarming rate people are literally eating themselves to death and that's we want to change we get to our graves with our teeth as some people say I see it all around me I see to my office every day unfortunately I patient after patient comes in with high blood pressure diabetes Alzheimer's cancer and I know that for the vast majority of people these things were preventable if somebody had told them and guided them along the way which we're doing here you could have avoided these serious diseases if you had taken steps on your own to do this so what does it cost us what does obesity and chronic disease cost us in June of 2013 our CDC the Centers for Disease Control has stated this heart disease cancer and diabetes that's considered sometimes the big three those three diseases heart disease cancer and diabetes are responsible for seven of every ten deaths in this country and it accounts for seventy-five percent of our health care spending seventy-five percent for three diseases I call a disease gear spin because we're not spending health we're spending it on disease right so currently right now that's seventy-five percent of three trillion dollars so three trillion dollars seventy-five percent of that is 2.25 trillion dollars is spent according to the CDC for diseases that are largely preventable so of course that means that we have to change the entire disease care system that we have and I've already talked about that on prior shows on this program and then you can watch those videos on my youtube page the other video that I want to make sure that you see if you didn't catch my show go to my YouTube page and you'll see the show I've titled the Alzheimer's tsunami Alzheimer's is also increasing by a significant rate and we know that Alzheimer's for the most part is preventable if we do the same steps exercise don't smoke eat good things which we're going to talk about in a moment I already cover that on my Alzheimer tsunami the reason I'm talking about it here now is Alzheimer's is projected to cost us one point one trillion dollars per year by 2050 and that's right down the road we just simply won't they be able to pay for those bills so I considered it now the big four we've got heart disease diabetes cancer and Alzheimer's if you put those four together if we just tackle those four we can save the healthcare system we can save most of you from becoming bankrupt we can save the country the country will go down we will not be able to pay these bills and the very near future the Harvard School of Public Health has stated in the past that eighty percent of heart disease and diabetes seventy percent of the cases of stroke and over fifty percent of the all cases of cancer can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle and that healthy lifestyle is again eat good things and don't eat bad things get regular exercise and don't smoke so that healthy lifestyle we now know we can knock down these chronic diseases by at least a conservative number seventy-five percent more people will go back to dying of old age as opposed to a particular disease or disorder so you need to think about what your why is why do you want to pay it into these things that were going to talk about for the rest of the program the food that you're eating some people will say well that's okay I'm going to let my medical insurance and my doctors take care of me as John Boehner the Speaker of the House has said recently just this week in november of 2013 he said we have the best health care delivery system in the world really well let's take a look at some of the statistics we are number one a secretary manner we are number one because we spend more than any other country on health care we spend three twenty dollars a year we also spend the highest percentage of our gdp on health care so we're number one there for that money that we're spending according to the world health organization we ranked 37th and the health care system ranking meaning effectiveness according to the UN we are a number 40th and life expectancy so 39 countries are better than us according to the gross national happiness index were 44th so even though we have more money than anybody in the world it doesn't make us very happy we ranked 44th in the country out of the 17 richest countries in the world we rank yeah that's right number 17 we ranked dead last in health outcomes and longevity so we're not getting the bang for the buck if you will also give his our health care system right now each year 100,000 people die per year because they pick up an infection in the hospital 106,000 people a year die because they took the right drug for the right way for the right diagnosis and they're dead the numbers now have gone way up on medical mistakes have you've heard in 2013 four hundred and forty thousand people a year die because of medical mistakes if you add up just those three numbers six hundred and forty-six thousand people a year die because of medical care that's equivalent to 24 jumbo jets going down every week that's a lot of people we need to clean up the health care system you need to eat better things in exercise so you don't become a statistic like I just read we need to keep you out of the hospital and hospital people agree with that now we have great trauma care in this country and that was shown once again in a wonderful way with that terrible Boston Marathon bombing that we had and the emergency care that we have is a plus best in the world but for preventing and managing chronic disease mainly preventing chronic disease we get an F and that's why you're listening to our show here let me give you a patient story i'll call him Joe go 100 pounds overweight he decided on his own enough is enough i don't want to do this anymore he decides I'm gonna lose this weight on my own I'm not gonna die i'm just going to change it so slowly over time he just starts eating better things like more vegetables stopped eating the sugar got away from the soda and so forth made some basic changes that he could stick with in year one he loses 50 of his hundred pounds cool good star year to the weight loss slows down he loses 20 pounds year three he loses 10 year for he loses none so he's on the five-year plan right now imagine if i came up with a new diet program let's say I go on TV today as it I have dr. Fuller's new weight-loss program you're going to work with me for five years and then you'll get your goals that you're looking for i wouldn't sell one product but here's John his Joe who says I'm gonna go on this program and joe says he likes his program because he can stick with it he's making changes that he can stay with and that's why i appreciated this program he's now going to stay healthy for the rest of his life and we started he couldn't walk two telephone poles because 100 pounds overweight he was just out of breath he can now walk and walk jog two miles every day so he built his health up over time let's get into what you should eat it's confusing right some people say this is bad for you and then it's good and then it's bad again and then it gets good again and so on and so forth it seems to be confusing you see the atkins high fat high protein diet and then you see the MacDougal vegan diet and you see everything in between and lots of meat no meat lots of fat no fat vegetables no vegetables it's just a Mediterranean diet it's across the board I can save you all of that i have read dozens of books from lots of authors from the vegan on one side all the way to the high need on the other side and there are consistent rules to follow and they're simple I'm going to keep nutrition simple I do recommend a lot of vegetables we're going to get into that in just a moment and I do recommend you buy organic when you can now a lot of people say healthy eating is expensive I can't do that and I say it's an investment in your health organic vegetables are cheaper than chemo organic vegetables are cheaper than the co-payments that you have to spend on your high blood pressure medications and on your diabetic medications and your arthritis medications and the nursing home organic vegetables are cheaper than Alzheimer's care it's also much cheaper than going into bankruptcy because of medical bills so it's an investment paying a little bit now you don't pay a lot later I have another patient story for you this is an interesting story I had a patient from Haiti she moved to the United States and she came here and gained 100 pounds so we've talked about maybe making some changes and she said I don't know exactly what to do dr. fuller I said well what did you eat in Haiti she said she used to be a really thin person in Haiti she said beans rice and vegetables I said try a ting that so she started eating beans rice and vegetables her native diet if you will she came back to me a month later and she said all of my aches and pains are gone I'm starting to lose weight I'm sticking with this this is great simple piece of advice it just had to trigger something in her mind yeah I'll just eat my native diet and I'll be all set I know it's difficult to eat well it's difficult to eat well because bad food is around you all the time bad food surrounds you it's dirt cheap it tastes really good you have to navigate your way through your day-to-day life you have to expend extra energy to do the right thing and everybody watching the show right here in the studio saying absolutely it's difficult to be able to do that it's not fair that's the way that our free society is set up you have to almost navigate the minefield before you have to go and eat that healthy food if we flip flop that if healthy food was around us all the time and it was cheap and readily available and you had to go out of your way to eat poorly i think the outcomes would be quite a bit different in this country go back to the smoking smoking campaign in the past smoking was cool it was the in thing to do decades in the past when smoking was at its highest close to fifty percent of the people smoked it was everywhere and it was well accepted since then we've changed at considerably and I call it the anti-smoking campaign right we had a public information campaign we've got into the schools and we did this so we were able to knock the smoking rate from about fifty percent of the height to about twenty percent now was that campaign worth the effort it wasn't perfect fifty percent to twenty percent was it worth our effort absolutely think about the numbers of lies it saved or made better the health care costs that it saved as well it was definitely worth a campaign I propose we do a similar campaign here to make good healthy food acceptable for all of us and readily available okay we need to do that we need to spend the time and the effort just like the anti-smoking campaign it won't be perfect and it won't be easy it won't happen overnight but I talked about how to do that on prior videos go check those up what can you do right now i'm going to give you 12 things that you can do right now three of them are the top if you just pick one of these and work on it you're taking the step to improve your health so pick one here's the top three number one eat more vegetables that's it shows over just eat more vegetables if you do that you're going to save your life you're going to postpone or prevent those chronic diseases any vegetable all of them mix them up try different vegetables try new ones try to have a salad every day make that salad with mixed greens and whatever vegetables you like put organic grilled chicken without without arsenic on your salad your salad dressing could be balsamic vinegar and olive oil it sounds actually pretty good doesn't it go do that every day and you will see your life change before your eyes eat more vegetables all those diet gurus and the diet books that I talked about earlier all of them have a consistent message eat more vegetables Michael Pollan says eat food not too much mostly plants dr. Robert Lustig says eat real food basically eat stuff that grows in the ground if you do that you're heading in the right direction number two you have to get rid of the sugar sugar is the evil player here it's not fat for the most part there are there is bad job it's not cholesterol it's sugar dr. Robert Lustig book called fat chance is a wonderful book that will talk to you in detail about this he does such a great job talking about sugar let me tell you a quick story back in the 70s well-meaning researchers found that in populations with high heart disease they also found high cholesterol in they also found that high fat diets increase cholesterol conclusion cholesterol is the enemy fat is the enemy get rid of the fat so we took all the fat out of the food what happened food didn't taste very good what did we add in place sugar so over the past 30 years 35 years our protein intake stayed about the same our fan intake went down a little bit our sugar intake stood on its end and went way up here's the problem fat increases a type of low-density lipoprotein the bad cholesterol that doesn't bother you it's called small excuse me large buoyant large buoyant cholesterol does not bother you it floats around doesn't doesn't cause a problem sugar increases the really bad cholesterol called small dense the small prodigal can get into your blood vessels sneak in the wall causing inflammation build a scar you have atherosclerosis you have blocked coronary arteries you get plaques and strokes from sugar sugar increases the bad cholesterol we now know for sure sugars the enemy get rid of your sugar that's what you need to do now when I say sugar I'm not just talking about table sugar I'm talking about high-fructose corn syrup I'm talking about any sweetened any anything any soda you knock out the sort of your a soda drinker and you knock out the soda and just drink water you're doing a great thing I'll get to that in just a moment get the sugar out sugar also means flour white flour anything white and I'm pretty negative on white potatoes two games are fine but why potatoes I think should go get rid of the baked goods the flowery stuff and so forth anything bake the cookies and crackers and chips and snacks again basically everything that tastes good yeah that stuff's got to go okay get rid of the sugar and number three this is a nutrition program but you can't talk nutrition without talking about exercise the two of them go together all of the weight loss studies very conclusive people can take weight off we all know that but the people that keep the weight off are the ones that are continuing to exercise you have to put the two of those together nutrition is king exercises queen together you have a kingdom says Jack LaLanne and I agree the two of them go together it's like brushing and flossing you have to do them both so exercise every day I'm not talking about going to the gym for an hour I'm talking about 20 minutes on a consistent basis every day something almost all of you can do my mother can only work out in a chair so guess what she has yoga in the chair aerobics in the chair Qigong in the chair strength training in a chair she can do it I know of a elderly facility in Massachusetts they brought in martial arts and they adapted it so people in wheelchairs and walkers and canes could do the martial arts and they saw incredible improvements in everyone's function you have to exercise that's critical number four I mentioned already drink only water get rid of the soda get rid of the diet soda diet soda is worse than regular soda get rid of the sports drinks the juice no juice it's all sugar no juice fruit is fine because fruit has fiber if you eat an apple that has fiber and some sugar in it but the fiber slows down absorption you squeeze a bunch of apples and drink apple juice it's all sugar your insulin goes BAM and then you get the small dense cholesterol that I talked about earlier that causes disease only water some of you will just make that change and the average person will drop 700 calories a day if they just drink water and nothing so no liquid calories whatsoever and no diet anything number five is overhaul your breakfast you need to change your breakfast get away from the pancakes and the waffles and pastries and so forth move towards a little bit of protein there's no problem by eating dinner leftovers for breakfast how about scrambled eggs with some vegetables is another way to get more vegetables in you how about some of the better grains like steel cut gluten free oats or quinoa or amaranth and you put in walnuts and blueberries quick breakfast easy to do cheap fast and yummy rethink your breakfast number six don't eat anything after dinner if you can don't snack before bedtime the sumo wrestler diet I love this here's what a sumo wrestler does they wake up they exercise a lot they don't need anything at all they have a late huge lunch then they take a big long nap and then they have a huge dinner and they go to bed for the night sumo wrestler diet sound familiar like no breakfast and stuff have to eat breakfast make it a little bit of protein and get away from all that sugary stuff number seven snacks should be vegetables nuts apples and berries get rid of all the chips and crackers and candy and sugar and processed carbohydrates and so forth that send your insulin through the roof and so forth change your snacks number eight reduce the grains shift more towards those starchy carbohydrates that I had mentioned earlier the steel cut oats the quinoa the amaranth the yams and sweet potatoes in the butternut squash and so forth those are much better than all the sugar and white flower type of things number nine is vitamins I think taking vitamins is a good idea I've covered it on other shows go to my website I've got plenty of information there the fish oil the antioxidants b c d probiotics look into those i think you should take vitamins food is just not the same as it used to be that's number nine number ten cut down on you meet don't stop meet maybe more organic chicken and organic turkey and fatty fish less red meat that's a good idea every single researcher has come across the board and all these gurus is saying cut down on your red meat you're going to cut down on your disease is as simple as that if you're going to do the red meat thing try wild game game make sure you do the grass-fed organic stuff too number 11 the only oils that I think should exist in your house that you're cooking with and taking in our olive oil extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil look into it you've got to do those oils and those only take everything else and throw it away and number 12 for your own assistance what I recommend you do is keep a health and wellness journal have a place whether it's on your computer or notebook health and wellness journals start recording what you're doing for changes start to write down what you're going to be doing day-to-day and the changes that you've noticed in your health write down different foods that you've tried that you like maybe start collecting together a different menu that you're going to make for you and your family different breakfasts different lunch different dinner when you go out to eat make different selections maybe start splitting entrees as well maybe get the salad how about not getting the bread the white bread that we all love at the table and so on it goes try those 12 tips try just one of them make that happen there okay I want to tell you about another story before we wrap up here this is Cynthia she wrote me a testimonial it's on my website you can read the whole thing she has diagnosed hypothyroidism she had 60 pounds that she could not lose she'd been coming to me for a variety of situations and chiropractic care helped her a lot after sometimes she try to cleanse that was gluten-free and dairy-free which is something I had recommended to her for a long time and she started feeling better so she continued with no gluten and no dairy strictly nothing for six months and she lost all the weight and her thyroid gland is now back to normal again pretty cool testimonial go read that that's very interesting another nutrition gem before we wrap up try this any people with asthma allergies seasonal allergies skin problems like psoriasis and eczema try this eliminate dairy products one hundred percent for one month nothing from a Kyle for one month and see what happens I have testimonials written on my website go check it out that will talk about people that have tried this and they have seen amazing results in all of those symptoms frequent colds and sinus problems and so forth try it you might be really pleased with the results and lastly I want to talk about some nationwide solutions for just a moment as we talked about earlier it's very difficult to eat well you have to navigate the minefield and you know that kind of societies against you the nationwide solutions are as follows we have to set up health and wellness centers in every town and city across the country and these health and wellness centers will be focused on teaching people how to shop with the same amount of money but do a healthier job of it and show them how to cook so these new these health and wellness centers will have cooks there well that will show you how to prepare meals quickly and efficiently for you and your family these health and wellness centers will also have exercise classes staff by personal trainers and physical therapists and chiropractors and so forth and showing people how to exercise regardless of their exercise ability I've talked about this in previous shows so go check out my videos a YouTube page lastly here's a book that's going to help you get better it's called the slight edge by Jeff Olson the slight edge and he talks about it like this he says it's easy to eat a cheeseburger and pizza and ice cream it's also easy to eat vegetables with grilled chicken it's easy to do one and it's also not easy not to do you have to take simple little steps every day make these simple decisions that won't give you a payoff necessarily that day but it will give you payoffs in your future that's a great book to check out thank you please join me again you


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