Nutrition and Healthy Living with Supplements

hey guys it's Shelby I've gone a lot of requests recently to do a video about nutrition and diet so i thought i'd share with you what I do let me just start off by saying that I am by no means license to whom give nutritional advice or anything like that this is just what I do I've been trying different things for so many years that I've kind of just found out what works for me I think that what you do what you eat and what you put into your system directly reflects in your skin and how your body looks so if that's something that you're interested in um then you you might like this video uh I think that if you have skin problems I think that if you have some like redness that you don't like uneven skin tone you want to look brighter fresher younger I think a lot of it has to do with your diet so I've just found that when I go off of you know doing the healthy thing then my skin looks worse and my body looks worse and I feel worse and when I'm on the healthy thing then I look better I feel better I can think better I'm in a better mood etc so what I do is I try to eat a lot of vegetables and so it for example if I'm hungry and I feel like eating carbs and you know I just want to eat whatever i'll try to fill up on as many vegetables as i can for example broccoli any type of like green beans are good squash anything like that those things fill you up and then it's just so good for you your body uses almost everything it has fiber so you're not really like storing any other you're using it all for energy so I try to do that I try to eat lean protein chicken fish sometimes I have some lean beef turkey things like that I try to eat things that are high in fiber and low in fat as far as carbs go so i'll eat like those ride crisps and brown rice and i don't eat that much bread but if i did eat bread ID whole wheat bread and yeah every once in a while i'll have some you know potatoes or something like that but i don't eat it on a regular basis if i'm going to eat tacos I'll have corn tortillas instead of flour tortillas so I think that makes have been different another thing that I've been doing recently as I've been making shakes at night I've been working out a lot but that's another video but at night well usually lunch is my biggest meal so at night I'm not that hungry but I do want to have something good so I've been making these shakes and what I do is I put frozen blueberries in a blender and then I add this organic have protein plus fiber and it looks like this it has a lot of vitamins in it it's high fiber and apparently have protein is easier to ingest your system absorbs it a lot quicker than other types of protein so anyway so blue frozen blueberries have protein I'll use this organic superfood greens looks like that and it has all of these vitamins and minerals in it so it's just like eating a lot of green vegetables which are so good for you i will use a scoop of spirulina so what the health food store told me this is really good and i can tell my skin oh my gosh this is really good it has a lot of vitamins and minerals in it as well and then I'll put a scoop of bee pollen in my shake and this bee pollen is good just as B vitamins so it's good for your immune system it's good for energy and then I also use raw whole milk you need some more liquid in the shape otherwise it's going to be too too many solids it won't blend and raha milk has protein in it and it's really good for you it's giving you more calories and fat because if you try to drink this with something like skim milk you're still gonna be hungry afterwards which is defeating the whole purpose you want to use this that's kind of like a meal replacement and you don't want to be hungry afterwards so if you like to eat a dinner and you know a lot of people do and I do too so I'll drink this in the morning sometimes or some days I go without it so you know just use it whenever you can but you're full after you drink it and it's it's good for you so as far as my shape goes that's what that is and then as far as supplements go I I haven't been using them the supplements as much because I've been drinking the shake every day I don't know I really love it lately but as far as supplements go I usually take one of these multivitamins a woman's one daily I don't want to take a lot of them so I just do the one daily I take a fish oil with vitamin D calcium supplement which is really important for women it's like that evening primrose oil this is really good for women it relieves a lot of things during that time of the month so i highly recommend using evening primrose oil and calcium for women I take vitamin E as um it's for your skin hi-de-hi hyaluronic acid for my skin also it keeps the moisture it binds the moisture anyway just try different things I i recommend reading about healthy lifestyle and um you know keep it in moderation so you know I'll eat like I like french fries so i'll eat french fries every once in a while I don't meet them every day I don't eat them once a week but every once awhile I like fries so I'll eat them and then I don't feel guilty but then the next day I'll eat really healthy just to make up for it so I like pizza I like tortilla chips those are like all the things that I really love and so I indulge in room every once a while but I stay away from sugar I'm more like a salty person I don't really like sweets as much but if I am craving something sweet then I'll eat dried fruit or a piece of raw fruit are a piece of regular fresh fruit so uh yeah that's what I do I hope it's helpful there's a lot that goes into it I it's really hard to tell you guys exactly how to be healthy and what I have for my diet because I've been I just know what my body wants so if you know I create something I know that I'm missing something and I kind of know from creating something you know like a burger got me a lot of protein if I'm craving something like cheese I need some fat in my diet I'm craving carbs I just need something some carbs and I'm running low on energy so I kind of just know what my body's asking for and not find a healthy solution for that and I keep my refrigerator and my house stocked with healthy things I think dark chocolate isn't a bad thing to eat if you if you need a little chocolate then have some dark chocolate but just don't only a little and just play around obviously portion control is important you don't want to over eat just eat good things and you'll feel satisfied take your supplements and I think that you know you will feel good so anyway i hope this helps i hope you guys like this video I'll see you next time


  1. Hi, haven't seen a video in a while, hope all is well, we miss u πŸ™‚

  2. Sweet content!

  3. Somehow she reminds me of Sandra Bullock.

  4. So, her video is very insightful! From what I have worked with, I would try Nutrilite brand products. They are 100% organic and are the number one supplement company online. Here is a list of their products, I use all of them and I love them!Β

  5. Why isn't she uploading anymore?

  6. Also adding psyllium is great to protein shake. It cleans your digestive system out. Be weary of evening prim rose if u have any hormonal issues or thyroid. It can really mess with that. Also, do you drink coffee or tea? Decaf or regular? Great video btw πŸ™‚

  7. You should try vega protein powder. It's non whey non soy non dairy and low in sugar and carbs. Has like 26 grams protein per serving. Its a lot more protein than the nutiva one. I switched. They sell at better health.

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  16. @luissy7 Thank you!!!

  17. @babyface2385 Thanks for the support!

  18. @kurduhok0904 it's a Hot Tools 2 inch from Ulta. You can order it online I believe.

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