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Updating our nutrition
knowledge will be a necessary
tool to prevent the occurrence
of diseases With us to talk about health
and nutrition Soraida Rodríguez
nutritionist and Midaly Sánchez, director of
the department of health and
well-being of YMCA Zoraida, we know that many
times when we talk about
nutrition is not always an easy
task the first thing that comes to
mind, I have to eat things that
I do not like, that certain>>>Many people think that a
diet has to be boring, that it
does not have taste, that I have to eliminate all
the fat that I am consuming and
it is difficult>>>In your case, migdalis, loss
more than 88 pounds, that’s
tremendous I mean, I imagine that in the
beginning the process was very
difficult>>>It is not easy, but it is
something that one must get up
every day and the most that one must
conquer is the mind It is very important to know
why you started doing it and
keep your eyes on the goal Many people think that they
will lose weight from one day to the next and we do not gain
all those pounds from one day to the next, this
is a daily process to lose
weight the healthiest will loose from
one to two pounds per week, it will take time. For me it
was difficult but I enjoyed it,
it is a process that I have
enjoyed, that I can share with many
people along this journey of
more than 6 years I have been able to make very
nice friendships, people who have believed in me,
who have been a support It is very important to have a
support group, people to help
you because in those days where you think
you will fall, they are there
next to you to pick you up.>>>We the Latinos inside our
menu is saturated with fats,
enough salt sugars, condiments that really do not
help us at all including fats. How can we start a healthy diet
without removing that taste and
flavor?>>>I think it’s important that
we definitely include the food that we like but I think it’s
also important to adopt the
healthy dish method visualizing the plate, making
half the plate ensuring that we have certain vegetables
that we like, many people think of eating
broccoli and I do not like
broccoli. I have to eat asparagus and I
do not like asparagus, but I do not have to include
them if you like lettuce,
tomato, green beans; ensure that those vegetables
that you like the most begin to
include them in that plate the other half of the plate
imagine that you divide it in
two, on one side you put your meat,
turkey, chicken, fish, egg and on the other side try to
put the starches, try to include more grains than
rice or try to include your favorite
vegetable sweet potato or
plantain. and now you’re trying to make
this a healthier plate with the
taste, with the flavor you always give
it but watching that portions>>>in our case we tend, and
statistic speaks that we the
Latinos are very prone to fall into diseases like
diabetes, high blood pressure,
cholesterol, obesity and those numbers have not gone
down, they have been increasing>>>Culturally many times what
we do is that we give a cake
and sweets to our children, even for ourself instead of
choosing a fruit what we have to start doing is
eliminating these foods that
are more processed, which are higher in sugars and
also in fat because many times
we think that cakes are high in sugars
but we forget that these cakes
also have eggs, has butter , they have oil and
then they are also very high in
fat and also they have no fiber,
fiber which does not help to
fill us and since there is no fiber in
it the person will want to eat
more sweet>>>You, for example, now have
many people who come and ask
you for advice on how to make a diet, how to
do exercises. What is the best,
for example, a person who has a goal of
losing 10 pounds in a month? What is the first thing that
you entrust them?>>>Well, all people are
evaluated in a different way
because all bodies work
differently. It is very important to
emphasize that the healthiest
to lose one to two pounds per
week not necessarily a goal to lose
ten pounds in a month will do
something realistic For example, a person who
weighs or is very overweight for example, that seems twice
as much as the person actually
is, will lose weight much faster
than a person who is closer to
his healthy weight Everything will depend on the
person, if the person is
already used to exercising, we will recommend that you add
a section of weights or what
begins to do what we call hearth cardio
exercises that are a bit more
advanced or if the person It’s starting
as we start with an elliptical, with a treadmill or try to
include it in a group class
that for me are the best
because you already have that support
group, you have those people
that are fun I, for example, am not a person
to be in a treadmill, I feel that I am locked up, it
is not what I like but I go to a group class and
the mood and music that I like the most important thing is
that the person finds what he
likes and once he finds that passion,
then it becomes easier for you Exercise at least 4 times a
week 45 minutes to 1 hour as
recommended>>>When we hear ads where they
say in 2 weeks you’re going to
lose 20 pounds, there are people who actually
go in and have tried diets and when
they come to see they have gone
up double.>>>If the person is well
motivated, the person is
perhaps worth saying if, if you eliminate a food group
from the diet, the person will
definitely lose weight, but it is not realistic for
long-term time because then you might lose 10
pounds in this week and tomorrow you want to lose
10 pounds more and when the time comes to
participate in a family
activity or celebrations, you find all
this food and have not learned
how to organize your mind in the sense that it is what
I’m going to choose, how much I’m going to choose
because if you’re using a shake
for a meal all the time you have not learned how to
look at your portions and how
to feed yourself well>>>When someone starts like
that with that motivation at 3
or 4 weeks left. In truth the important thing is
to create habits and think that
this is my goal, this I want to do, it will be
long term>>>In my case, I do not eat
vegetables and for me it is a
bit more difficult because I, within the food group that I
was consuming what I did, was
to lower the portion; I do not limit myself to what I
eat, like everything I like but I learned to do it by portions
or when I go to a party or some activity to people my
secret is eating that Well, I eat everything, and I
maintain an exercise regime, I do not limit myself and
that’s why I have been able to
make this a lifestyle, I do not call it a diet, this
is my way of life. I eat healthy, what I like, and
I do not deprive myself of
anything>>>Something that has helped me
personally is to be able to see
the number of calories, carbohydrates in the food
because that way I can understand if this month
maybe I gained two or three
pounds I’m going to keep careful and
watch on what carbohydrates are
and this way I feel better and I can eat
small portions, really
pretending, what I eat>>>For example, when we talk
about carbohydrates and we talk
about rice the rice, culturally ours, is a
rice that does not necessarily
have fiber, right, if we speak of brown rice or
integral rice, these do have
fibers. if we speak of grains, of
beans, these grains have fiber
and they also have proteins if we talk about meat, meat
does not have fibers because it
is not a plant, but it has its protein and it
has its fat; so, it is
important that we know what the food groups are and what is
the nutritional value of each
food group when we command and monitor our
positions, we monitor the food
plate, try to include our vegetables,
starch and proteins. when we see that maybe that
smaller portion does not say
this will not fill me but say let me give my body
time to absorb this food and wait 30 minutes after
eating before looking for
something else because I think that today we
are rushing and it’s important
that we learn to taste the food we have without having to eat
extra.>>>if we take the
recommendations of our guests
creating good habits of
exercise in combination with a balanced
diet our body and mind will
thank us we continue with more in
presence the many voices of a
people.>>>Latin Americans from our
region share their art, music
and talent here in presence.

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