Nutrition and food science at Wayne State University

my name is Rajaa and I am studying
nutrition food science I’m a junior here at Wayne State University and I’m part
of the Honors College I chose to study nutrition because going into college I
knew that I wanted to go into the health field and I didn’t want a major in
biology or chemistry or biochem or physics or anything like that.
I wanted to study something that was really interesting to me and something
that I can apply in my everyday life so I knew since I wanted to go into the
health field I knew that having a medical school that’s well-established
and in a nearby proximity to where I’m studying is something that was important
to me so that’s part of the reason that I chose to come here. The nutrition
department is a pretty tight-knit community it is a lot smaller than the
biology department a lot smaller than the chemistry department which goes back to why in the beginning I had mentioned I didn’t want to go into
biology or chemistry part of that reasons because it’s such a huge pool of
students and it’s easy to get lost in that pool whereas in nutrition it’s a
smaller community you make more meaningful connections with faculty
members and with your fellow students I always tell them major in whatever you’re interested in so that does not have to be biology it doesn’t have to be any of
those other majors that I mentioned it doesn’t even have to be nutrition but
nutrition does overlap really nicely with the prereqs for medical school and if that’s something that you’re interested
in then that would be an amazing solution to that “what should my
major be?” question, but honestly just for any pre-health student my biggest my
biggest advice to them when choosing your major would just be choose something that you’re passionate about because that’s gonna be that’s gonna reflect in
your GPA

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