Nutrición y Corona-virus-19. Making Nutrition a Priority During the Coronavirus Pandemic.

There is no specific nutritional treatment for COVID 19 although we should take into account three aspects 1. Nutrition recommendations are palliatives For this it is needed to evaluate the nutritional state of the patient you can do it practically by using BMI abdominal perimeter signs of nutritional deficiency and laboratory data, if needed or screening tools that way we’ll get a nutrition diagnosis so recommendations will be more assertive if you calculate energy and macronutrients requirements taking into account the hypercatabolic state Due to the speed with which this virus is installed you must have a comprehensive approach if the patient has fever you should consider the percentage of increase in the basal expense Due to fever dehydration could come up and that may produce hypotension it’s simple to measure the amount of fluids you ingest and what you eliminate When the patient is an elderly, you should watch carefully that they ingest fluids as they may lose thirst feeling capability increasing their vulnerability it’s needed to consider the loss of appetite in order to modify the energetic and nutrients density Food Safety Practices are a basic tool to obtain safe food for human health it’s main subjects are hygiene and handling of food when you buy food, pick up those that look fresh and clean. raw fruit and vegetables must be washed with water and chlorine boil the water you use for drinking and making your food wash your hands before eating or making food

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