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hi there Jake from Chewie here to tell you about a great joint health supplement for dogs basically the number one joint health brand recommended by veterinarians for years nutramax has led the pack in animal joint health and dasuquin is the most complete supplement yet basic when supplements are available in tasty chewable tablets and yummy soft chews for small medium and large breed dogs the top dogs at nutramax have packed a sequinned with proprietary ingredients such as glucosamine chondroitin and ASU all of which support healthy cartilage production and help protect against cartilage breakdown what makes taeseop and truly special is this use of the ingredient ASU ASU show avocados soybean unspin a 5 oz is a natural vegetable extract made from avocados and soybeans it helps protect cartilage and supports joint function allowing your dog to stay hip you too I got some joints that need fixin and I need you to sort them out deysa Quinn is also available in an MSM formula for more hip nosov svet before using discipline and follow the instructions for the four to six week administration period until next time this is Jake telling you and your pup to stay young at heart solute is a natural vegetable extract vegetable vegetable extract the edge of a table hey Internet thanks for watching if you want to learn more check it out other videos we'll be uploading new content all the time so subscribe if you haven't already now I'm gonna let him out of nap time

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