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what is Tetris orb delivery Tetris orb delivery begins with the digestion of our acid-resistant capsule which helps protect ingredients that are sensitive to moisture and acid found in the stomach tetris orb delivery delays the breakdown of the capsule which prevents degradation of ingredients inside the capsule standard capsules are immediate release meaning they initiate disintegration within 5 minutes compared to 35 to 40 minutes using tetras orb delivery with a promotion of absorption of both hydrophobic and hydrophilic compounds tetras orb delivery covers all the bases the capsule technology gets the active ingredients past the stomach like a shield defending against break down and premature release of the actives and the absorption enhancers promote the transport of the actives into the system once the capsule opens in the intestines the metabolic inhibitors interact with the pertinent enzymes that would otherwise allow for rapid metabolism of the active ingredients allowing them time to get to their site of action intact and delivered the desired effect full strength tetris orb delivery TM is our revolutionary absorption matrix designed to assist in absorption through multiple pathways

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