Novak Djokovic’s MINDBLOWING Diet Transformation


  1. Hhhhhhh berry berry desperate vegans

  2. Lewis Hamilton wins Silverstone GP 2019 and Novak Wins Wimbledon 2019 on the same day. Plant based diet 🙂

  3. We need more prominent figures like Novak spreading the word, not just about this but other issues affecting the world. We're heading for self destruction if we don't get our act together.

  4. Can someone give me an idea what I can eat during the day please, I'm fat

  5. What a tit he does eat meat why is he lieing though his arse.i don't like the guy any way

  6. Good to see a very popular man like him on a plant based diet.

  7. He’s not Plant based, eats Paleo… sorry to burst the bubble

  8. Have you ever heard of a (very expensive but less than before) diet called AICAR? You become thinner but much more powerful, faster, incredibly resistant and stronger mentally among other things… with or without gluten 😉

  9. A hugely misunderstood athlete – Novak will go down as the GOAT in tennis.

  10. Its quite a shame to leave chicken to live an unworthy life by not consuming them and having plant based diet just to earn some medals .It's so selfish and very uncompassionate towards other animals by not letting them free from the torturous world.Shame on you.

  11. Novak Djokovic is such an underrated man that I can't believe myself what other people think about him. The last match on Wimbledon with Rodger was just disrespectful. You people should shame yourself about what you thought about him. He had shown you the difference in class, endurance, and mental strength.I'm a huge Rodger, Nadal and Novak fan and I think that they deserve the same fame and respect.

  12. …no wonder melts so easy Soy boy Novack

  13. EPO baby. 😮

  14. hes not plant based…..this is bollocks

  15. He still eats meat and fish. He also sits in a chamber for hours that raises his red blood cell count which increase overall athletic performance.

  16. Big sugar are the truest of evil

  17. He eats plenty of fish… but I guess you count fish among plants.

  18. Imagin how good he would be if he ate meat!!!

  19. Number of comments saying he is vegan = Zero
    Number of comments saying he is not vegan = a lot
    No one said he was vegan, your not correcting anyone.

  20. Unless you're a genetic freak or spend 8000 calories a day like a swimmer, your body doesn't produce enough enzyme to digest plant based proteins, which in turn provides you with the amino acids required to make more of those limited enzymes. So what these vegan athletes don't tell you is that they take a multi-enzyme supplement everyday, and that the is the only way to sustain this diet as an athlete. Is it the product of human ingenuity, and it works.

  21. Also he meditates..

  22. Hes a bloody beast. Turning vegan asap

  23. I read on many articles that even though he doesn't eat red meat or dairy, he still eats some fish and even chicken. Can you confirm he's 100% plant based?

  24. Video doesn't mention Peds in his amazing diet lol. Fed also on that amazing diet and now has 20 slams and Nadal with 12 french opens.

  25. Nice jacket at the end.. link?

  26. Haha all Vegan bodybuilders use steroids

  27. I don't buy it! I think he's doing more than just eating a plant base diet!

  28. he is not vegan, numbnuts.

  29. Hahah Agassi, sampras etc drank beer and ate burgers…

  30. Why bother eating🤪

  31. Allergies … get checked pp

  32. Basically Djokovic has a FODMAP diet, which excludes food that contains fructose, lactose, mannitol, sorbitol, GOS, & fructan. Which basically means he eats fish, chicken, some fruit & vegetables but NOT bread with gluten, cows milk & certain types of fruits & vegetables that have fructose etc. Monash University In Melbourne is the world leader in the FODMAP diet, you can download their app & it lists food that is suitable to eat & what to restrict, it helps with those that suffer from IBS & bloating!

  33. Just amazing!

  34. Novak can no longer be trusted. His rapid and significant improvement came after going gluten free in 2010, not vegan. He went vegan at the end of 2016 and was knocked out in the 2nd round of the Australian Open in 2017 by a player from Uzbekistan ranked 117. A few months later he claimed to no longer be vegan. And now that the movie game changers is out (which he produced), suddenly he is vegan again and conflating his gluten free and vegan diet stories.

  35. Funny they forgot to mention the steroids and blood doping.

  36. so many people are hating gluten for no reason 😂😂😂

  37. Federer avoid all milk based food too. Very interesting.

  38. Keto life, kuzz.

  39. Thanks for the reminder. Going to take your ideas and rethink my diet.

  40. He eats loads of fish. No elite sportsmen are vegan

  41. i call BULLSHIT on this hokey diet shite. truth be told, this guy was tanking and failing for many years on the 'diet', and then added back meat, and then started winning again. does the author of this video follow tennis? this is more infomercial than fact. UN propaganda hit piece to support agenda 21 and 30. UN wants us all eating bugs. look it up.

  42. I don’t believe for a second that he cares about the environment / climate. If he really did, he’d stop flying all over the world. His kind – the ones with international jobs – are one of the worst on the planet.

  43. This is propaganda. If you read his interviews and comments from observers with some credibility his game suffered after his dietary change to a vegan diet. Once he added back some animal foods his recovery improved, as did his ranking.

  44. so he went from eating crap , to having a strict diet that is basically keto, i would argue that keto vegan is not inherently superior for athletics to keto animal based, he also has allergies, so being that he cut those out, he was bound to see results regardless of veganism or not.

  45. Novak is not vegan.

  46. So many vegan cultists here, fucking degenrates! When Novak stopped eating meat he was literally in worst period of his career and life in general. He was week and he looked like shit. Then his Slovakian coach Vaida came back after Boris Becker and Novak changed his diet, he started eating fish and few other animal products and he came back on the TOP!
    It's not good to eat a lot of meat, especially red meat but it's terrible to eat plants only.

  47. Don't blame meat for what refined sugar and refined carbs did (but yes dairy is weird and highly allergenic lol). Clearly his turnaround came from elimating these foods slowing him down, not the least allergenic food source that is meat

  48. Didn't he give up being vegan after being advised by his team?

  49. Someone tag Vegan Gains

  50. So dumb…. As if vegan did this lol. All the other greats ate meat… He just didn't…. So dumb

  51. Go vego!!!!

  52. Let me leave it here: 🍒🍓🍊🍉🍏🥑🥕🥦🥬🥒🌶🌽🍅🥝🍄🥔🥩🍗🍖🍽😁!!

  53. Load of lies once more he is not a vegan you idiots


  55. Man how much more GS title he would of won earlier in his career if he figured out this condition earlier. It was so clear he was physically hampered on court because of this condition.

  56. 💖💖💖💖💖

  57. Novak deserves the love from the crowd, that he desires. He's a true tennis great. Good luck Novak. And I am a Federer fan.

  58. LOL 2:29 Doctor said to him:" ..all the best for the upcoming season." Well, what do you know, he performed what is now regarded as best season in Tennis history, THE 2011

  59. Vegans are poping up like crazy !! 👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️

  60. Veganism or Vegetarianism is a propaganda by the pharmaceutical companies so that you rely a lot on different supplements. Because a vegan can never get proper nutrients from just been vegan. They have to rely a lot on different supplements…

  61. That would be a great clip for the schools to use in Health/Phys Ed. classes. Don’t get me wrong I eat plenty of meat and gluten and a lesser amount of sugars, but why did we have to wait so long to figure this out.

    The kids today especially athletes would be miles ahead if they learn it early.

  62. Going vegan or even mostly vegan is a good thing for a lot of people not all he can get away with it because he’s playing tennis it’s not a high impact sport most athletes will need meat in their diet to be able to recover

  63. Lance Armstrong

  64. When he swiched to full vegan diet he lost alot of muscle mass, lost first place on ATP, couldnt win a single tournament, started losing to unknown players,got injured and ended up on surgery table.Then he started to eat meat again and become again force that everyone fear and want to avoid in tenis.So pls dont try to use him as example how vegan diet is superior becouse he is quite oposite. He is a perfect example how vegan diet almost destroyed cariere and health of athlete that have potential to become greatest tenis player in history.

  65. If he is The GOAT, does he include goat in his diet as well? Pretty confused

  66. All you idiots, vegans and meat lovers, who keep fighting in here you keep saying they forgot to add this or that but none of you mentions the most important thing. They FORGET to mention PEDS. Cut out from every top professional athlete from any sport the drugs and PEDs he takes to survive in the tough world of champions and let's see how far a plant based nutrition or a steak or a Michael Phelps "breakfast'' takes them!

  67. I was very upset when you defeated federer in wimbledon this year…

  68. So technically he ate too much refined sugar!! Period.

  69. Gluten free diet BS. So many people sick and they blame grains. For 98%, its not grains that have gluten, its the rest of their meat, dairy, eggs, fish, sweets toxic diet. If all you had was whole wheat bread with nothing in it but yeast and water plus plenty of vegetables, for 99% of us we would be super healthy. The 1% is real but they just have to use potatoes, corn, rice instead.

  70. He is actually on some kind of paleo diet, not plant based you fuckers…

  71. Every Human Is Different , One thing may be bad for someone and good for some other person.

  72. He is an amazing tennis star and athlete but…… he looks like a starving Ethiopian. He is skinnier than my 6 yr old son. No thanks

  73. Hahaha. What a joke. We all know he was on meldonium then when it was on the radar he slumped. Now he's on something else. Please gluten-free hahahahaha. Does he really think people are that dumb ?

  74. Yeeeaa….and top level PEDs , don t forget those

  75. I remember that 2010 match, he had all those problems and he even died a little bit! 🙄

  76. He's a boring cheat his tennis is like his so called wonder diet robot boring

  77. Well apparently its working

  78. It doesn’t matter what you with your body, it’s going to end up in a coffin anyway.

  79. Humans look at appearance but God looks at ones heart. It's not what you put in your body that makes you unclean it's truly the things that come out of the body such as hate anger lust envy pride self righteousness jealousy, fornication, gluttony, etc…these are what make people unclean.
    To be honest, I want to know what Federer and Nadal are eating.

  80. Fasting and celibacy prayer and Jesus can heal anything.

  81. steve jobs was vegan and died from cancer

  82. This is a Awesome, Video, thank you for sharing, have a Wonderful, Wednesday, sincerely, Diana Lipski 💕

  83. good english for a serb

  84. May ALMIGHTY bless you always. ..many many many many more grand slams still to be come for you #nole. ..stay focused. ..believe in yourself

  85. Novac eats meats and fish. It's one thing to be compassionate but completely different to be misleading

  86. I totally agree with this. I used to have oats and high carb breakfasts before my 12 hour shifts.lost energy and felt very heavy and bloated. Then I changed to a high protein and salads. Fruit. Feel alot better. More energy. Feel alot fitter

  87. Hi is a pro sportsman. The diet he follows has a purpose, it is not designed for those who believe the gym is a sport and a lifestyle. Unless you compete obviously.

  88. He mentions "Animals" so how can he still eat them? Doubtful. But just to clear it up…

    “Bhishma said: That man who wishes to increase his own flesh by the meat of another living creature is such that there is none meaner and more cruel than he. In this world there is nothing that is dearer to a creature than his life. Hence, one should show mercy to the lives of others as he does to his own life. Forsooth, O son, flesh has its origin in the vital seed. There is great sin attached to its eating, as, indeed, there is merit in abstaining from it. (Mahabharata, Anu 116.11-13)

  89. C’mon let’s be honest here Novak, I think 2011 might have had a little something to do with steroids too 😬💉

  90. I agree 100%

  91. Idk man.. still wont buy veggies

  92. From what I understand he was vegan for a while though. So that in itself is interesting.
    None of this is news to anyone who follows tennis of course. His book Serve To Win came out several years ago and even before that it was all widely reported what changed his life through change of diet. The story is well old!

  93. Novak is a truly admirable gentleman!

  94. It’s wheat that is the biggest problem

  95. You guys really should take this channel down for good. So much misinformation and lies in here its mindblowing! People are and will continue to suffer, stop giving such advice please.

  96. He just increased doses and uses better compounds. Yes I’m talking exogenous hormones

  97. These vegan athletes are cheating! Boosting their health and performance artificially through the natural medicine that is nutritious plant-based food

  98. World healthiest man

  99. Does anybody know name of the song in the backround ??

  100. when you avoid gluten you are avoiding glyphosate which is an herbicide toxic poison that is sprayed on wheat jst before harvest in huge quantities to kill the wheat plant which makes the wheat plant enlarge its seeds and drop them easily so the farmer gets a bigger crop. PURE GREED AND TOXIFYING CONSUMERS!! drenching the standing wheap crops with glyphosate is illegal but the wheat is not tested for levels of glyphosate when its harvested or processed. i buy organic wheat bread at a serious health food store and have no allergies or joint inflammation etc with it vs regular wheat products…

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