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and that's just you being alive being present and reacting to your own life because you are blessed enough to be alive and be experiencing something be grateful for that acknowledge that and let it go but first you have to sit in it hi I'm Danielle I do too much I like here talking cosplay music art and stuff you hey kids let's talk about depression okay so yeah the depression isn't funny but I laugh and smile and make jokes when I'm deeply uncomfortable hmm so this is gonna be a crappy fit I can just feel it and I have my emotional support llama right here you may or may not have noticed I've been gone for a few weeks and that's because I sank and sinking is my personal way of describing being depressed and I think it is really important because I have this platform I have this audience which is so near and dear to my heart to talk about something that is much more common and natural than I think is really talked about and I want you to know that you're not alone that is a theme in all of these videos is that you're not alone so for me I'm coming out of it I can feel myself becoming more and more my usual chipper self and that is because of the following techniques I will be telling you about but in order to keep this video light and not depressing even though it's about depression I'm going to be doing one of those things that I've been doing over the last couple of weeks that is applying a face mask because self-care is real and I want you to know that it's valid and also it's really fun to put on a mask and I just want you guys to go along with me on this journey today's video is actually sponsored and the only reason I would put an item in one of these talks in particular is because I actually believe in it sorry there's that there's that uncomfortable laughing again I hope you can tell the difference I will be putting on this detox mask which is the green tea blend detox mask because you know when you see those ladies in like sitcoms and stuff and they're just like sitting in their bubble bath with a glass of wine and some kind of crazy colored concoction on their face me so the thing about this mask is that it has matcha which I've been struggling not to eat this because I love matcha lemongrass and bentonite clay and for my natural hair girls you know that bentonite clay in particular has an all-over detoxifying just help you help your hair help your skin I bet you can eat it but don't eat it and it's just a detox mask it makes your skin like super supple and clear afterwards so here's my before hey hey there this is my before skin she's picked up a few new haters she's picked up a few new scars but I just washed my face so we're looking good and dry mostly on my forehead and cheeks and I'm just like oh I'm like drying out right now so let's get this on my face some Oliveros to keep all my hair out of my face hi I'm a bear just gonna damp it again it smell so good it's got like a lemon kind of overtone and then of course the matches like so okay I might've I I might eat this so nothing being depressed for a temporary period is what I have been experiencing it is normal to have depressive episodes especially when triggered by something like extreme differences in lifestyle problems with your self-image your self-worth breakups and for me loss so don't think that you're alone you're literally never alone cuz believe you me I know it is so hard to lose your chipper attitude for any amount of time at all and here are some tips on how I get out of a depressive episode because I'm up in the upswing now and thank God I find that when I am extremely sad I feel like I am nailed to the floor all is lost I get I don't just get in my feelings my feelings get in me and it's just the cyclical horrible seemingly endless void of this is you now this is all you will ever know and that's just it's not the case guys and I find that the most important thing about surviving and doing your absolute best while in a depressive episode is to validate your feelings and let yourself feel it don't lean into it very distinct but allowing your feelings to be present and valid is the only way to get past them if you're trying to be healthy on the other side I am very very very guilty of denying my feelings bottling up my feelings dismissing my feelings especially sadness I will push it to the bottom of my conscious and pretend like everything is a-okay I don't know why I do that I don't know why I developed that but that's how I am now but it's not how I choose to be so when you feel it coming and you can always feel it coming sit with that sadness don't push it to the side sit with that sadness if you're in a place where you can like physically you have the time to do this dealing with it later is not the same thing as dismissing it very important if you have the time to sit with that sadness you better sit with that sadness a technique I have learned in therapy is to acknowledge what it is that emotion is there for a reason your emotions are not here to punish you they are here usually to try and help you cope with something acknowledge something move forward past something but you have to sit in that first and identify why you are here in the first place and that is where I struggled the most and I'm sure some of you have struggled as well so you have to do the hardest part which is be honest with yourself once you're honest with yourself you will find the root of that sadness and acknowledge that it's okay to be sad you're sad for a reason hon you know it let yourself feel it don't sink into it don't lean into it don't let sadness trying to whoa don't let sadness and a depressive episode turn into a spiral but acknowledge that you're sad and you're sad for a reason and that's okay it's okay to be sad do you know that cuz I didn't I'm here to tell you it's okay to be sad it really is it's okay that sadness is trying to do something for you it's trying to root you in how you really feel about how something went down you're actually very sad that this thing didn't work out or that person is gone or that person won't leave or any manner of things and that's just you being alive being present and reacting to your own life because you are blessed enough to be alive and be experiencing something be grateful for that acknowledge that and let it go but first you have to sit in it you can do it I faith in you because I'm literally the worst at it so I can do it I know you can't so can we just talk about this mask like I'm having too much fun another tip because for me something very important to recognize is that sometimes it doesn't just take one sitting of sitting to get past something that is also very normal case in point I am a deeply feeling person I'm not just going to get over it in a couple hours if it's enough to send me in there too into a depressive state it was big and it meant a lot and it's gonna take some time for me to move past it and that's okay that's okay in that time that I know I'm going to be sad off and on I'm going to acknowledge my sadness every time I'm going to see if there's anything new that's being added to it have I recognized some other aspect of the situation that is contributing to my sadness what is it what can I do about it is there anything I can do about it is it my fault is it not my fault what am I gonna do and then dismiss it you're good like thank you sadness you're trying to ground me I release you like go straight magical girl on them I really feel and in that time that I know just because I know myself I'm going to have ups and downs because that's what life is a series of ups and downs and I'm gonna be okay sometimes I'm not gonna be okay sometimes and in that time I practice as much self-care as possible I bust out every bougie thing I own and I treat myself nicely which is the way macho smelling good like lemons detoxify bringing out all the impurities and the ridiculousness to be a that's out of my poor because I don't know about you but when I do break out it's because of stress and that is why I'm using this mask because I know it's gonna be freakin counteractive because it doesn't dry out your skin but it also helps with break out sure you don't often did you catch that cuz I scar easily so if I can just avoid having a breakout because of my stress or my sadness or me not drinking enough water cuz I'm sad I'm gonna do that so I put this on my face like don't break out don't you do it I'll be mad and like for real for real I have extremely sensitive skin but it's not sensitive to products it's sensitive to my own emotions so if I can get rid of an emotional breakout by preventing that emotional breakout I'm going to do it and it's not even that expensive get all those products that make you feel happy get everything you've got and throw it at this depressive episode you have to remind yourself that even though you're sad it's temporary and you gotta cheer yourself up do things that make you happy do bushi things give yourself some love so you know that it's not gonna last forever I'd be such a cute alien can we agree comment the alien emoji oh also this is my little paddle thing it does not come with this and I'm not saying that this is the only thing Bujji you can do but for me it's been saving me I've been sniffing on it because it smells really good I've been using it like a couple of times a week because it doesn't like piss your skin off and if you're interested you can use the code start puppy at Timmy and grab this up for yourself some other suggestions I be reading bullets I'll be reading manga and if it's Superbird I we'll go to my number one I will watch either Digimon or some other nostalgia ridden show to remind myself that I do have happiness in this life and that no matter what is happening right now I can always find joy joy will find me again I'm not going to be sad forever and even though it definitely feels like that you know it's not true deep down you know you're gonna be happy again you will I'm not saying rush past your sadness but acknowledge that sadness is not you you are not your depression at that moment that's not it that's not you that's not you well another excellent entry in day yay looking completely normal while talking about extremely heavy topics so I'm gonna let this dry I tried to smile so for those heart you could see is dry there are little places that are still a bit there but I'm impatient hello hmm I'm covering in expensive creams I hope you've enjoyed this video I'm happy to be back thanks for being patient with me once I have some serious distance from the situation I may or may not know promises may tell you what all went down but maybe I never will and I think that's all right so I upload on Saturdays most of the time and I'll see you the next one make sure that you follow me on Instagram and I'll see you later stay with me now star puppy away don't forget to Like share subscribe if you enjoyed the video 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  3. You are NOT your depression.
    That hit, right in the corazon~

  4. Tell us when you're feel comfortable or not. However thank you cause I been going thru depressive episodes

  5. Can you do a video on loosing your virginity?

  6. you’re light…you’re so vibrant it’s beautiful

  7. Being a mental health advocate myself, thank you so much for making this! You're awesome:]

  8. This is so on time for me. I'm going through this now. Thank you so much for sharing. The best part is:I AM NOT ALONE!!!!!

  9. missed you danielle, love you sm❀️❀️❀️❀️

  10. Random thought but I could see you cosplaying Gamora from Guardians of the galaxy.

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  13. πŸ‘½eerie how you describe it as 'sinking', as i personally use the synonymous term 'submerged' depression has been eating away at me… but somehow, i've got 1% hope that this dreary wave will subside…

  14. I love your eyebrows and you are a overall beauty😍

  15. ❀❀ u r unique

  16. Listen to gospel songs like, It ain't Over until God says it's Over, I Just Wanna thank You for Blessing Me. Look where He brought Me From by Tye Tribbett, Take Me to the King by Tasha Cobbs, I can Only Imagine by Mercy Me, Worth Fighting for by Bryon Courtney Wilson, How He Loves Me by David Crowder. And my favourite song, Fight on! Oooo! Let it Go, and All Right Ok, by J. Moss. The list is endless. Mary Mary's I Just Can't Give Up Now! Come to Far From Where I Started From.

  17. thank u <3

  18. Sweetie! A depression spirit, and it is a spirit, is running rampant worldwide. All these celebrities committing suicide. It is real. Please know that these texts are here to let you know that people do care about you. I have been a functional depressive my entire life. My wardrobe is mostly black, as a child, certain songs would lead me into depression, and I've always believed that was how it was gonna be. Even after becoming a Christian. Watch R.C. Blake's, jr. and Joyce Meyers. They speak on this topic. I started counting my blessings. Look at what have, not what you don't have. Yes, analyze why you're depressed. Found out, if I lack sleep, I will get depressed. Sometimes, something triggers a memory that causes depression. Some people need to be let go of because they will bring you down, make you feel ugly. Dealt with that for years. Help someone else while depressed. People's thankfulness will lift you up. Do a hair spa, helps me
    And give me those bear ears!

  19. Thank you. I'm going to therapy but I still feel like I've got no control over my emotions and negative thoughts. You made me laugh!

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  26. how do your uploads always coincide with my episodes? πŸ˜‚
    this is the only channel that helps me get out of puddle-of-sadness mode instead of spiraling into it.

  27. I've definitely bottled up my emotions in the past and just like you, it was usually sadness. I didn't want to seem "weak" or entitled or selfish. I've learned that being present and experiencing my emotions is part of self care, and self care is not selfish.

  28. Happy #mentalhealthawarenessmonth everyone!

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  30. Hi Danielle, thank you for this ❀

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  35. I notice and I really missed you boo πŸ₯Ί please take care of yourself! Even if I’m just a subscriber, I’m here if you want someone to vent to. And anyone else in the comments, I’m here as well! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  36. Thank you for making this video. It came my way at just the right time as this past week has been a difficult depressive episode for me (especially intense this morning). Videos like yours in part help restore that hope I need to keep going. πŸ‘½

  37. coming across your channel was the best thing ever. Collage life has felt so much better watching your youtube videos now, thanks man

  38. We're here again staring, "do I even know what suffering is" girl.

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  40. I just had to do this today.
    Acknowledge the sadness, and if you have to cry, then cry. I'm guilty of not allowing myself to cry because I hate emoting but sometimes the only way to acknowledge and deal with being sad is to just let it come out in a fit of raging tears at first if you have to. Then when you're done, talk yourself through why you had to cry, it helps you to move on from things and deal with them.

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  43. πŸ‘½ I did a mask along with you because I've been hitting some valleys lately. But we're not alone.

    Also my mask is the same blue-grey of the apple alien emoji!

  44. such beautiful words. seriously. you are incredibly beautiful. face and soul. happy to hear you're on the up swing. <3

  45. πŸ‘½

  46. If you are not your depression, you must conclude the frightening converse; you are not your joy. You must have an existence beyond feeling.

  47. My mind is ready to be held and healed

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