Norwich barbers train to spot signs of mental health problems in customers

the barber's chair at the place for good trim and a good chat but now this group of barbers that croppers instant Gregory Valley in Norwich I paying more attention to those customer conversations because they've been trained to spot the signs of mental health problems pointing them in the right direction if they need help it's all part of something called the 12th man campaign people in their communities their families their friendship groups could be a 12-man for people that do have difficulties and basically that comes from the crowd important being the 12th man and the team needing it when they're struggling and not when they're doing well and that's why we kind of came up with the ideas of the 12th man and we want to encourage everybody to be a 12th man in their families friendship groups and communities it's not the first time an idea like this one has been introduced in the city back in March bone hair and beauty in Queens Road began training their stylist to stop the signs of domestic abuse and co-director at coppers Steve fun so these teams a crucial it's the elephant in the room really you know you can't leave we can't pretend it's not happening it is happening you know it's a huge issue it affects so many people we're in a privileged position as I said before where we deal with so many people we can't we can't not do nothing anymore we've got get a bit active about this issue and that sort of starts on you know on shop floor level a 3,000 pound grant from healthy norwich means that 15 bar bears can be trained the mental health first aid that involves being able to spot signs of depression anxiety and misuse of drugs and alcohol it's a scheme that croppers co-director Mike Nicholson said would have helped a member of his family he suffered with his mental health I feel if it had more help earlier he wouldn't have gone down so so much and I think he was kind of embarrassed about it probably because you know there's a lot of stigma about and everything that I think if what we are doing now I'm trying to normalize it he did not feel embarrassed to get help earlier and say not gone down you know hard road as well as croppers another three barbershops are involved in the initiative including tremens of norwich on elm hill the den on navigate lane and blades of norwich on potter gate but it's hoped more businesses across the county and eventually the country will get involved to help people reflect on their own mental health Christina Brinkley Mustard TV norwich

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