Norris the Baby Seahorse | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Cosmic Kids. I’m Jaime and this is your place for
yoga, stories, and fun. It’s easy. Just copy the moves I do
and enjoy the adventure. Now, we always start
in the same way and that’s by sitting
on our bottoms and crossing our legs and bringing our hands
together at our hearts and saying our
secret yoga codeword which is Namaste. Ready? After three. One Two Three Namaste. There! Now we’re ready to begin. So let’s take a look
through the cosmonoculars. Joining our thumbs
and fingers together to have a look through. Ooh! look at those colours Yes! They’re so beautiful
and bright and colourful. Ooh! Can you see it? Can you see the pic – yes, it’s a seahorse, it’s a baby seahorse. It’s Norris, the Baby Seahorse. Oh! What’s Norris doing? He’s doing yoga. He’s doing fish pose. This is very exciting. Let’s not beat around the bush. Let’s get right to it
and go and find Norris. Come to your knees, everybody take your arms out wide and give everyone at
home a great big hug bye. Oh! Hello, who’s this that’s just
landed on the windowsill? It’s a rather magical looking bird. Standing up folding forward take your wings down. Now, this magical looking bird
has rather big blue webbed feet. It’s a blue footed booby and he does a funny dance. Hello! Hello! I’m Bess the Booby Bird. Yes, I love to
do my dancing. Oh! This is great. We get on the back of Bess taking our wings down low and he swoops them up. Whooooo-Haah! Off go, everyone. We’re flying out over
the trees and the hills. We wave down
to our friends Hi! friends and down we come down towards the beach where we’re going to hopefully
meet Norris the Baby Seahorse. We land in a little landing ball Woooooooooh! we sit up tall and we say Namaste
to Bess, the blue-footed booby bird. Namaste. Now to continue our journey we pick up a lift with
Popcorn the Dolphin who’s riding the waves. Coming up onto your knees criss-cross your fingers drop down onto your elbows now dive forward and backwards
making your dolphin clicking noises. Ehhehhhheee! Ehhehhhheee!
Ehhehhhheee! She drops us off
in the kelp garden. Turning over lying on your back the kelp garden is long long
strands and fronds of seaweed that stretch right from the bottom
of the ocean right to the top. Now, we need to swim so we come over onto our tummies and we swim using big strokes
with our arms and our legs we part the seaweed and we come to Norris
the Baby Seahorse’s house. Standing all the way up take your feet wide take your arms wide and lift them up
above your head coming into house pose and here’s Norris
the Baby Seahorse. Coming down onto one knee he does a little
Neighhhhhh! Now lift up that back knee turn yourself around and drop down onto
the other knee Neighhhhhh! Standing all the way up arms wide because we’re such
good friends with Norris we do a twirl up in
a flurry of bubbles. Norris is so excited because today he got invited to join the Best Fish
in the Sea Club. He’s never heard
of it before but it’s called Best Fish
in the Sea Club so it must be
the best, right? He’s got his first
meet up today at the Coral Reef Café he’s so excited
he sings a little song. We join in with the actions. Ready? Come down to one knee. My name is Norris I am a tiny little fellow but my nose is long and my body is so yellow I rock like a rocking horse gliding through the sea and I tell you now
that I love being me. Standing up I swim standing up and I may be slow but that never stops
me having a go I am the best baby seahorse
you ever did see like I said before
I love being me. My tummy’s round and I bob up and down and I am made
out of bony rings. I like to hold on to
a seaweed frond and take a rest frequently Aah! I can wiggle my nose
around and around. I look with my eyes
both up and down I am the bright spark
clever lad diddly-dee I’ll tell you again I love being me! I love being me!
I love being me! That’s right. Wow! What a great song, Norris but Norris we better go
because time’s running out and we know you’re a little
bit of a slow swimmer. So come down to your knees Let’s go! come down to your
knees, everyone. Hands down swimming up slowly
breathing in [Breathe In] [Breathe Out] [Breathe In] [Breathe Out] On our way to
the Coral Reef Café we pass Meme the Mermaid. Sitting with your
legs out long swish your tail
around to one side put one hand on
your fishy knee your other hand
behind you look behind you and look forward. She says to Norris, Bonne chance petit Norris! which means good luck
little Norris in French. Swish your tail around
to the other side take your other hand onto
your swishy knee now and your other
hand behind you looking back behind looking forwards she blows him a special little
good luck mermaid kiss. Muah! Fooooo! When Norris gets there it looks like some of the
other members of the club aren’t very happy
about Norris joining. A rather tough looking little crab
digger diggers over. Coming up bent knees hands behind you lift up your bottom now digger digger! Ready? Digger! Digger!
Digger! Digger! Oh! you big nose you can’t join the Best Fish
in the Sea Club because your nose is too big then he digger diggers
the other way Digger! Digger!
Digger! Digger! and if you join I’m going to pinch you on
the nose with my crab claws Yeeeea! Poor Norris Huh! He’s feeling a bit
upset by that but he doesn’t want
to say anything he doesn’t want
to upset anyone so he carries on Then over come
a pair of wolf fish. Coming into your dog pose hands down tuck your toes lift your bottoms
to the sky come all the way
down to your knees untuck your toes lift up your chest all right, bony you want to join the Best Fish
in the Sea Club, do ya? Well, uh!, you can if you can
show us a tree pose. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh! Norris is quite pleased that
they’ve asked him to show a tree pose. He’s rather good
at tree pose. He stands up
and shows them. I put my foot on there I put my fins here I grow my tree There! There’s my tree pose. Norris is great at tree pose. He even shows them
on the other side just to show he can do
it on that side as well. Swapping our legs over now put your other
foot on top hands together grow up tall Yep! You see? I could do the tree pose doing it, yep! The wolf fish seemed to
make a fool out of Norris. Coming back into
your dog pose lifting your bottom
to the sky dropping down to your knees untucking your toes
all the way to belly and press up. Hu! Hu! Hu! Hu! Only joking, bony! you can’t join the Best Fish
in the Sea Club because you’ve got a
big silly round tummy. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Oh! poor Norris! This is not very
nice at all and over now is
swimming a shark criss-cross your fingers
behind your back lift up your shark fin she’s swimming right
towards Norris. Doo-Dood! Doo-Dood!
Doo-Dood! Doo-Dood! Err! excuse me, umm! my name’s Shauna,
I’m a shark I just wanted to let you know that apparently you can’t join
the Best Fish in the Sea Club because apparently you’re
a really slow swimmer that’s what the crab
and wolf fish said so sorry, I’m just telling you. See ya! Doo-Dood! Doo-Dood!
Doo-Dood! Doo-Dood! This is awful. We take Norris for a little bit
of a rest in an oyster shell. Sitting on your bottoms join the soles of
your feet together holding on to your toes folding down. This isn’t the Best Fish
in the Sea Club this is the Worst Fish
in the Sea Club All of these horrible creatures
are bullying Norris. That’s not right Hmm! when this happens we need to speak to a
wise grown-up friend and here come just
the people we need. It’s Tommy the Bedtime Turtle. Take your legs out wide bent knees hands down underneath making your flippers
like a turtle and with him is our very good
friend Squish the Fish pointing your toes long come down onto your elbows now Pop! Pop! Pop!
Pop! Pop! your chest to the sky looking up to the ceiling and all the way
back behind you. But Squish as usual is using
his tail as a surfboard. Standing up so he looks a bit
like a penguin. Hey dude, Norris,
why the long face? What’s going on? Norris is all huddled up Well, I wanted to join the
Best Fish in the Sea Club they said I can’t because my nose
is too long and my tummy’s round and I’m not very strong
at my swimming. Tommy the Bedtime Turtle
thinks this is awful. Taking your legs out bend your knees hands down
making your flippers. Oh! Norris, you’re a
wonderful seahorse what do you think
about this? Norris sits up he unravels his tail
sitting up tall Well, I quite like my nose
and my tummy and I don’t like
swimming fast because if I swim fast I get
all tired and stressed out. Squish reclines in
his fish pose. Coming back down
to your elbows point those toes Pop! Pop! Pop! your chest to the sky. Dude, you know it you don’t need to be in this club
Best Fish in the Sea Club it’s not at all. Why don’t you start
your own club? At this Norris gets excited. Yeah I’m going to
start my own club. Coming back onto one knee into your horse pose lifting your hands
above your head. Yes, I am going to start it and I’m going
to call it the I Love Being Me Club and anyone can join whether they’ve got a
long nose or a short nose or a little tummy
or a big tummy or whether they are
a fast or a slow swimmer you’ve just got to be nice in the
I love Being Me Club. Norris was over the moon but coming over was
Shauna the Shark. Coming back onto your belly criss-cross your fingers
making your shark fin lift it up Doo-Dood! Doo-Dood!
Doo-Dood! Doo-Dood! Excuse me! Uh! It’s Shauna again,
yeah I’m a shark. I just wanted to ask could I join the
I Love Being Me Club because I’m just really fed up
of being in that other club they kept telling me what to do
and what to say and I didn’t like it at all. Norris is delighted. Coming on to the
other knee now lifting yourself up arms up above your head. Yes, Shauna, you can join,
you’re very welcome. Soon all of the
animals and creatures from the Best Fish
in the Sea Club started to join Norris’
I Love Being Me Club. He’d done it. He’d started his own club and he was delighted. It was time for us to go. So we blow our bubbly kisses Muah! Phhhrrrr! to all of our friends and we swim up back to
the surface of the sea. [Breathe In] [Breathe Out] [Breathe In] [Breathe Out] When we get there we find our friend Bess the Blue-Footed Booby. Standing up we bow all the way forward taking our wings down and then we swoop
them up and high, we’re off being transported
back to our house back to the warmth. We lie down on Bess’ back in all of his feathers and let our bodies rest
and relax for a moment as we think about the story
we’ve just done with Norris. How he went through some
really awful things Bullying. Saying those things
is never okay or getting someone else to say
nasty things about you is never okay and if it happens and it might
happen to a friend you might see it happening you must always go
and tell a grown-up and you don’t need to worry
about being a telltale at all you’re not you’re helping because that bully probably
needs some help too. They sometimes do these things because they feel
weak inside so they need to feel
more powerful by saying these things about others to make them look weak but it’s not okay and we must always go and
tell a grown-up when it happens. We rest back in
this peaceful time So pleased for Norris. We love the
I Love Being Me Club. What a fun thing! But now we wiggle
our fingers and our toes we bring our knees
up to our chest and we roll over
onto our sides slowly coming up to sit with our legs crossed and our hands together
at our hearts and we finish just the
way we started with our secret yoga codeword which is Namaste Ready? After three. One Two Three Namaste. Well done, everyone! Thanks for coming on the Norris
the Baby Seahorse adventure with me. You were great. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope to see you soon
for another Cosmic Kids adventure. Bye-bye!


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