Non-GMO diets could dramatically improve health problems

good consuming non-gmo foods be the answer to ending health issues all new study reveals data collected from over 3,000 people who changed their diets from eating genetically modified food to consuming non GMOs saw a dramatic turnaround with their health these individuals reported an improvement in areas such as memory of food allergies obesity fatigue and heart problems common issues that may have been caused by their previous diets joining me now to contain this conversation is founder of the Institute for Responsible technology Jeffery Smith thank you so much for joining us today Jeffrey now what are the physical health effects of GMO consumption well we had 28 different conditions that people reported improvement from this was three thousand two hundred fifty six people the number one overwhelming reported improvement was digestive disorders in fact 85% of the people who filled out this survey said that their digestion improved and this is what we predicted based on the fact that I've actually interviewed audiences at 150 lectures including 20 medical conferences where the doctors and the audience members described similar improvements when they or their patients eliminate GMOs and moved to a mostly organic diet this was also the description of what we would predict based on looking at what livestock changes we've seen from veterinarians and farmers when they're animals switched to non-gmo typically the digestive system works better but also as you said fatigue obesity a brain fog mood problems like anxiety and depression allergies pain and everything down to autism now if g if GMOs are actually contributing to these diseases and Americans eat more than their weight in GMOs each year then we would expect to see a rise in many diseases related to the correlating to the increased use of GMOs and that's exactly what we're seeing these correlational graphs and there's more than 30 of them do not prove that GMOs or the Roundup herbicide sprayed on them cause things like gluten sensitivity insomnia or hormonal problems etc but given all of the other evidence and given the fair that the lab animals when they're exposed to GMOs and roundup exhibit other conditions that are related to these health problems we are now believing that GMOs and the roundup sprayed on them are a major contributor to the deteriorating health of United States population and Jeffrey can you speak to health effects when it comes to people consuming GMOs well you know when you look at the animal feeding studies as we did in this article published in the International Journal of human nutrition and public pun and functional medicine you see indicators of problems with the liver and the kidneys now what's the cause of it now GMOs are largely sprayed with Roundup they're called Roundup Ready seeds and they're sprayed with Roundup herbicide once they grow and sprout in the field roundup it turns out at concentrations that are tiny four hundred and thirty seven thousand times smaller than the amount allowed by the Environmental Protection Agency and it consumed per day at that level per bodyweight rats developed non-alcoholic fatty liver disease at all they also developed kidney conditions pituitary conditions they also died earlier and they also had multiple massive tumors that's just from the round up but the rats that ate the Roundup Ready corn also had multiple massive tumors early death and organ damage in the article we looked at what is possibly causing this problem and it appears that there's contributions from the process of genetic engineering which creates side effects as well as the roundup that is sprayed on them and in some cases it may be the toxic insecticide produced in genetically modified corn Jeffrey as you pointed out earlier obviously those people who you collected data from who were able to switch their diets saw huge improvements in their health I want us to now turn to you and Amy Hart you've put together a film called secret ingredients can you tell us a bit about that sure these are these this documentary which will be released soon features families that switch to organic food and noticed a dramatic change an improvement in their health one family for example had 20 one clinic conditions between the five members of the family their son was autistic and unable to speak the mother was paralyzed she became a food expert experimenting on the family taking out gluten taking out commercial dairy taking out soy when she finally learned about GMOs and the roundup sprayed on them she switched the family to organic and all of the conditions disappeared the Sun is no longer autistic that's just one of the families mentioned there's also a chiropractic clinic where 92 out of 92 formerly infertile couples now have children and they were not only given chiropractic care but everyone was switched to a hundred percent organic diet so we believe that the rise of infertility in the United States perhaps the rise of autism many of these disorders are linked to the food we eat now we talk about organic you said earlier about switching to non-gmo I'm going to take it up a notch because Roundup herbicide which we know is probably one of the perpetrators of these problems is not just sprayed on Roundup Ready genetically modified crops it's also sprayed on wheat barley rye oats potatoes sweet potatoes sugar cane etc so these are non GMO crops so the roundup is in our food supply big-time therefore instead of just avoiding the GMOs switched to organic which doesn't allow GMOs or the use of Roundup and when you do so take notes take a look at the energy level at your mood behavior write down all the symptoms and and and rate them from one to ten and see how they may change if based on what we saw in the movie secret ingredients which is available you could see that the trailer at secret ingredients movie calm or in the article about the survey which is a result which is found in non GMOs improve health calm we would expect that a large percentage of the people who try this will notice a very significant change and some of them will be life-changing Jeffrey it sounds like secret ingredients is a documentary that a lot of people will be able to relate to or a little short on time here can you quickly tell us what you and Amy are hoping the average viewer will take away from your film we've already tested it on some audiences and every one have has increased their commitment to organic food whether they're already largely organic they decide okay we have to be fully organic and if people have never been organic they decide they're going to try it and this is something that's easy to do for most people depending on where you live and you can even order organic food in the mail but trying it it turns out has positive benefits not just in health but also financially in the movie secret ingredients we have families that no longer go to doctors between their annual physicals for their family and one family that we interviewed for the movie that didn't make it into the movie but I'll give you the plot spoiler anyway their their financial outlay for health costs dropped by half the first year and then another half the second year they made thousands of dollars of savings and so it made they made far more money and savings than they spent on organic food while powerful stuff thank you so much for your insight Jeffrey and for coming on to our show that's Jeffrey Smith founder of the Institute for Responsible technology and San Francisco thank you so much thank you


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  3. YET EVERYONE IS LIVING LONGER….WORKING LONGER……Where is this health crisis?

  4. Excellent. I have experienced good health eating only USDA certified organic food for the last 4-5 years. It doesn’t stop with food though. Shampoo, soap, lotion or oil, etc.

  5. Yes!

  6. So, was this a scientific "study" ??? ….I don't think-so.
    It was a questionnaire asking people for their opinion.
    Who were the people who answered the survey ? Well, it was sent to 180,000 people straight from his very-own mailing list (of which only about 3300 replied), ……so it was sent to people who already believe what J. Smith advocates.
    That's not science at all, that's sneaky underhanded marketing by Mr Smith.

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  8. lol yea no buying into non gmo marketing just means you've been manipulated by marketing whores to fear the use of genetic sconce being use in crop breeding… have fun lining the pockets of scum like jeffrey smith

  9. Never a good sign when they Round people Up.
    It's literally Death Incorporated that is killing people.
    Be wary though: A monster doesn't just give up. Monsanto&Co might enter the 'organic business themselves, lobbying the government to redefine the meaning of the "organic" classification. Then you might have to deal with "Roundup Organic" and such bullshit.

  10. Most, if not all, food we produce is genetically modified in some way. The original plant strains have been extinct for decades.
    There are projects in the works to create enzyme producing grains to allow Celiac individuals to eat all breads again, rice that retains more water to resist droughts in countries with unstable food sources and algae with more rapid growth cycles to be used in the production of bio-ethanol as a renewable fuel source. Genetic modification isn't inherently bad, but proper testing must be done on the chemical makeup of any foods produced to ensure it is safe for consumption and notify the general public how certain byproducts will affect them (like the pest-resistant strains of corn that are designed to inhibit reproduction so future generations of insects will be less likely to have a taste for the crop).

  11. "No longer autistic" wtf sounds like black magic

  12. I was a healthy person with no problems until I started eating corn. I hadn't eaten it in years, and once I started back, I started having digestive problems, respitory problems, thyroid problems, allergies, asthma, tiredness, and so much more. I also developed diverticulitis., Inflammation all over my body. I switched to organic a d slowly my conditions are all improving without any medications at all, only organic.

  13. Don't confuse selective breeding with inserting a flounder gene into a tomato!

  14. Agreed. I spend many hours looking for non GMO's. I'll pay more? I feel much better.

  15. Hey dudes, I´ve just found this while searching on this topic and I thougth that I had to share it with you all. Looks good:

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    The Bush Administration Neocons had been in power for 6 or 7 years at that point. There's no telling how badly the 9 11 conspirators screwed up our Foreign Services and foreign policies.

  17. Money is causing all problems

  18. Where is our national security

  19. They want us dick to buy their high prices med and over priced insurance

  20. No shit! Gmos and monsanto are murderers!

  21. "The son is no longer autistic" yeah, i call bullshit on that. I eat all organic but im not a science denier like this guy apparently is.

  22. The Non GMO label doesnt mean anything. All the unhealthy shit we've been eating forever which are grown with pesticides and other harmful things can get the non GMO label. Eat Organic, not just Non-GMO.

  23. Repeat: "If G.M.O.'s are different enough to deserve a patent, then they are also different enough to deserve a label."

  24. Stopped drinking GMO corn syrup soda, switched to stevia/sugar, lost 10lbs. GMO roundup ready crops are poison. Glyphosate causes hormonal disruption.

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