Non-Communicable Disease Prevention And Control (S.Y. 2016-2017, 2ND SEM, PHC LEC, AAPD2I) SIR PUA

promoting physical activity and exercise sedentary lifestyle a live bank with little or no physical activity has grave consequences to one's health spending hours sitting watching television or working on the desk our computers contribute to these health problems let us define physical activity and exercise physical activity is something done at home like washing the dishes sweeping the floor and cleaning the house exercise is a plant structure and repetitive movement done to improve or maintain what are more components of physical fitness no matter how busy one is it is important to make each moment an opportunity to increase daily physical activities the following activities can be woven into daily routines such as walking jogging taking the stairs instead of the elevator taking fitness breaks home repair activities and cleaning the house sweeping and scrubbing eating a balanced diet is important to help diets with high calories and fats are known to increase the risk of atherosclerosis well diets low in fiber and complex carbohydrates are new to increase the risk of cancer and diabetes the food a Nutrition Research Institute recommends the national guidelines for Filipinos which promotes the desirable food and nutrition practices in the general population the guidelines are widely used by nutrition educators as framework and reference index educating the public and proper nutrition practices that can also correct and reduce risk of developing non communicable disease some guidelines includes consumption of fish then meat poultry or dried games and something of news and other cultures with Stephanie and only eat clean and seafood promote these stress manage stress and everyday fact of life and everyone experience France from time to time stress and change that what was adopt ranging from the negativity of actual physical danger the acceleration of falling in love are eating some monkeys our success stress triggers home moves of change how the body poison pills fortunately stress management is available skill and here are some other stress management techniques spirituality stop awareness by management yes stretch sensation techniques sounds and sauce food shells communication

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