NoFap and Bodybuilding Supplements – Creating The Body of A God

this almost looks like a advert I'm just kind of covering to you guys what I've been taking on my cut slash nofap journey you can see I have some of the bodybuilding stuff right here creatine that's pretty good good stuff pretty much it just fills up your muscle with water take about 5 grams a day and it's supposed to help with performance Schrank looking fuller I know I've been looking pretty flat there pretty much after every time I've been doing cardio so it's kind of good that uh it's kind of good to take this before you go work out and do weightlifting so it kind of help replenish all the water in your muscles so that you can perform better my standard-issue amino acids right here ESN pretty good stuff take that every workout especially good for cutting when you might not have all the energy you need for working out so BCA's are pretty good pre-workout right here see for myself core I like it I like it a lot sometimes I drink this sometimes I might just drink coffee and sip it on the way to the gym or I might just buy bang-on along the way too and just set that throughout the workout either way whatever works wait I sleep right here which is pretty good stuff as well – protein powder do you need any of this for gaining strength muscle I wouldn't say so a lot of times I've gone you know a whole day without taking protein powder or c4 for eating you can get that from meat but I mean preteens really cheap it's really really cheap do you need it no but why would you not maximize on your ability to you know gain strength or whatnot so yeah go ahead go with the bike reaching if you can afford you know something like syntha-6 get that I also go with was it optimum nutrition that's another good one cforce another good as well – amino acids if you want to get that and that's very much a lot of the body doing stuff out of the way well I guess you have to get him bean as well – so this stuff I've actually been taking pretty much for the last two weeks ramping up so I'm at about ten milligrams but I take about 20 minutes before cardio and you want to kind of feel it out a little bit start off low like about a pill or two and work your way up so the way I've been doing is that every three cardio sessions I'll Ram it up a pill so I saw up about five milligrams went up to 7.5 and fernette 10 milligrams I'm going to try and go up to about 18 or 20 milligrams it all depends sometimes you want to go lower because it's better to go lower than higher because sometimes they're not really exactly these supplement companies aren't really controlled entirely by the FDA not entirely it's not like a pharmaceutical you know where you know it's really really really monitored by the FDA so you'll have to kind of be careful sometimes they might go a little bit overboard of how much they put in each pill tea extract it's something else that's pretty good if you're trying to get cut this you want to take this food is actually hard on the liver if you take it without food so this will kind of help out with just kind of using up more energy using up more calories per day after you hope you get leaner yeah moving on into more of a no FAP kind of supplements so some power Lex again this is pretty good it's got like choline in it I take about two in the morning in the two at night and take the food of course this this one is really good for nervous system kind of stuff so if you're like really struggling that's kind of a more mental aspect of no.5 that's supposed to help and if you're about to go out with a girl believe it or not if you make a dose to this and drink a whole bunch of water it'll actually make your load bigger so if you have a girl who's kind of into that this is kind of stuff to do if you want to be like what's his name Peter north anyways I digress but yeah pretty good stuff guess the sunflower don't get the soy get the sunflower electric in you don't want to increase the amount of estrogen in your body picking um I just take this just for the hell of it like I said it's it's pretty good for you a lot of this stuff is kind of for being reasons this one will increase your pre-cum if you're trying to become like a beast sexually this is some pretty good stuff it's kind of not really no fad dish but it's good for you know kind of making you more of a beast in the sack carnitine is really good carnitine you actually get this from meat and a lot of use you can actually get this from just eating foods but this one will actually help with your skin your muscle if you're eating your meat too much it will actually help with healing the tissue you've been destroying so take this citrulline is another thing as well to citrulline and actually are getting these two right here citrulline you can take this and it will actually convert into our ganene inside your body but I just take both just to kind of maximize and these are actually amino acids that you can find in something like bang you can find it in BCAAs and what they generally do is just increased blood flow so if you're trying to kind of like heal all the capillaries in your member from being crushed from your death grip these will kind of help out in healing those capillaries maca root as well too if you're kind of going through a rebooting and you're kind of going dead this will kind of help with the sexual well-being why should make you a little bit more nee I take about two in the morning and two at night are ganene one in the morning one at night citrulline two in the morning to at night on a teen which is about 500 milligrams take one in the morning when a night picking em one in the morning when I night what's it called green tea extract just one day acetyl carne carnitine alkar which is really good for you know boosting your energy and all that I just take one a day no actually two a day two days so one in the morning when I night I was trying to see a pattern here tyrosine is really good for mental alertness it's kind of going more into the nootropics side of things I actually take these one a day one a night it'll help with your dopamine I think it is and mental well-being so definitely take that alpha lipoic acid ala just take one of these with food really good for your skin it's a free radical scavenger so if you have those will actually help with getting rid of free radicals and actually hoping keel your remember want to go we do so much at stake you know if you're kind of rebuild your libido because a lot of times I'll hear about guys on no fact the reason doing no FAP is that very lacking in Libya from being exposed to too much porn but when it comes to a real girl they don't have that same feeling for a real girls so if you're trying to reprogram your mind and trying to sexualize yourself towards actually you know being more horny with a real girl this looks really good for you morning gobies so I think you're supposed to take it before you workout and it's supposed to kind of work with you know kind of uh I guess is bonding with best offer and when I'm not exactly sure but this is I'm pretty good stuff now vitamin b6 and vitamin b12 beef stew right here this is more for if you're not eating a lot of vegetables when I'm eating a lot of vegetables right now so you kind of don't really need to take these but if you're eating a lot of vegetables you're getting a lot of those but there's school just little hope with like energy and all those types of things so selenium as well too you can get these from nuts you can get this from meat as well too I wouldn't really take this too often unless the only time I ever really took is when I after I relapse because selenium is one of those things were one of those vitamins that actually gets lost when you bust a nut so this stuff's really good even if you don't want to take is if you don't want to take you just eat nuts just to avoid selenium toxicity in your blood so just be aware of that and it goes just as new peps I've been taking I got you got four new trophies depot 30 milligrams I just take it one a day and it's supposed to kind of make you more alert more motivated it's not a it's not a magic tool like most things in life it's not a magic pill so just be aware but you have to be willing to do things by yourself like this won't make you do you know what you want to do it won't make you a beast but girls won't make you beasts with you know whatever it is it'll give you a push you want to do these things but I wanted to make you the super human being you want to be so just be aware that you they're pretty awesome but they're only awesome if you make them awesome you know ZMA so zinc magnesium this actually has least vitamin b6 in it as well too I take this about three pills before I go to sleep got this from optimum nutrition zinc magnesium furniture stuff you need sink especially is really important for guys as well as magnesium because it's like those are like the biggest parts of like semen and if you actually don't get enough zinc you will actually start using testosterone so if you were taking this 5htp so another good thing as well too it's uh I think it's good with controlling your serotonin or whatnot but I take that along with the CMA right go to sleep and you're about to have very vivid dreams when you're using these two especially CMA you will have very vivid cream so just beware about them but if you're trying to build your libido this is one of the things you should be using and now we're just getting more into each other yourself just for anxiety and all that passion flower take about two pills it's gonna calm your mood down pretty good stuff ashwagandha some pretty good stuff about just a pill they you should be pretty fine Elfi you needs good stuff as well to two pills you should be good to go GABA is really great this is really calm you down I felt pretty calm after I've used these believe it or not though actually the first month I my first I actually used it funny enough I took it before work and I'm driving down and I started to have shortness of breath but believe it or not when it's kicking in it takes about twenty it's a kickin you're gonna actually have shortness of breath sometimes when you take it especially an empty stomach don't worry you're not dying nothing's gonna happen to you but just something to be aware of that after the shortness of breath passes you're gonna feel a lot calmer you're gonna feel pretty damn great so that's kind of what I've been taking I know it's a lot of stuff I don't take all of them every single day but it's just kind of stuff you kind of look at examine use critical thinking guys if there's something that doesn't agree with you it doesn't agree with your body don't use it you know don't use it you know I'm not a doctor I'm just going off of ten adoro and stuff that works for me but don't use it if it doesn't agree with your biochemistry if you're trying to do something like they know a lot of this stuff has to do with the physical aspects or the mental aspects of nofap if you're trying to say do something like say rebuild your sensitivity so this week I know like citrulline Argan email kind of help out carnitine will help out you know eating as well – you got to make sure you're eating a lot of meat eating a lot of vegetables eating a lot of good food that has vitamins in it because that's gonna be the main thing that helps you heal if you want to you can also use some certain lotions I'll kind of help out I think I might film them a little bit just to show you guys what it is but there's a certain thing that you kind of use the kind of mixture that you're getting the full benefits on the inside and the outside and mentally as well – so rebuilding sensitivity what do you can kind of use to kind of make sure that your skin is soft around that area you know you don't really actually hear a lot of things about penile health for dudes it's kind of unfortunate but you don't really hear a lot of stuff in regards to doing that and you have so many guys in death grip and like beating up their you know we remember with you know very little care for how it's affecting their long-term health so pretty much a lot of stuff is just you know stuff that you can use or excuse me drink some water another thing you should be doing – drinking a lot of water and when I mean but water me natural water you can drink coffee tea try to stay away from sugar but those are really good for you yeah I mean basically like I'll use dove I'll use a shade moisture stuff it's got shea butter in it which is actually pretty good for your skin if you're trying to build rebuild sensitivity 30 days after washing and using these every single day your skin's gonna start feeling a lot better your sensitive is gonna come back so that's something should kind of invest in I've heard of or shea butter or shea moisture something with shea butter and it's gonna help because a lot of times your skin gets all dry you know just beaten up you start using sensitivity because your nerves are basically right you know and your skin's basically beaten up you know the skin on your penis is actually really sensitive it's supposed to be sensitive but when you're constantly beating it up the adaptation of your body is to actually start building callous skin on it so that's something else you can do man when oil is actually a notice one might be a little bit controversial just because it's like it's such a small it's like four ounces of lotion for like 20 bucks but they're actually pretty nice that I bought one and then they're just a you get a number one if you give us a review and you don't have to put like a good review you just even put a bad review if you didn't enjoy you can put a bad review and they'll still send you a free bottle but this one basically has a lot of stuff in it like uh was a bargaining and all that carnitine focusing I can't get it come on there we go so it's got some stuff in it like bargaining carnitine just a lot of good stuff that's good for your skin anyways just use this like after you go to the after you use a shower leave your shower you know twice a day use it after you go to the shower same thing with like coconut oil coconut oil body lotion and it's coconut oil just straight-up body oil if you take those two mix them and maybe use Vaseline and kind of mix it together into like a cream and you know apply to you know your dick it's gonna help out with basically rebuilding up your sensitivity now of course is my attempt to you don't get tempted into you know you know fapping jacking off you know just you know just mix it up in your hand you know apply it to your member and then just leave it leave it like that coconut oil especially is really good for you you should also be eating coconut oil healthy this is not the edible version of coconut oil if you're not eating coconut oil or eating a high-fat diet you should be doing that that's gonna help increase testosterone that's gonna help increase you know your ability to recover but it's just amazing what I'm just doing I'm just being this series of videos to kind of show you how to you know increase your help on the inside and the outside so if you're having any troubles with you know like dryness of skin and whatnot this is kind of my stack and hope you guys find some value in these videos Pontus aurelius signing out

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