Nobel. health care. United Nations. // Auto-Tune the News #9

chavos bundling mejor you become wise well ahead answer this common endeavor well in answer all of us work together he must be praised a new era of engagement because the time has come for us to be sustained it has to be sure the time is a venture world to live in for future generations down don't get ting that's right don't get sick if you have insurance don't get sick if you have insurance don't get sick if you're sick don't get sick just go get the bets the Republicans health care plan angry charge if you get sick in America die quickly that's right your public is one shouldn't die quickly you get I agree afford to where are we at that point are we so heartless how can we not be united again maybe yeah that gal – that's a terrible plan the resources exist for your father and mine to get the seed cream yeah we're in agreement but first we gotta lay down some and out some things save your daddy with the leftover change how can we be sure I'll be talking to how is the Nobel Peace Prize design well that is what people were asking all day today we mix a secret potion and roll the ancient dyes the entire book is Grubin having human sacrifice a lot of people are asking today why do you think the committee's elected an Obama I believe a puzzle piece opal to the biggest world every giving Obama Prize for knocking George Bush they can't Oh take a deep breath for future generations OOP did


  1. I listen to this once every Christmas eve. This has actually become an event for me

  2. 1:24 Are we so heartless? How can we not be united against death?!?! (unless your mom doesn't want to have to take care of you, of course)

  3. 2009: I love this its so catchy!

    2019: "…smell the hope!" => I actually burst into tears 🙁

  4. 10 years later:

  5. I heard this for the first time when I was 9, I'm 19 now.

    How nostalgic

  6. 3,7 million views. 1 million of those is me.

  7. My favourite one. x

  8. This better end up in some history textbook

  9. I've been listening to this for years now and I always end up singing along

  10. Wow, this one didn't age well at all.

  11. Daaaang. Back when the world wasn't quite so crazy…

  12. I love this crap. Is this still a thing??? Auto tune the news, I mean.

  13. It'd been at least six years since I'd last watched this, and I still remembered pretty much every single note. That's how catchy this shit is.

  14. I'm still in love with this song, you wonderful bastards.

  15. 2:11 The next president after Trump will get 10 Nobel Peace prizes

  16. Frederick reindfelt is much more better

  17. 2:14

  18. 0:39

  19. Rip Chavez :

  20. Still smells good!

  21. I came back for a laugh and realized these cretinous politicians aren't actually that funny.

  22. Don't get sick!! LOL

  23. #9 – My all time favorite ATTN creation. There's still hope for this (exceptionally) smelly world. I sincerely hope you guys can take all of this Trump, Spicer, and Conway material and make some more auto tuned magic.

  24. LOL Grayson was right about the Republican health care plan.

  25. "just don't get sick"
    sounds like trumpcare

  26. The healthcare part feels so relevant today. Please make a callback in a new video.

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