No Sugar Diet for 72 Hours! | 72 Hours Challenges | EP 3

Chiara, Stephen, Adria and Johnjohn Hi guys! All: Hello! Hi! I’m not on any diet. Same, I’m not on any diet. How to be on a diet when you’re in Eatbook. EXCUSES! I eat anything and everything. Huh?! Except vegetables. I’m actually on a bit of a diet these days, cutting down alcohol and sugar. He meal preps every day. Then what is he doing here?! I know we don’t need it but do we want it? What are added sugar? PD: Added sugar are like your bubble tea. eh, how can one live without bubble tea?! Ice-cream? Chocolates? I like a crap load of kueh. Damn that’s delicious. PD: No added sugar for both drinks and food. NOOOOOO! I’ve been on a lot of diets but I’ve never tried no sugar because I need sugar! Siew dai (less sugar) can or not? Got sugar la, dude! What about soya bean with no sugar? PD: Ya can. Can ah!? C: Ya, I think meals are fine but when it comes to
J: I think it’s the snack! C: desserts that you crave… Any tips? Veggies, fruits, water. You sound like my dad. Are you all ready? YES! Eh, no sugar no energy. PD: There will be a weigh-in before the challenge. WHY?! Chiara first! Oh my lord. Maverick don’t say the number please. 75.8kg. I feel damn fat compared to him. How would I feel compared to Adria? 51.2kg When I join this company, I used to be 47kg. When I used to be Primary 4, I used to be 47kg. 72.7kg. Go Chiara, go! A: 61
S: 82
J: 62 82 your head! PD: Okay, I give you all a chance to guess. NOOO! Eh, this is fat-shaming. J: 62kg
A: 57kg 57kg? PD: John is correct! PD: Now, Maverick will pass you all each one bag. Wait wait wait wait wait. PD: This bag is for you to throw all your added sugar stuff into this bag. Let’s throw her into the bag. PD: It’s just to prevent you all from temptation. PD: Bonus right, we will pass you all a bag of stuff that is sugar-free. Really ah?! Thank you! Chiara, please do not hide anything from us. She confirm hide, how about Chiara first. PD: Okay, I think Chiara first. No, I don’t have any… Oh my god, they are already raiding my table… This one, this one though. Chiara: This is not mine! What’s that, first time I see. Oh freak! C: Since when I have so many snacks on my table?
J: It goes into the bag! Chiara is still the highest content. Who says? Chiara, you have the whole pantry in your bag. You don’t eat anything, I tell you! PD: Okay, bye. PD: Go away. You go away la. There’s no sugar? Yes, I love soya milk. You look like Cinderella. Now you guys don’t even boil the egg for us? We have to cook the egg ourselves? Because you can fry it if you want. I don’t want. FINE! Okay, I actually Googled and actually I think fishcake does not contain sugar so that is going to be my meat dish. We are on an adventure of trying to order a drink. Filming each other, what you getting for your drink? Something O, damn sian. Black water. Uncle, I want Teh-C…. No, oh my god, I almost said Teh-C. I want iced Teh-O Kosong I think today is going well. No! Nooo. Fishcake don’t have sugar. Have la! Don’t have! Sure have one! 1 teaspoon of sugar! Orh hor… Okay since you expose that fishcake got sugar, I shall not be sore about it. Oh my god, this is damn sad. You can eat the fishcake. No, it’s okay, got sugar. I don’t want to lose. You want the egg, I give you the egg. We exchange. Ya, okay. Kaiying is so nice, she has offered to exchange my fishcake for the egg. Maybe a bit not worth it. Welcome to another episode of Eatbook cooks, today, I’m going to… boil! I’m all for one pot, so I’m going to boil the tofu and carrots together. Together?! Look at my food… Okay, let’s look at Steve’s meal prep. Oh my gosh. It got some chicken breast, corn. It looks good right! Ya, it does look good. *Everyone singing Happy Birthday* Thank you thank you thank you! But I cannot eat my own birthday cake, Life… life is… Eat the cake! Eat the cake! Eat the cake! Producer! Just eat it! I don’t want to lose to Chiara. I really drooled. The smell of sugar is heavenly. Ahhh! Rock Scissors Paper, and the loser eats. Scissors paper stone. *STEVE LOST!* Oh shit! Steve! Steve! It’s 6:30pm and dinner time And it’s exactly the same thing. I’m at a barbecue now. It’s sparkling water. I have good friends around me. Deh deh deh deh! So what’s on the menu for me are sweet potatoes, non-marinated pork belly. This one also processed leh. Nooo, this one is not…
Friend: Yeah got added sugar! I open my packet of food and then that’s when I realised how dry it is. I told the uncle say, “NO SAUCE, NO SAUCE!” Well, I wonder how it will taste like because no sugar added. I don’t mind it I don’t mind it at all. Salmon sashimi don. One of the few things I can still eat. Cheers! Both of us drinking sugar-free drinks. After the barbecue and I’m all alone because everyone is eating jelly over there. Show me your jelly guys! I want to do some meal prepping because I think it would be a bit hard to find meals in a hawker centre that doesn’t have any sugar. So, I’m going to the… the market! Breakfast is going to be a super healthy fruit smoothie. So all I have to do now is chop these up and then freeze them. My NutriSoy, my black coffee, and my oranges. But today’s black coffee is feeling a little bit more acidic than I thought it would be. So I’m going to try adding a bit of this NutriSoy inside, hopefully, it will act like some kind of milk. give it some kind of flavour since they both have no sugar anyways. Mmmm. It’s quite filling but definitely a little less acidic, still bitter. Lunch for day 2, and I’m being very boring because I am going to eat, roast pork rice again. Can I ask? Did you use sugar to cook the roast pork? Yes, we add a little. Oh, there is… Okay, thanks! I just wasted $5 on roasted pork that I can’t even eat. Because I really really love Popeyes right, but I can’t eat it. So I’m going to s… *Sniffs* Hello! Today, I’m eating this delicious salad! I’m living a healthy life. Really?! Yeah! Today’s shoot is at a Maxwell Food Centre. This is Jess. And that is apparently some famous oyster what ah? Cake. Oyster cake, which contains sugar! Then, I cannot eat! Apple, doesn’t have added sugars Smells so good. Stroopwafel, Stroopwafel. Sour Patch kids. Sour can or not? Got no sugar. Ya ya ya. That’s not how it works. Oh my god, how is it living a life without sugar? I don’t know! I’m going to eat dinner soon right, so I don’t know what to eat. But then John Lim over here right has very kindly told me that, KFC chicken, the 2 piece one, is no sugar! I’ve made a discovery of the century. So that’s my dinner tonight. Watch me buy that. See, this is KFC nutritional chart, Sugars… It’s a row of zeros. Hot damn! ZERO! Then right, I went to another website. Oh my god, I don’t know, I don’t know whether to believe or not. Life hack. Original recipe chicken wing. J: 0g, 0g sugar!
C: HOT DAMN! YASSS! Oh yeah! Hooray for KFC! HOORAY for KFC! KFC! I’m so happy, oh my gosh! I’m so sad that I can’t even lick this off my hand. I go wash it. Okay, I’m having dinner with Xenia now. But walao eh. Tom yum! Sugar! Damn sian leh! Actually, I fell quite happy, I mean at least still can eat KFC chicken right. I’m at a frog leg restaurant, and i can’t eat the frog legs. Here’s what I can eat, tasty porridge. The rest of my dinner has arrived. Here’s another one I can’t eat. Stingray with sambal. Bye bye! Morning! So today’s the last day of the no sugar challenge, and I actually kind of find it easier to wake up. I didn’t pack my lunch today, so I’m going to see how difficult it is to find no sugar lunches in a hawker centre. So, it’s raining today, and it’s no way I’m going to go out to buy food, so I’m going to just going to cook the 2 eggs that Eatbook gave me. Adria and I are going to make 1 x omelette. So Suphon and I braved the rain, and we got some sugar-free congee. Wow! What’s going on?! No sugar doesn’t mean no joy! The food can still taste good. Yay, we manage to finish everything the producer gave us, The nuts, the fruits, the soya bean drink, you did a good job! Thanks for helping me. This girl is evil! Nut time. Oh my god! I dropped the only 1 2 3 4 5 pieces of nuts I can eat and then, no more now. Day 3’s dinner situation is poke bowl. And the only thing I can put is olive oil, still starving, probably going to add, order an aglio olio. Okay, so we are starving. We’re going to get dinner, and we are pretty sure aglio olio doesn’t have sugar, but we going to call just to confirm, and this is the face of a starving girl. Can I just ask, so for your aglio olio right, (Yes, mdm.) Do y’all have any sugar inside? (For that one, mdm) (We…) (We didn’t put any sugar because that one…) YAY! Aglio olio no sugar! We order! We order! Order now, order now! Look at that! Turns out there’s no sugar in that. Final dinner for the sugar-free diet, is scrambled eggs, brown rice underneath, soup and kimchi. So kimchi usually has sugar in it, but this is the kimchi that I brought back from Australia that my mum made, it definitely doesn’t have sugar in it. Okay, now is dinner time, at 10pm after our captain’s ball, we are feasting out with prata. Prata no sugar we ask the uncle already. And what kind of drinks did you all buy? Milo, Teh Bing. Okay hello hello. Firstly, mine has no sugar. Secondly, mine contains proteins. So I’m going to get all the muscles and you all are going to turn into fats. I already am fat. Yes. Woo! Yes! You have no idea how happy I am. But I feel like what I’ve learnt from this challenge is that you don’t always have to have added sugar in everything. I come to realise that actually, eh, I can live without these things. And if I not on the challenge right, I can cut down on sugar without cutting it off completely right, and I found a lot of good substitutes for let say my snacks and drinks. I think it’s good, it can be a good start to start a good habit. And then, I think it’s good that you all took everything away from my table. Because everything is gone, then out of sight then out of mind. No visual input! YES! So I think right, the best fruit in this whole experiment is banana. It’s a fruit that already has its own packaging, and some more one by one. Eat that instead. Don’t put the chocolate in your mouth, put the banana in your mouth. When we drank the NutriSoy no sugar okay, it is quite, I would say, filling so you won’t mouth itchy so fast. PD: Okay, I will reveal your weight now. Did I lose? Did I lose? PD: Okay Steve! You gained weight! PD: Adria weight after. Yes! I lost weight?! Damn… Transfer all to Steve. PD: John KFC! KFC! PD: Chiara! Are you feeling faint? PD: 3, 2, 1 . OPEN! Oh my god, I love this! This is 3kg. Oh my god, damn sweet. After saying how bad sugar is… We like to thank NutriSoy for letting us try their new sugar-free soymilk. If you would like to get your hands on these products, just check out the description box below. And that’s right, all soy products actually contain a lot of health benefits, but Nutrisoy actually has 3 times more protein than your regular soy product, 28 times more calcium also, and no added preservatives and colourings.


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