who started the war on vaping Lala may come as no surprise to learn it was the United States of America u.s. government and public health officials have placed cigarettes in the crosshairs aiming to wipe out vaping in order to win the war on smoking but vaping isn't smoking and advocates in the u.s. fear new federal regulations expected to go live this may could put millions of lives in jeopardy in 2009 the US Food and Drug Administration gained regulatory control over tobacco when President Obama signed into law the new Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act the law did not cover ecig arete sand liquid nicotine products because they were just being introduced into the market but the law did allow the FDA to at any time in the future unilaterally Dien any product containing nicotine to be considered a tobacco product in 2014 the FDA did just that extend its tobacco authority to include vapor products and that announced harsh new regulations designed to bring the e-cigarette industry to heel if the proposed regulations are implemented as is later this year many analysts and stakeholders say the industry would be decimated and it's not hard to see why the new rules place a heavy burden on vapor product manufacturers and retailers for each product offered for sale a pre market tobacco application must be made and approved by the FDA this applies to each different device and model and for each different eliquid of varying flavor and strength applications must include extensive scientific research and the entire process could cost millions these regulations require industry to go beyond just proving its products are safe and to demonstrate that each product has a net benefit to public health it's an incredible regulatory hurdle seemingly insurmountable by design the FDA is providing an exemption but only for products on the market before February 2007 a devious choice in date says virtually no vaping product on the market today would qualify industry reps say 99% of vaping products could be pulled off the market forcing the closure of thousands of eight shots and crippling the industry the bitter pill to swallow is that cancer-causing tobacco cigarettes already on the market today do not have to meet these regulatory requirements as cigarettes have gone essentially unchanged for decades so vaping products must prove a net health benefit while cigarettes are free to continue killing this is why so many view the FDA regulations as the big tobacco protection act probe aping groups in the US are fighting back one of the most well known is not blowing smoke dot org they have just launched a new national campaign called no more casualties featuring US Army veteran sergeant Brian Roberts the campaign website provides key facts to combat misleading information about vaping and also delivers promotional content for activists to use and it's quickly becoming the go-to platform for thousands of vapors who are declaring they don't want to be a casualty of the war on smoking joining us today from San Francisco California is Stefan D dak founder and president of not blowing smoke the nonprofit organization behind no more casualties org Stefan thanks for joining us you guys have been in operation now for about a year what got you started I got inside info that the California Department of Public Health was gonna launch a as we would see it as smear campaign about vaping I found their website it was called still blowing smoke I sold the content and decided well if we're gonna do something we have to do it now and we only have two days to do anything and the domain name not blowing smoke was available so what I did was create the website in about 38 hours lunched at exactly the same time that's still blowing smoke officially launched their website except there was this one little detail that they forgot within their seven million dollar budget they had completely forgotten to get all the social media properties and Twitter handles and Instagram handles so I registered all those and plastid all are not blowing smoke material on there it sort of confused people and derailed their campaign but at the same time it got all the people to pay attention to the information we would like to have out there and pay attention they are even up in Canada people are talking about not blowing smoke Stefan why would the California Department of Public Health spend seven million dollars on a program to smear vaping what it all comes down to is money and other big interests who do not like to see their revenue flows threatened and vaping certainly has trekking those money flows how was that well the more people vape if you err people smoke and a fewer people smoke the last tax it brings in Stefan we just went over some of the details of a pending FDA regulations and the effort to deem vaping products as tobacco products what's the impetus behind that the reason for that is it creates a pathway towards the taxation and it creates a pathway for prohibition what we've seen especially the past year is an extreme drive towards ramming down that tobacco definition because that's the basis upon they build all the other prohibitions regulations taxation licensing so what does the words look like with the FDA the worst would be a total prohibition on advertising deeming Vapor as tobacco products deeming the devices and accessories as tobacco products and worst of all having a total prohibition on flavors that are not tobacco or mental now whether that is actually part of the final regs nobody knows at this point because once the the the regulations were sent off to the Office of Management and Budget that's the last time we or the original publication of the the regs is the last time we sold the version that they wrote everything that happened in between we don't know what's in there so while everyone prepares for the worst you've launched a new public information campaign no more casualties tell us about that the idea behind the campaign and especially the word casualties is that our opponents who are mostly pharma funded public health groups they've been locked in an ideological war on smoking and they have dragged us as vapors and vapor products into that war we don't belong in that war we are totally not even related to smoking even at the scientific level we're not unfortunately all the misleading propaganda that's been put out has got a lot of the public to change their opinion that oh vaping must be worse than smoking and how is that a danger part of the world smoking means that you will never believe inevitably have people who are smokers who get scared away from vaping or you have vapors who get scared back to smoking and that goes to the heart of it doesn't it if you keep smoking you could die and also smoking threatens more than just the life of the smoker exactly because let's face it everybody who's around smokers or everybody who is smoking could end up being a casualty of this war on smoking the children are going to be just as much casualties whether they lose their parents to premature death because of a combustible tobacco related disease or whether it's other family members a smoking and the war on smoking does not discriminate well that's it for this edition of wreck watch before you head off please like us on Facebook and don't forget to follow us on Twitter for Regulator watch com I'm Brent Stafford


  1. The US states took out bonds on the future sales of tobacco and they're losing. The US wants to keep you smoking. It's ALWAYS about money, markets and revenue and NEVER about health.

  2. I smoked for 40 years and vaporing help me stop because of smoking I got copd emphysema. Vaping is not smoking

  3. There are real concerns about the chemicals in cigarettes being much worse than smoking. The studies just haven't been done. We're looking at an epidemic of lung disorders potentially. Look for memory loss first.

  4. Make your own cape juice what ever flavour you want. Loving it

  5. Eat shit FDA

  6. Philp morris like video

  7. Tobacco is not the Only product that contains nicotine.

    I’m not bothered by people looking for New sources of nicotine. Maybe we’ll start vaping eggplant

  8. Wake up people!! Big tobacco wants to control vaping to reap the profits. Nothing more and nothing less. It’s really fucking bullshit trying to ruin people’s businesses that they worked really hard to make

  9. Learn to make your own mods and juices………Then they can go and put up Smoke Screens somewhere else!!!! Fuck Them!!!! after 3 packs a day for 30 years!!!! I was finally able to stop with Vaping!!! no gums and patches and pills etc. could ever do it!!!??? And I feel amazing!! more energy, less depressed, easy breathing and that's within about 6 months of VAPING!!!!! it's a life saver….Period!!!! We must all FIGHT for the right to life………Or get drawn back to a Tobacco related DEATH!!!!!!

  10. Look up how much money states, politicians, pharma and etc make off of tobacco…. that is why there is a war on vaping…. FOLLOW THE MONEY.

  11. FDA smoking consists of three things ignition in the form of a naked flame a vessel to contain tobacco product and tobacco its self. Vape products contain none of the above FACT. Boooo fuckin hooo tobacco company's have lost revenue and the pharmaceutical company's have all gone off crying of lost revenue

    Vapers keep fighting the fight

  12. I have been smoking for 10 years trying desperately to quit. Vaping was the only way I could quit smoking. It's been 2 weeks now that I am completely smoke free. I thank God that Vaping has improved my health. My lungs no longer wheeze. I find peace knowing that there are only 3 ingredients that I vape unlike the 900 ingredients found in the cigarettes that I used to smoke. This is all about politics and money. The anti vapor's care more about money then saving lives. Shame on them!!!

  13. I hope Donald trump goes in favour of vaping. hes a smart man and knows this is a no brainer the people all over the world would benefit as well as the government saving millions of dollars on sick people . keep up the fight on cigarettes and keep vaping out of this complicated arena. I know mr . trump hates the fda and he is the man to fix this screw up.

  14. After 14 years of smoking my body show me the symptoms that is enough!
    4 months now i vaping and it was the most wise choice that i took in my life!
    My greetings and suport fom Greece!

  15. Such bullshit. Fuck that. They want us to smoke cigarettes so we can pay the government while we kill ourselves smoking because the healthier option was banned. Fuck that

  16. so they need to fight against tobacco cigarettes industry like they are doing with ecig. and also just take nicotine out of the equation of ecigs so they wont be tobacco products.. and ban tobacco cigarettes in USA…and everyone that has a family member who has died from cigarettes needs to submit a class action lawsuit against the tobacco companies like they do the gun companies when someone has been killed by one of their guns.. you dont fight fire with fire you fight fire with water..

  17. FDA say's tobacco is healthy vaping causes cancer ROFL (FDA)😂 money from tobacco 😈💀💀💀💀💀👎👎👎

  18. the FDA is afraid to lose its business they actioly support tobacco companies so the medication corporations keep on making money

  19. they want you to smoke.
    think of all the tax 2million people moved to vaping this year in the UK.
    if them 2million smoked 20 a day that's £13.820.000 a week in tax that's £718.640.000 tax in a year. That's close to a billion.
    That's based on twenty a day.

    it's safe to say some smoke 30-40 a day and some 10 a day it probably is close to a billion pounds in tax a year.
    what about all the money tobacco companies are losing and used to earning.
    also how about all the people who will live longer and claim a pension instead of just dieing after they finish working and putting more strain on the banks and government.

    the best solution is get rid of vaping claw all that tax money back and revenue and keep the population under control the government's slogan should be.

  20. so anything with nicotine huh. so tomato's eggplants and potato's are tabacoo products? they have nicotine aswell

  21. Getting Vape being regulated? What's next- All donuts being made must be regulated by fda before selling them?



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