No Fear Yoga – Yoga With Adriene

– Hey everyone, welcome
to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene and today
we have No Fear Yoga. This is an awesome
practice that’s gonna help you stay strong and present in the challenging moments of life. Things that are out of your control, maybe fear of the unknown et cetera. This is a practice that’s gonna help you get in your body and
stick with your breath to feel supported
from the inside out. Alright, so hop into
something comfy. We’re in the park today,
it’s a beautiful day. If you’re having a bad
day let’s turn it around. Let’s get started. (energetic music) Okey doke my friends, let’s begin in a nice
cross-legged position. Sukhasana, the easy pose
or the pose of ease. So make a couple
adjustments here so that you can
find a place of ease or at least be working toward that. Whether it’s moving the fleshy
part of the buttocks aside, sitting up on a little
pillow, blanket or block, or maybe just giving yourself
a little bit of space literally by walking the ankles out. Then waken through the feet so just spread awareness through your feet, we’re gonna need that today. And then easing in
today with lots of love. Big breath as you squeeze the
shoulders up towards the ears, (takes deep breath) and then
exhale, drop ’em down. (sighs) Two more just like that. Big inhale, squeeze the
shoulders up towards the ears, (takes deep breath) and exhale, gliding the shoulder
blades down the back body. I just had deja vu that was so weird. Might be the first time I ever had that. Inhale, squeeze and
lift. (takes deep breath) And exhale down. Beautiful. Bring the palms together. Not first time I ever had deja vu in life, but while doing Yoga With Adriene. Thank you so much for being
here today, for showing up. I hope that this practice guides you to move through any anxiety
or fear about the future. Regrets about the past, and as we bring the palms together here, let’s take a second to maybe close the eyes or soften the gaze. Trust me, trust yourself, trust the video. And trust your practice. We’re gonna work today to
simply be in the present moment. We’ll use the yoga asana to help us. With pranayama, the breath, to guide us. We’ll make a commitment here to ourselves, and why not to each other here, everyone practicing
this sequence together. We’ll make a commitment to simply, work to be present in the moment. So take in the sounds around you. Notice the quality of
air in the room right now or wherever you’re practicing. For me it’s the breeze. Deepen your breath here. You might have heard
it before this mantra, enjoy the moment. Or be in the moment. So that’s all we’re
gonna work towards today. Just simply staying present
moment to moment to moment. You might even say quietly to yourself, I am present. The mantra for today’s no fear practice. Then take a big breath
in through the nose, (takes deep breath) and
this time as you exhale bow your head to your
heart, chin to chest. At the very least getting a really great stretch in the back of the neck, but also just bowing mind intelligence to the body intelligence. Acknowledging here that
we are all connected. That the mind and the body is one. Are one. Alright let’s rock and roll. Gently releasing the hands. Lifting the head. You can open the eyes now. Take a look at the video. Awesome. Let’s get started. So we’re gonna draw the left heel in, and gently swing the right leg around coming into what I have
called in the past, (chuckles) cheerleader legs. Just reminds me of that, right? Just having a little fun. So left heel’s in, right leg’s out. If you need a little bit of lift on your left hip you can bring a little towel or blanket underneath here. Already we’re starting to feel probably a little stretch or a big
stretch in the right hip. Take a second to really
stack head over heart, heart over pelvis. Then inhale, reach the arms
all the way up and overhead. And then exhale, gentle
twist to the right. (blows out breath) Inhale, lift your heart. Exhale, try to look past
your right shoulder. Great then big inhale back to
center, (takes deep breath) and exhale, gentle twist to
the left. (blows out breath) Stay here for a breath, in
and out. (takes deep breaths) Beautiful, then inhale,
reach up. (takes deep breath) Then exhale, rain the fingertips down, and we’ll switch sides for the legs. So gently moving here to start. Right heel in, then
taking that left leg out. Get set up. Loop the shoulders, head over
heart, heart over pelvis. We’re already starting to connect, find that containment in the
center, (takes deep breath) and inhale reach for the sky. Spread your fingertips. Drop the shoulders down. Create space. On an exhale take it to
the left, gentle twist. No cranking, no pushing,
just nice and easy. Opening up the body. Big inhale brings you back to center, and exhale to the right, you
got it. (blows out breath) Notice if you’re collapsing here. Sit up nice and tall. Big breath in. (takes deep breath) Big breath out. (blows out breath) Then inhale, reach up to
center, (takes deep breath) and this time exhale cactus arms. Pause here try to
draw the shoulder blades in together and down here. So really activating
through the upper back body. One more breath (takes deep
breath) and then exhale release. Gorgeous. We’re gonna bring the left ankle in now, cross the ankles and then
dive forward onto all fours. Come to table top position, and find an ujjayi breath. Find an audible breath. We’re gonna use the breath
today like nobody’s business. To anchor the mind, the manas, and to connect mind and body
so that we can hopefully step off our mat feeling good, present, and just trusting of the
universe and ourselves, right? No fear. So once you have your
nice table top position pay attention to the details. Knees underneath hips, wrists
underneath the shoulders. Go ahead and press away
from your yoga mat. Then we’ll curl the toes
under and connect to our core. Keeping the neck nice and long. So careful not to look up and crunch. And not to drop the head down, but keep your gaze straight
down towards the earth, neck nice and long. Ready? Here we go. Three, two, and no fears, we press away. Find support, lift the
knees, let them hover. Tighten the belly, so draw the navel in up towards the spine. Breathe deep here, you
might start shaking. Ah, how beautiful it is to be alive. Stay present, one more
breath in (takes deep breath) and out (blows out breath). And then we’ll slowly release. Cat-Cow, flip up onto
the tops of the feet. Drop the belly, inhale, open your heart. And then exhale rounding
through the spine, surrender. So today rather than
just doing the shapes, not that you would do that
anyway, but just a reminder. Not to just do the shapes
because I’m suggesting it, but to really embody the movement. Feel your way in and out of each posture. So even here, in Cat-Cow,
can this Cat be a surrender? And can this Cow be an opening? (chuckles) Somebody quote me on that. Can this Cat be a surrender
and can this Cow be an opening? (takes deep breath) Adriene Mishler everyone, just kidding. Chin to chest, keep moving. It’s good to keep a sense
of humor as you move through a practice like this, staying open as you do your Cow. And then also just surrendering to that which you cannot control
as you do your Cat. A couple more here, I’ll stop talking. Listen to the sound of your breath. And enjoy. (takes deep breath) (blows out breath) (takes deep breath) Breathe and we’ll do one more. (blows out breath) (takes deep breath) And come back to Tabletop position. Curl the toes under, inhale in, smile, and exhale, lift the hips up
and back, Downward-Facing Dog. Oh, I’m on a little bit of a slant. Today gonna be fun. No fear. Bend the knees, take your
Dog for a little walk. Find opening. Stretching through the legs, the hips. Then finding a little
bit of containment again in your center, your core, drawing the navel inward and upward. Great, then drop the left heel. Inhale, lift the right leg up high. And then on an exhale, sweep the right leg all the way up for a big stretch as we lower the left knee down. You find a nice, low lunge. Front knee over front ankle here. Breathe deep, fingertips on the mat or you can start to come up just finding a stretch that
feels good in your body. So a lot of fear and anxiety comes from this innate feeling
that we have to compare ourselves to others. So we can use the practice of yoga, and especially in the western world, it’s even more of a
challenge and therefore, there’s opportunity for
even, I think, more growth in the practice to learn. It’s about being present in my body. Staying focused on my body. Take the hips back. And my happiness. So, half splits here as we
pull the right hip crease back. Big stretch, bow the head, surrender. And then rolling through nice low lunge. We’ll plant the palms, lift the back knee, and just step it right back
to that Downward-Facing Dog. Go ahead and take it for
a little walk once again. Create space. And please, please, I
invite you to breathe deep. (takes deep breath) Use your breath to move
the energy that’s stuck in your system and the body. In those knotties, those energy meridians, move it with the breath.
(takes deep breath) Right heel drops down. Inhale, lift the left leg up high. On an exhale, squeeze it all the way up and step into your lunge. Lower the back knee and big stretch here. Right? To each his own. So focus on sensation over shape here, so rather than coming to
the perfect little lunge, you really need to honor
what’s going on in your body. And by doing that we kind of honor what’s going on in our hearts. ‘Cause it’s all connected. Breathe deep. So we’re here, maybe
you’re really low here. Wherever you are try to find a little bit of lift in the heart, in the opening. (blows out breath) (takes deep breath) And we’ll take it back
whenever you’re ready. Pulling back through the left hip crease. Really flexing left
toes up towards the sky. Literally up towards the
beautiful blue sky for me today. (takes deep breath) And as you bow forward and surrender here, just notice the thoughts that come up. And I invite you to take a deep breath in. (takes deep breath) Moving
through those spots, acknowledging them and then
moving through with the breath. One present moment at a time. Go ahead and roll it all the way back through to your low lunge. Inhale, heart radiates
forward. (takes deep breath) And then exhale, plant the palms, curl the back toes under,
lift the back knee. And once again, back
to Downward-Facing Dog. Great.
Inhale in (takes deep breath) Big exhale out. (blows out breath) And we’re gonna step the right
foot up behind the right hand and then the left foot
up behind the left hand. Forward Fold. So big stretch here. Bend the knees as
generously as you need to. Grab the elbows, rock
a little side to side. This simple pose so good
for the mind and body. Calming, cooling, soothing
for the nervous system and your nerves, same thing. But your anxiety, right?
(takes deep breath) Just that fear of the
unknown. (blows out breath) That fear of not being perfect. Not being enough. (takes deep breath) We cancel, clear that
by releasing the hands and inhaling lifting
that flat back position. Find length here. Buttercup. And then exhale. Beautiful. Forward Fold. (blows out breath) Here we go. Nice slow roll up, press into
the earth with your feet. Bend the knees, tuck the chin to the chest and roll up nice and
slow, enjoy this movement. And we’ll meet in the Mountain Pose. And just take a hot second
and I know this sounds cheesy, but to like, be in
Mountain Pose and enjoy it. You know we have a lot of responsibility. As humans, as caretakers,
as people, as partners, as friends, and to ourself, too. And I think just coming
in to a shape that we call the Mountain Pose is quite fun. It reminds me of the days
that I taught kids yoga. And so just close your eyes
here and stand up nice and tall. We have nowhere to go, but
just be here in the moment. Feel your feet so you
might rock a little front, rock a little back, side to side. Maybe lift the toes. Just do your best to really
feel your body in this moment. Stand up nice and tall. Big power pose here, too. Then deepen your breath. Go that extra mile. And soothe your soul with nice,
long, smooth, deep breaths. Activate the upper back body by drawing the shoulder blades together. Reaching the fingertips down, as you lift up through
that center channel. Something that we’ve been talking about on the channel, Yoga With
Adriene channel, a lot, lately. Finding that lift up
through the plumb line. Really connecting our
energy within our practice. Great. Then find soft knees and
inhale, reach for the sky. (takes deep breath) Exhale, take it all the way down, big Forward Fold here, surrender. And then inhale half-way lift. Open your heart. So we play with opening, lengthening. And then on an exhale, we bow, we play with surrendering. Finding a balance between the two. Inhale, reach for the
sky, press into the earth. Lift your kneecaps, draw energy up from the arches of the feet. And exhale all the way
back down, Forward Fold. Inhale, half-way lift, your
version, just find length (takes deep breath) through
the crown of the head from the tip of the tail. And then exhale, Forward Fold. You have to excuse me,
I have little allergies out here in the park. Inhale, reach for the
sky. (takes deep breath) Exhale, back down you
go. (blows out breath) Start to move with your breath, really move with the breath. Inhale, half-way lift. Exhale to release. (blows out breath) Great. Plant the palms, step the right toes back followed by the left. We come into a strong Plank Pose. Say the mantra quietly
to yourself, I am strong, as you rock front to back. Try to lift the hips, so
if they’re hanging low here you need to find that length
from the crown to the tail. Really spike the heels back, you got this. Press away from your yoga mat. Careful not to lock through the elbows. So soft in the elbows here, buoyant. Then feel free to lower
the knees here, no prob. Or shift your weight forward, we’ll hug the elbows into the side body. Then slowly lower down to the belly. Press into the tops of the feet. Inhale, lift up, Cobra. And exhale to release. Curl the toes under, you got this. Press up to the push-up,
inhale. (takes deep breath) Exhale, Down Dog. Great, great work. Let’s keep going. Drop the left heel down, inhale,
lift the right leg up high. Nose to knee, cultivate strength. Stay present as you
step your right foot up. Pivot on the back foot
and we roll up, Warrior I. Present in the body. Really drawing energy up from the ground. When you’re ready reach
the fingertips up high. Big beach ball up and overhead. Little detail note. Hug the lower ribs in,
find that containment that we’ve been working on here. That support. Not only is this gonna support your back, but help you cultivate strength
from your center, your core. Big breath in here. Big breath out as you open up Warrior II. Some people might like to
take a wider stance here, everyone sink a little
deeper, you got this. Pull the pinkies back. Then inhale, straighten the front leg. Take your gaze past your right fingertips. We’re gonna bump the hips back. Keep length in both side
bodies as long as possible as you slowly tilt down,
Triangle Pose, Trikonasana. Fingertips are gonna go
maybe gently on the shin or just behind, or
fingertips on the earth. Can also hover here for
more core activation. Maybe you keep your gaze straight down. Maybe you take it all the
way up or out, yogi’s choice. Just don’t press on the knee here. Big strong pose, lengthen
through the crown of the head. Draw the shoulders away from the ears, work on that containment. Whoa, did you see that bird? Amazing. Inhale.
Exhale. Slowly look down. Bend the front knee. We’re gonna bring it all the way back to the low lunge here. And then find a twist, opening right fingertips
up towards the sky. Big breath in here. (takes deep breath) Exhale, all the way
back down to your lunge. Awesome work. Plant the palms, stick with me. Step the right toes back. Lower the knees or we begin
to lower down, Chaturanga. So repeat, belly to
Cobra, or now, Chaturanga, to Upward-Facing Dog. Big breath in. Big breath out sends you to Down Dog. So working to stay focused on the present, using the physical asana to do that. So stick with me, don’t get
frustrated with this pace. Take breaks when you need to. Drop the right heel. And inhale, lift the left leg up high. Slow and mindful here as we
lift. (takes deep breath) And step it up all the way to your lunge. (blows out breath) Pivot on the back foot,
find your foundation first, then roll it up, Warrior I, you got this. Big power pose here. Notice how you feel as
you take this shape. Press it to the outer edge of
the back foot, strong legs. Then find that Uddiyana Bandha,
drawing the navel inward and upward, that support from within. That support that you need,
that you crave, is within. So we’re just kind of lighting
a fire and tapping into that. Big stretch. Big inhale. Exhale, Warrior II. (blows out breath) Big stretch, big inhale.
(takes deep breath) Beautiful. Then headed into Triangle
on this side as well. We’ll spread the fingertips and move nice and slow, what’s the rush? We’ll straighten the front leg,
inhale (takes deep breath), bump the hips back and
exhale, we begin to stretch, reach towards the front edge of your mat with the left fingertips. And eventually dial the heart down. Open up here. Stacking the shoulders, staying connected to the outer edge of that back foot. Breathe. (takes deep breath) (blows out breath) (takes deep breath) (blows out breath. Big breath in. (takes deep breath) Then exhale, slowly look
down. (blows out breath) Soften through that front knee. We’ll pivot the back foot,
come back to your lunge. Right hand on the ground, keep going, swift movement here as we inhale, open up. (takes deep breath) Big twist. Exhale, hand back down. Plant the palms, move through a Vinyasa or take it straight to Child’s Pose. That’s where we’ll meet,
resting for just a moment. Hips back, heart melts,
forehead down, we surrender. (takes deep breath) Stay active with your
breath. (blows out breath) Appreciate your body
and appreciate yourself for showing up on your mat, attempting to shift, stir
the energy of the body. And then draw your navel
up towards your spine. Connect to your center
as you roll back up. Make our way to Downward-Facing Dog. You’re doing awesome work. Let’s send the hips up high, heart back. Stay present, big breath
in. (takes deep breath) Big exhale out. (blows out breath) Bend the knees, inhale, look forward. Step up to the top or hop up to the top. Forward-Fold. (takes deep breath) Inhale to lift half-way, find length. Exhale to release. (blows out breath) Inhale, sweep the arms all
the way up and overhead. Full body stretch here.
(takes deep breath) Exhale, hands to heart this time, Namaste. Now swim the fingertips behind. You guys hear those ducks, so funny. And interlace the
fingertips behind the tail. Then draw the knuckles down first, so straight down towards the heels first. And then away. So that’s the action. So rather than just taking them away, kind of circumventing this stretch here. Nice and strong and stable,
we draw the knuckles down. And we open our hearts as
we lift the hands away. We’re working to get the palms
together, really together. But, for now, we can square
the wrists here, like so. So there’s couple options, but we are working to get
the palms together perhaps. Okay. Inhale, find length. Exhale, bend the knees,
belly comes to the tops of the thighs as the hips go back. And the knuckles draw a big rainbow all the way up and overhead, really reaching out through
the neck and shoulders here. Make sure you’re not
clenching in the neck. Soften, your eyebrows
here if you’re clenching, and the skin of the face. Big breath in. (takes deep breath) Big breath out. (blows out breath) Now one more breath
here to lift up halfway, knuckles reach back. Lengthen through the crown of the head. So big stretch here, lengthen,
hug the lower ribs in. And then exhale, release
everything, soft and sweet. So we’re balancing the
effort and the ease, right? The strength and the grace today. Plant the palms, step
it back or hop it back. Inhale in, exhale,
plank. (blows out breath) Beautiful, soft elbows here,
find a little buoyancy. And we’re gonna breathe here. So rather than a vinyasa here, just working on building strength, cultivating strength in our plank. Feel free to lower the knees. If you want a little extra, you can add some slow,
mindful Mountain Climbers. Everyone breathe deep. (takes deep breath) Remember the neck is a nice,
long extension of the spine. (blows out breath) So we’re here, we’re here. We’re doing some slow Mountain Climbers, mindful Mountain Climbers. Say that five times fast,
mindful Mountain Climbers. Mindful Mountain Climbers. And then send it back Downward-Facing Dog. Awesome work. (takes deep breath) All right, here we go. (blows out breath) So now that we’ve lit up
that awareness in the core. We’re gonna drop the left heel and inhale with the right leg up high. Exhale, nose to knee. (blows out breath) Then step it up, you got it. Pivot on the back foot. Roll up, Warrior I. Take a second here to ground. Find places to root and then
find places to lift, to rise. So that’s what it’s all
about, finding that balance between the two opposing forces,
or two opposing energies. And the idea is that when
we work to find balance, a sense of ease, or sense of you in that. Then we can be present with just what is instead of having all
this fear and anxiety. Easier said than done, right? But let’s use our practice
to explore that at least. Inhale, lift and lengthen. Then exhale, send the fingertips back. Airplane arms. Now lift the left heel, stay
connected to your center. Lift the left heel, pivot. Then come into a little
high lunge variation here. Big stretch. And then keep the
fingertips reaching back. No fear, we’re gonna fly here. Find a (mumbles) focal point, something to focus your
gaze upon out front. I’m gonna do this on a
slant too, let’s see. Inhale in, and exhale, we
lift off, Warrior III, we fly. Soft bend in the standing leg. No fear. And no fear of falling too. A friend of mine, the
beautiful woman that comes to my classes recently,
shared with me that there’s no more yoga moment
than when you’re falling, because you’re in a complete surrender. And I like that, I paraphrased it. So we’re playing with Warrior III here. You can interlace the fingertips
just like we did before. Or work with airplane arms. After a couple minutes of playtime flying, stay present with how you feel. No fear, we’re gonna step all
the way back to high lunge. Woo, reach the arms all the way up. Beautiful big breath
in. (takes deep breath) Big breath out, Warrior II. Beautiful work. Pull the pinkies back. (blows out breath) Inhale, look forward. (takes deep breath) Exhale, relax the shoulders
down. (blows out breath) Trikonasana, straighten the front leg. Get another chance at this. Create length. Reach. And slowly we tilt down. Play. Play with your breath. Trying to draw the right rib cage up, opening up towards the sky. Inhale in, exhale, send your gaze down. Soft and easy, we’ll bring
the left fingertips down. Then the right knee, repeat the twist. So we pivot on the back foot. Inhale, right fingertips up high. Pull the right hip crease back. A little detox, letting go of that which we don’t need anymore
and it doesn’t serve us. And then back down we go. Straight to Down Dog or
move through a vinyasa. Or you might go back to the plank. We’ll meet hips up high, heart melting back down, we’re Facing Dog. Big breath in. (takes deep breath) Big breath out. Same thing on the other
side and then we’re done. Right heel grounds down, inhale,
lift the left leg up high. (takes deep breath) Exhale, nose to knee, cultivate strength. (blows out breath) Step it up, pivot on the back foot. Warrior I, take your time. Then notice your attitude on this one. Just notice. Fingertips reach. Strong in the back leg. Inhale in, big stretch.
(takes deep breath) Going through your checklist. When you’re ready, inhale, find length. And then exhale, send the
fingertips back, airplane arms. Slowly we soften through that back leg, and we’re gonna pivot on the back foot. So I have a little place to lift off from. And then no fear. Inhale in, find your drishti. On an exhale, lift off. (blows out breath) We fly. So take a variation that
feels good on this one. I’ll stop talking and let you listen to the sound of your breath. Playing here. (blows out breath) (takes deep breath) (blows out breath) And after a little bit of playtime, smile, inhale in, don’t look back, trust. Step it back, all the way
right toes to the mat. High lunge, sweep the
arms up and overhead. Awesome work. Big breath in. (takes deep breath) Big breath out, Warrior
II. (blows out breath) Aw, life is good. Relax the shoulders. Inhale, look forward. (takes deep breath) Exhale, find your foundation.
(blows out breath) Then Trikonasana one last time, straightening that front leg. While bringing the hips
back, finding length. And moving slow. Staying aware, paying
attention to how you feel here. As you evolve this posture. (blows out breath) Listen to the sound of your breath. Inhale in. And on an exhale gently
send your gaze back down. And slowly we’ll soften
through that left knee, pivot on the back foot, right
hand comes to the earth. Big twist here, inhale, open your heart. And exhale all the way down. Awesome work. Last call. Four vinyasa. Take it or leave it. Send it straight to Child’s Pose. Or you might insert some
mindful Mountain Climbers here. Or take one last flow. We’ll meet in extended Child’s Pose. (takes deep breath) Big toes together. Knees nice and wide. (blows out breath) This time, go ahead and
bring the palms together. And gently bring them right behind the back of the head here, maybe walking the elbows out a little bit. Big stretch in the shoulders. If you want more, you can actually, undo the palms and pretend you’re holding a ball here or block over the head. Opening up through the shoulders. Take one more loving breath in here. (takes deep breath) And then on your exhale, release the hands back down to the mat. Great, slowly lift the head up. We’ll come back to all fours. And this time, I’m gonna
bring the two big toes together if they aren’t already. And I’m gonna press up
off the mat with my palms and bring the knees super-wide. Kind of coming in to a
little Froggie Pose here. Come up to the center now. So you’re gonna stay here in
Froggie, stretching the feet. Maybe you try to come
to a total balance here. Or maybe you practice Crow. So we’re gonna start with, or
we’re gonna end with rather, one last no fear posture, just to kind of get us out of our heads. And into our bodies and play. Nothing like a balancing
posture to kind of show you the truth of where you’re at in that day and just help
you to accept what is. And trust that everything
is as it should be. You just have to work to honor yourself. And enjoy the ride. So we’re here in the Toestand,
we’re here in Froggie. Or we’re working for a
little Bakasana here. So just take a couple moments to play. Stay connected with your breath. The minute you stop breathing, you need to come back to the Froggie Pose. Let’s have a little playtime here. So the body is prepped
for Bakasana, for Crow, side body strength. Side body length, core strength. Shoulders open. Hips open. Might just work here
in Froggie, beautiful. Or strong. Same principles, core
strength, side body length, and the Toestand balancing posture. Wherever you are, take
a couple more breaths. Playing, experimenting. Whoa. And then after you’re done playing. Wherever you are, come
back to the Froggie, that’s where we’ll all
meet. (takes deep breath) And we’re gonna draw the palms together, big balancing posture. Inhale in. (takes deep breath) Exhale out. (blows out breath) Beautiful. Swim the fingertips behind,
close the knees together. No fear, just doing
things maybe our bodies don’t normally do on an everyday basis. And then reaching fingertips back, and then lots of flexibility
in the feet required here, so, maybe make adjustments if you need to. Just coming right back to sit on your bum, sending the legs out long. Yeah, great work. So really fancy. Oh hey, bumblebee. Really fancy posture here. Go ahead and center yourself on the mat. We’re just gonna lean back on our hands. And then just pretend like
you are a sweet child, maybe you are a child
practicing this, welcome. We love you, we’re so glad to
have yogis of all ages here. So just shake the legs a little. Pretend like you’re
watching your favorite show. Life is good, windshield wiper the legs. If you like anatomy, you
might close your eyes and imagine what’s going
on in your hip socket here. Just gentle, maybe look at your feet. See your sweet feet, imagine your feet as an innocent child. I know this all sounds silly,
but it’s just so helpful to get out of the
seriousness of the things that we cannot control. How many times have we, just like, looked back on something and gone, oh, I wish I hadn’t been a
jealous, raging you know what. Or I wish I had just realized that everything would work out or et cetera. Alright, after a little
bit of silly shaking left to right, go ahead and find that, so pressing into the
heels, we balance it out with a little structure, lifting the head over the heart, the heart over the pelvis. Palms can come at the sides here. Pressing down into the earth. Or fingertips, just
depends on your arm length. Big breath in. Big breath out. Close your eyes for two more
breath cycles, you got this. Really firming top of the thighs down, flexing the toes up towards
the sky, lift your hearts. (takes deep breath) (blows out breath) Great, then press in to
the palms, lift the knees, draw the hips down towards the heels. Palms come together, interlace. Little index finger forward
here as we roll it down. (blows out breath) Arms reach up and overhead,
straighten the legs, full body stretch, life is good. Inhale lots of love
in. (takes deep breath) Exhale, right arm on
top, give yourself a hug. Arms cross over the
chest. (blows out breath) Maybe use the fingertips to give yourself a little massage here. And then inhale, arms up and
overhead. (takes deep breath) And then exhale, left arm on top. Go ahead and soften through
the feet and the toes. (blows out breath) And close your eyes. And then inhale, arms up and overhead. And then exhale, release the
arms gently down at your side. Wherever you are, in your
mind, your heart, your body. Wherever you are, practicing
this around the globe. I send you support and hugs. And also acknowledge you,
appreciate you, and honor you. And admire you for showing up on your mat to work out, yes, but to also work it out. (soft laugh) So cheers to you and cheers to us. And we bow to this beautiful practice. As we settle in for Shavasana by bringing the palms together. Or you can take one hand over the heart and one hand over the belly. Take a deep breath in. (takes deep breath) Whisper it to yourself. (blows out breath) Our final words, recognition, honoring the light in
me and the light in you. The light in oneself
and the light in others. Deep breath in. (takes deep breath) And we say, Namaste. (energetic music)


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    I started this year committed to making big changes and sticking with it and after only 3 months I’ve done things both in yoga and in life that I never imagined I’d be able to do. The future still brings anxiety, so I try not to think to hard on it unless necessary, but at least I’m able to take it moment by moment, day by day, knowing one day I’ll look back and forward and be more fearless.
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    Sorry I just got really ahh well anyways thank you Adriene for helping me to find that ease without letting the fear control my movement , much love to you and benji, Namaste 💕💞💓💗💖❤💪🙏🐶🙏

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