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For a typical training day I would
normally wake up at 5:00 and get ready to go the pool as fast as I can and hop
in the pool at six to eight have a little snack and then go to gym or go
back home and do some homeworks and have a little nap and then go back to
training at around 2:00 or 3:00 p.m. and have our second training of the day and
then go eat dinner and go to bed so there would be a typical swimmers day.
For me the best way to keep myself motivated is to think about what all of
this could bring to me in the fact that the hard work will pay off one day
it’s just question of when and looking forward for every single International
meets that we have during the summer time for me it’s the it’s it’s the best
way to keep me motivated during the the harder time so sometimes you don’t want
to go to practice but those are the trainings that you need to attend and
you need to be there you need to be the best you can because those are the most
important when you don’t want to be there it’s it’s clearly that time that
you need to shine The important thing to keep a balance
stay healthy keep a good mental health as well being surrounded with… for me
what helps me is to be surrounded with the best team that I can and for nutrition swimmers are quite lucky actually we have no diet restriction so and
allergies so my main goal is to eat whatever I can just not lose weight and
for because we’re training so much so for me it’s one of the reasons I swim, I
love to eat and just a motivation like your training is done let’s go let’s go
eat now for me mentally helps me a lot and it’s something that I enjoy as
well I’m really trying to be as healthy as I can but at one point you just seem
to have the calories so sometimes you will get a glass of juice or sudden
we’ll always have something in my diet I’ll sure try to eat as much as I can
whenever I can I’m such a foodie it’s unbelievable like
it’s it’s probably one of the reasons I would keep swimming as long as I can
it’s just because I like just just having a good like a cooked meal by
someone or a night at the restaurant that’s my my
guilty pleasure for me. My favorite meal would clearly be sushi but I’m really
not a picky eater and I love to explore things that I’ve never tried before and
so having the opportunity to try something new for me food wise is
something always something exciting

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