Nexium And Prilosec Causing Massive Health Problems, Including Kidney Failure – The Ring Of Fire

I understand you're working on a new legal
project regarding heartburn medication, something that is probably near and dear to at least
ten or twenty percent of Americans. Can you tell us about it? Yeah, it's an important case, Thom, because
you have … It's Nexium and Prilosec … It's what they either call proton pump inhibitors. The reason this is such an important story
is because so many people are taking this product, and it causes kidney failure. The studies coming out are pointing towards
kidney failure, cardiac failure, magnesium depletion, which leads to bone deterioration. It's this whole list of things that the FDA
should have known about, failed to do anything about … They've had warnings about this
now for about, easily five years, closer to six years, where they've seen all of this
coming. This something you can buy over the counter. There's no warning about any of this at all. The AstraZeneca is the company that produces
this product. They have their share of legal problems already,
legal problems with doing things and misrepresentation of the truth about the product they were selling,
working out sweetheart deals with doctors to promote their product … They've got a
whole history that they have to deal with up front, but the most important part of their
history is the way they've kept this from people, the truth from people. Seventy-five percent, Thom, seventy-five percent
of the people who take these products do not even need them, and the worst part about it,
once they start taking them, their system becomes dependent on it, and if they don't
have the esophageal reflux or if they don't have gastric problems to begin with, after
they take this product for a little while, they now have the problem. This is an awful, awful development as far
as a product goes. We deal with a lot of pharmaceutical cases. The worst thing about this is it's so … The
use of this product is so vast. How did it get this far? I mean, I remember when those were both prescription
drugs a decade or more ago, and so the FDA first approved them as prescription drugs,
and then they approved them for over-the-counter sale. How does it get this far without anybody realizing
these apparently very serious problems that you're identifying? Yeah, the way they do it is people believe
that the FDA looks at this stuff. Honestly, if you ask ten people, "Does the
FDA really look at the testing? Do they do the testing themselves?" Those ten people will say, "Of course they
do!" Well, they don't. They rely entirely on what's represented to
them by the company that's selling the product. Early on, the FDA had all the information
that they needed to understand that the proton pump inhibitors, as a class, whether it's
Prilosec, Prevacid, several of them, Nexium, several of these products, they started seeing
the same problems. They started seeing people with broken bones
because of magnesium depletion, they started seeing the connection between cardiac events
and this product, they started seeing people actually getting worse, where they had gastral,
intestinal problems that became worse in taking this product, because their system became
dependent on it. Do not take this product. Less than twenty-five percent, Thom, of the
people taking it, maybe twenty-five percent, really fall under the class that might be
able to take it occasionally, and maybe they need it occasionally, but this case, you're
going to see, is going to develop really quickly because it's so … The use of this is so
broad and the media has done nothing to tell this story because the blue pill, the big
advertisement of the blue pill, they make a lot of money advertising for companies like
AstraZeneca for product like Nexium. Wow, wow. Mike [Papantonio 00:03:43], that's astonishing. I know so many people who take those things. Mike Papantonio, thank you so much for being
with us tonight.


  1. I had surgery to fix an open ulcer after surgery my doctor told me i need to take Nexium for the rest of my life and have been doing so for the past 2.5 months and recently started feeling a sharp pain under my rib cage when i breath and now i hear this news about what it can do to my kidney. Oh shit what is happening to me for listening to my doctor

  2. Here is how to stop taking the PPI. One tablespoon of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar to a 16 oz bottle of cold water. Taste like shit but slam it just the same. then pick up pro biotics and DGL at the vitamin shop . You may need some tums but one benefit is you will start to P like a camel within a few days . No heart Burn

  3. I've been taking Nexium 40mg daily for 5-years. Hiatal Hernia. Without it, in less than three days my acid reflux would get so bad I get all the symptons. Endoscopy run every year, blood tests twice a year, and nothing of the side effects mentioned apply to me. You have no idea how many alternative treatments I've tried; apple cider vinegar, aloe vera, cuachalalate, real honey, lemon juice, teas, oils, changing of eating habits, stress reducing practices… to name a few.

    Therefore, you must understand your argument doesn't apply to everybody, and certainly not for the vast majority of real patients, you are no doctor with no factual data.

    Please read here:

    The relationship between kidney damage and these medications are most likely others than the Nexium.

  4. Ppis cause low stomach acid which can also cause burning. They also cause chronic indigestion in some people

  5. I've been taking Prilosec everyday for going on 4yrs now and once I stopped my body went into withdrawls and it was similar to flu like symptoms, Fatigue, I could not sleep and I can honesty say it Was a nightmare. Drink small portions of Baking soda for acid reflux and it will help 100% stay away from Prilosec or anything similar to it….

  6. I've been taking 40mg of nexium for 20 years and calcium with magnesium and have had no issues.

  7. I have to take it otherwise acid tears my throat up and leaves me in pain and horfible discomfort.

  8. Whenever these medications were 1st prescribed to me, I was told to take them daily for 21 days. They sort of stopped workung as well. Now this.

  9. thak you ,for warning got kineypain ,and i belive i have a cyst on my kidneywonder how much damage i have ,seems i wont take no more meds they hurt people

  10. Try apple cider before eating meals. It works better.

  11. The side effects of marijuana are even worse as a society rushing to legalize it will soon find out. Interestingly those side effects are missing from marijuana that can be eaten.

  12. Changing your eating habits is much better idea real food nor process and prob probiotic drug companies do not care about your health it all the money

  13. My head is spinning.
    My dad died two years ago and he took these all the time.

  14. Hello the best results that I have had was with the Heat Healer Plan (just google it) – without a doubt the no.1 idea i've tried.

  15. drink milk 4 reflux

  16. حد يترجم

  17. I'm at high risk for Barrett's esophagus. Been taking Nexium for a decade and it improves my quality of life. I have blood work taken four times a year and all is in ship shape…this guy is an idiot. I'll take my chances with kidney disease when I'm 80 over esophagus cancer now…

    A little side bar here: You know what else causes high risk for developing kidney disease? Most blood pressure medications! Yep all the ACE inhibitors and ARBs are very harsh on the kidneys. I guess we should all have a heart attack or stroke tomorrow….

  18. can it cause gallbladder and appendix issues?

  19. I ended up with serious bowel complications ( swollen blockage) and not sure if Prilosec had anything to do with it. I discovered that drinking a 1/2 tsp of baking soda in a glass of water works better for me than anything. Also, I guess there are health benefits from consuming baking soda. Tons of videos on Youtube about baking soda.

  20. I think I'd rather have kidney failure than debilitating heart burn.

  21. I've been on these tablets for 3 years for heart burn I now have Gerd and I have blood in urine without infection.
    i think these tablets gave damaged my insides !


  23. I had throat problems, doctor gave me omeprazole double dose for a month! When I stopped after the month I got horrible rebound and now I have chronic dyspepsia/indigestion which won't go away! Everyday I'm so burpy, can't stop burping and always feel gas coming up esophagus. Never had this before the omeprazole. Biggest mistake in my life was taking this drug.

  24. how do you heal an ulcer if you don't take this medication?

  25. I drank some Chamomile tea. Now that did make me feel better. I just remembered.

  26. I've been sick for ten years I used zantac then Prilosec one day my stomach just swelled up and never been the same I have irritable bowel syndrome do not take them you will regret it I promise.

  27. I'm very glad we're finally beginning to find out the details and severity of the consequences of these medications. I don't find this so surprising as all too many drugs sold by Big Pharma have side effects far more severe and far reaching than advertised (especially psychotropic drugs, which often have debilitating side effects, and there's facts like: placebos are 80% as effective as antidepressants but without the horrible side effects). I have been on prilosec (omeprazole) off and on since I had my first ulcer and discovered I had a hiatal hernia in 1988. But, I did understand that there would very probably be serious repercussions in changing the composition and acidity of stomach acid. Just from a common sense perspective less acid in the stomach would logically cause less nutrient absorption from food, which would obviously have negative impacts on systems in the body requiring these nutrients (That's why I made it a habit of taking supplements of essential minerals). Stomach acid is also responsible for protecting the body and digestive tract from harmful bacteria, the less acid the more unwanted flora and fauna can slip through. Your stomach has more nerves than the brain and its importance is only now beginning to be understood and researched as being essential to mental and cognitive health. This is in large part because of the essential and crucial part bacteria in the gut play in our health (there are 10 beneficial flora and fauna to every one of our cells, and only 150 of the tens of thousand have been identified so far). These microscopic friends manufacture things like essential blood clotting agents, and recent research has identified 8 bacteria in out gut responsible for production of at least 95% of our serotonin. Changing the chemistry of of our bodies, especially in the stomach, and gut which is finally truly being understood as crucially essential to physical, cognitive and mental health, has the possibility of cascading and compounding negative changes throwing the body out of balance.

  28. I've been in pain every day since my body rejected Prilosec back in 2005 if I didn't believe in god id blow my brains out ,and with the health insurance like it is, if you want to call it health insurance maybe for the rich there's no help ill never take another pill as long as I live because the FDA or who ever don't regulate .

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    NO membership required. I am not affiliated with this website I just wasted nearly $200 this month on medicine and wanted to share! please share on facebook and twitter thanks!

  30. when you take a drug and you dont know what it is how can you complain?
    A person who takes this stuff forever is crazy.the problem is not the drug
    its that people go by the adds and buy the stuff.

  31. yes its a con however as he said you do not have to take it.

  32. I have been on prilosec since I was pregnant with my daughter in 2013 because my heartburn was so bad and since then the Dr has been peescribung them to me and I didn't find out that it can cause kidney disease kindney failure death and cardiac arrest until today and it scares me to death. I'm not gonna take them anymore. the fda failed to warn people about this and mine was a prescription.

  33. prilosec nexium and zantac and proton pump inhibators (PPI) can cause kidney problem and cardiac arrest.

  34. If these ass hikes ever had TRUE reflux 8 hrs a day they wouldn't give a damn about the other issues. It's about quality of life and I'll decide what is right for me.

  35. great. I've been on it for years. if I run out my astomach becomes an acid factory. and over the last year I've noticed pain in my right side, where I alredy had a lacerated kidney and damage years ago, and possibly little dark specks in my urine. What now dammit?

  36. have a look at this ppt


  38. You should see this…. without fail:

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  42. Change your diet… eat more plant based whole food! You want to stop this acid reflux… change to plant based diet!

  43. I'm about to get paid if I don't die

  44. Apple cider vinegar cures heartburn. Look into natural remedies.

  45. I heard a  peppermint candy can help settle the stomach ?

  46. seems like everyone i know takes that stuff, me included. I get it directly from India because it's cheaper than the OTC versions here in the US.

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  49. I've been taking Omeprazole for a few years now. I'm freaking out now, Am I dying what do I do?

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