just one in your car I'm in cloud nine first thing I'm going to eat after the show I wanted it so bad this you you I was really stoked to be in the first call hour and then obviously things got jiggled around a little bit and then I really wanted to come back to the evenin show and fight back to try and push back up into those top six places but it just wasn't to be today there you go kion you have everyone for top three


  1. SADEKS' PHYSIQUE IS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The line up was weak as Kali muscles preworkout.

  3. 2019 Olympia Predictions
    1. Roelly
    2. Brandon Curry
    3. Shawn Rhoden
    4. Dexter Jackson
    5. Phil Heath (will be coming in with a bigger gut than last year)
    6. William Bonac

  4. 2:14 some of the biggest lats ever seen. Only Roelly has wider lats.

  5. Eduardo correa was robbed. Much more details than the flat askanani.

  6. Tim looked awesome, should have placed atleast 5th Place.

  7. Jon is too blocky and had no separation in his Quads. Could have been better conditioned. But I feel this was his best showing ever and he continues to improve

  8. don't know what it is about juan but he looks good from the front but everything else is so so..???

  9. 212… politics at its finest. Sucks for Correa

  10. Eduardo was robbed! and Durrah should have placed way higher!!

  11. Don’t know how that kerrith dude was even top 3 with that horrible gyno

  12. Tim reminds me of Mike Matarazzo

  13. Eduardo was robbed……Ahmad condition very soft.

  14. That little punk! He sayed last year β€žthis is no gyno, we are all big talking!β€œ πŸ˜‚ and now? He take off the year because of the gyno! πŸ˜‚
    Damn this dwarf make me laugh so hard

  15. MS had Diesel but not by much,still too close to call but Mr O wide ass open,can Diesel dial it up a few notches and grab a win?Sadek did get robbed.

  16. Juan Diesel! Champion!

  17. Leaving the open class in other two divisions both winners are not worthy of their win …. In classic keone didn't deserve the win alex was way better in proportion and symmetry , conditioning and had a better V taper …and btw 212 was a big big mess Ahmad didn't even deserves to be in top 3 and won wow …..was that a joke

  18. Well alex couldn't beat Keone even though he had better conditioning.
    Finally you see a more classic physique win over conditioning

  19. Juan left his legs at home

  20. And after the show… Juan eats his wife's cookie

  21. 2019 Olympia prediction:
    1. Phil heath (If he competes)
    2. Roelly winklar (#1 if Phil doesn't)
    3. Big ramy (at his best is top 3)
    4. Brandon curry (still needs time)
    5. William bonac
    6. Shawn rhoden
    7. Dexter Jackson
    8. Nathan de asha
    9. Luke sandoe
    10. Cedric McMillan
    11. Josh Leonardowitz
    12. Juan morel
    13. Steve kuclo
    14. Akim Williams…
    I think right now no one beats Phil in contest shape at his best or even 90%
    I think roelly at his best is really close to Phil right now. Big ramy is great at his best but I think roelly is better. Brandon still needs to bring up his back and legs to hold up against these guys. I think he's still in need of another year.
    William bonac is very complete and won't be beaten by any of the following guys after him. Shawn rhoden will be just inside the top 6, I still think he will edge out Dexter. Dexter will be good though and hold 7. 8 I have Nathan de asha and 9 Luke Sandoe both up and coming guys… 10 cedric who never showed up but has the structure. 11 Josh Leonardowitz who's too big to be beaten by Juan at 12 and Steve and Akim at 13 and 14. If Kai competed I think he'd be outside the top 6, but he won't because he knows that too. Some of his body parts are not the same, especially his midsection and legs.

  22. Why say disappointing for Jon. Top 3 deserved it. That was his best look ever but just not good enough

  23. Ain't the size game no more

  24. Keone is the next Mr O. His shape is undeniable. And he’s youuuung. Hate all u want but he’s goin to the top πŸ‘Œ

  25. If we talk about the 212 division, Eduardo Correa was robbed in broad daylight

  26. I don't know what happened to Delarosa, but it definitely looks like he fucked up his line ( specially his waist) and for some reason can't get in that razor sharp condition, for the past at least 5 shows he is looking like a soap bar and not like a stone carved character

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