New Treatment for Early-stage Breast Cancer Available at Emory Healthcare

my first question will be is it gone because that's that's what any person that has cancer wants to know is it eradicated Anita Warrington will be the first patient to be treated at Emory University Hospital Midtown with a cutting-edge type of radiation treatment for breast cancer I am very very blessed and lucky and I am honored to be a participant in this new procedure Anita is the perfect candidate for this type of targeted radiation therapy because her cancer was caught early and had not become aggressive this technique is so so important in giving patients another option for you know less invasive treatment dr. Ron's burg Phillips is the breast surgeon who spearheaded the effort to bring the precision radiotherapy system xyce intra beam to Emory now we started doing a breast conservation back in the mid 80s and breast conservation basically is where we remove the tumor and follow it up with radiation and typically it has been total breast radiation and over the past two decades we have realized that we don't have to do that in order to make sure that the cancer is controlled this applicator is fitted directly into the tumor cavity within the breast sparing healthy tissue around it the applicators placed at the site of the tumor so we know that the radiation is being delivered where we want it because that is the site that's a risk for greatest recurrence dr. Monica Rizzo a surgical oncologist at Emory University Midtown has also been trained on the new system and was on hand for its debut here this is a huge advantage and a big advantage for the patients that they go from six weeks of treatment before with whole breast radiation therapy now down to one treatment in the operating room while they are asleep during their case dr. Sheldon Feldman of Columbia University Medical Center was proctor for the occasion advising lead surgeon Phillips and radiation oncologist cadet during the procedure and we've been using this for about two years we've treated about 150 patients the results really have been great certainly comparable to the older technique of whole breast radiation so we're very enthusiastic about this method for the ideal patient and that patient really has to be assessed by the surgeon and a radiation oncologist before but for the ideal patient I think it's a great option if they're willing to try something that's new most of the patients will have a very prompt quick recovery timing because it would be just a recovery time from the partial mastectomy that is generally very well tolerated the cost is less than you know six weeks of total breast radiation so it's an effective treatment for early breast cancer it is more convenient than anything else and I think it gives you a better cosmetic and result I leave here today and my life pretty much is where it was the day before I found out that I was diagnosed with cancer so I could not have asked for anything better than that


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