New! HeartSmarts Adventure from HeartMath Institute

Welcome to HeartSmarts Adventure, a fun
and engaging new social and emotional learning program for children ages four
to six. This interactive online program is packed with nuggets of knowledge
about the heart, with heart healthy practices around key areas like diet,
exercise and sleep. It also focuses on positive emotion and resilience building
skills that are crucial for fostering the well-being of children growing up in
today’s fast-paced, complex world. Dive inside the curriculum and you’ll find 63
meaningful activities to help kids get smart about the heart. The program is
sectioned into six adventures brought to life by Prescott and Zoey, two wise and
witty owls who help guide the way. “When your emotions go wild don’t get riled, just breathe in and out
through your heart!” Next up you’ll meet science teacher Kim
Bent, along with a special guest, who unveils some fascinating facts about the
heart and how to keep it healthy. Following is a series of super fun, short
activities for kids to anchor what they’ve learned. Through beautifully
animated videos, children will be guided through several simple self-regulation
techniques “Now we’re going to practice a simple breathing technique” to help them
calm themselves and strengthen their expression of love and care. Then it’s time to boogie! Catch the beat and tap your feet to six
original songs. Then get creative in the art room! Now we get to head over to Kids Talk,
where young students share interesting tidbits about the heart and share their
own experiences with the practices. “When my brother was using my iPad, I wanted to use it and I got really mad so I calmed myself down by using Heart-Focused Breathing.” “And inside when I’m feeling sad, I feel like nobody cares but everybody cares about you.” Children can set their own pace and
track their progress on the journey map. Rounding out the program is What Do You
Know, where kids get to demonstrate their newfound knowledge. Whether at school or
at home children will want to come back again and again to revisit their
favorite activities. This is meant to be heart healthy with an abundance of
heartfelt fun.

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  1. Amigos, thank you all, for all you do in attempting to set the world aright.

    Heart over head, any day, I say…


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