what's going on guys welcome to today's episode it is day 140 we are doing a full day of eating it is currently 8:30 in the morning and I've decided that I'm going to try to eat more often in the morning to help get my protein intake up because while I do like having large meals with intermittent fasting I do not I'm kind of sick of feeling just super full you know I like I like it but at the same time I don't like it so I'm gonna spread my meals out a little bit more just to prevent me from being really full I want to get in at least 5 meals I want to be getting about 50 to 60 grams of protein per meal so that's the game plan so it's 8:30 cooking up the breakfast of champions right now which for me is going to be rice and 8 ounces of ground beef and I've got my cool we're going to be putting on this some real soy sauce which I got from my sushi the other night alright guys so it is leg day actually of course seems like I always I'm doing leg day yeah it's like day so we're going to get our pre-workout made up and then using the cool area we're gonna put our intro workout in this little attachment on there so let's get that going first I'm going to put four ounces of pomegranate juice in this pre-workout alright and then for the good stuff we're gonna add in one scoop of total war and one scoop of big noise and I'm going to add water to this so I'm about to go train client I'm going to sit on this while I train them and then I'm gonna go straight to the gym after that to do some squats if you guys remember I did four or five for ten last week the goal this week is to just increase in weight I just want to slowly go up till I find like like 80% of my three rep max ish and work on that all right so let's put our intro workout in here where I put in here one scoop of reach which is BCAAs one scoop of grunts which is EAS one scoop of tango which is creatine and favourite products and and one scoop of cluster bomb which is cyclic dextran I hope that this spits is its kind of OH one scoop that's all oh yeah just enough room this oh there we go and then this goes in here it's all good to go I'm gonna fill this thing back it up and I did already take some Anna drawl and some D ball so it will be hitting my system good and hard by the time we're ready to workout so this is ready to go by the way guys if you want to use any of these red com1 products please use my code t20 chase I it'll get you 20% off you can use the code as many times as you like guys it's not just like a one-time thing you can use it every single time you make a purchase 20% off gives me a little bit of credit gets me closer to 150 sales which is the ultimate goal for a rep and yeah it helps support the channel a little bit and don't forget to leave this video a thumbs up you guys have been doing great on the whole thumbs up game typically I only get like 10% of my views give a thumbs up and which means like if I get 500 views I can usually get like 50 likes or so but I mean usually it starts off that way and then it kind of fades as the randoms come in to be video but you guys been doing great on the thumbs up lately I think it's been nearly 20% on like my last video was great so keep that up guys I mean it's just it's as simple as clicking that little thumbs up you know and yeah that those help the video get seen by people that aren't subscribed to me and that's how we help the channel grow so alright guys that's it let's get let's get out of here and get to the gym by the way guys any of you that follow me on instagram would know that we got a new car no not the BMW I don't know why those are there any things I'm going to export Fitness not quite guys starting route to Richard forensic Thank You Siri say this is a 2019 Jeep Cherokee with the high altitude package which I love I think it's awesome [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] probably the thing I like most about this Jeep is having to take your keys out of your pocket is pretty nice I love how it just unlocks itself and oh it's can you can start it you just leave everything in your pockets and I love the whole apple carplay feature like I just I plug in my plug in my phone to that and then yeah my stuff just pops up on the screen and go to Spotify and just start you know whatever I was recently playing not my favorite stuff yeah I really loved that and then you can go to the maps and it will say like you can it pretty much knows where I'm gonna go which is kind of creepy but that's just part of Google knowing where you go at what times so it's guessing that I want to go home right now and it would be correct that I want to go home right now so yeah hi I love this car actually mmm there's not one thing that I would change about it not one thing so about that workout yeah squats did not feel that good I mean the they felt good the only thing was I was feeling something a little strange on the lateral side of my left knee that didn't he just wasn't cooperating like I was feeling like some tightness some pain in there and usually when I feel that it means I need to foam roll my IT band and my quads which I haven't done in a long time so I should have should have expected that so I mean it's not a big deal I've got if they had a foam roller at the gym I could have foam rolled and probably they've been good to go at that moment but they don't have foam rollers at that gym for public use so I'm gonna go home and I'm gonna foam roll and I'm sure in a few days it'll be no big deal it'll be good to go so but yeah where I lacked in my squats I made up for with everything else had a really good workout went for about an hour and a half doing a bunch of other leg accessory lifts and then I added in some ab work at the end with a little bit of cardio and I feel great and I kind of could say that's part of the carnitine that I'm taking and part of the car terrine that I'm taking yeah so let's get out of here and go home eat and thumb roll all right guys we are home and I'm gonna put some rice in this dirty bowl freak it's how you build up your immunities people use dirty bowls how many times have you guys heard about me getting sick on my channel you don't know why this is why I don't give a one cup of rice and we're gonna do Cod probably just however much is left in here because I just want to eat it and get it out of the way so we'll see what this weighs and that's what we're going to eat it is 2:30 I've got a couple hours yeah we've got two hours until I need to leave cuz I've got three clients to train this afternoon at five six and seven so that's what's up so I think I'm gonna get this meal in and then I'm only gonna get one more meal in so that's pretty sad pretty sad day for food but oh well yeah it's just part of it it's it's a good thing I am cutting so it's gonna be a low-calorie day but I mean the thing is is like well that's all you got time for that's all you got time for why have I brought fish back into the equation well it digests super easy digest quick and I like that and it's kind of important to have when you're trying to eat a lot of food so we're having it right now with some salt well I wait on that rice to cook eat some pickles Emmit maybe getting some fish with this meal eleven and a half ounces all right so let's add some salt to this this full of pickles it's so like light and airy you can't even tell you're eating meat and you're just it's like eating them they're just a big bowl full of rice all right guys I need to take a shower and I'm gonna refill my cooler all right guys that was me – I'll see you for meal three all right guys so it's about time to go back to work and looking at my numbers on My Fitness Pal only having one more meal tonight is only gonna get me to about 200 grams of protein which I'm not a fan of I want more so I'm gonna use a protein shake because these are the kind of times that it's smart to use one so I'm going to make a shake we're going to go with peanut butter cookie today this is MRE light from redcon one MRE light is not a dairy based product it is animal protein it contains beef protein isolates salmon protein chicken protein egg protein brown rice protein pea protein and MCT oil so as we're gonna use when I do three scoops of this that's going to give us 72 grams of protein for this meal almond milk in this just a little bit one cup is only 40 calories so three scoops this this is peanut butter cookie one of my favorite flavors peanut butter cookie and and s'mores are the two flavors that I have they're both very good three scoops and then we're gonna add some water to this peanutbutter cookie delicious yeah it's really good mmm my favorite that one down quick all right now I can go to work they've got one more meal today that protein shake is gonna get me up too after my last meal 280 grams of protein so what are you watching why were you watching it without me not without me my heart is almost as cool as you what I said the car is almost as cool as you yeah what but it's perfect it's not really even buying me training sessions for it plus he wants to get rid of it for like five hundred dollars it's caught it's worth worth double that he says he never uses it I would wear a shirt soak up the sweat you sweat waynebow I put a towel under would make it so easy to do cardio in the morning I would I would like to do it I just don't wanna have to get up go to the gym do cardio and then come back you don't I don't wanna don't want to run when I cruise on an easy machine a broker is not easy you can go easy on it so you know where it'll go where you're hanging you're drying clothes in my room no I'll put your laundry hanger in your room No yeah why not you know or not in your room every day you barely go in there you hate going in there so you go in my room every day maybe I'll get you to put clothes the way quicker oh there's a man all of it a mad where you just put a towel under it okay I'm on it Matt let me put a towel over it use your yoga mat under it see you


  1. Does meal frequency really matter for building muscle, does it really optimize growth?

  2. Do you prefer to do cardio beforehand or afterward from working out?

  3. Thanks for all your content! I've been following your guidelines around the Vertical Diet and intermittent fasting with great results! Dropped 10lbs so far!
    I do have a question about working out in the AM and the post workout shake though. Once I have anything but water, I have technically broken my fast. So the 8 hour eating window starts at that point, correct?

  4. Love the new Jeep man! What flavors of Total War and Big Noise are you stacking? The Cucumber Lime stacked with Rainbow Candy is freaking amazing.

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    Maybe could you help me? 😉

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  10. You’ve probably answered this before but what do you do for s living?

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