New Cancer Treatment: CAR T Cell Therapy at UC Davis Health

A while back, probably
now 10 years ago, there was some new
technology that was developed that
allowed for manipulation, genetic manipulation,
of our own immune cells. And the most important immune
cells that help us fight cancer are called T lymphocytes. And obviously, the T
lymphocytes in our body when we developed cancer
weren't doing their job, or the cancer would
not have grown. Those T cells are
taken out of the body. And they're infected
with a virus that manipulates the T
cell's genetics, changes their
genetics, and really puts in a new receptor
on their surface. And it's called a
chimeric antigen receptor. And that's where
the CAR comes from. And what that receptor
does is it redirects, or re-educates let's
say, the T cells to the site of the cancer. Also, those receptors
are built in a way that activate the immune system. So it redirects the immune
system and activates it. So so far, he's about eight
days after the infusion. And he's done quite well,
with only some minor side effects from the infusion. About 80% of patients
responded to the therapy. And about half of them
had a complete remission. And that means that you can't
detect any of their disease with a scan. It doesn't mean they're cured. But we know that some of those
patients, some of those 50%, now are out a couple of
years without recurrence of their disease. And so we're hopeful that
some of those patients could be cured. And in fact, in the
leukemia population where we have
longer-term followup, we know that some
of those patients are out more than five years
and are free of disease. So this treatment is
potentially curative.

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  1. What happend to the 20%?

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