New Beginnings & Self-Reflection | #Cancer Season Summer Solstice & Rx | Collective Energy Update

just don't get too fun guys I have a message that I want to share that will be beneficial for not just cancer people because we're piggybacking off of your season cancer but the collective at large and it's intricately related with both cancer season as well as the fact that today is the summer solstice right and if we go back to like ancient history and all that good things the summer solstice is very symbolic because it's like the longest day of the year and of course it's like the signal of things being at you know a sense of abundance and they're kind of starting to line down like days getting shorter going into like you know Christmastime and fall and rule and all that other kind of good stuff right but the whole thing is here is making the most of this time with us leaving out of June and going into July which would be the next portion of the year so we have like six months of where how I'm seeing it is more or less it's been a training ground because I feel from January until March the collective was dealing a lot with wrapping up energies from 2018 right so it's kind of like on January 1 a lot of fuel a of wanted to just start over and start fresh but didn't necessarily get an opportunity to do that because a lot of things kind of lagged over right so it's like in March is when people started to really feel that things were starting to shift into change right but of course from March to June it's a lot of different transits that we had a lot of different things that came up that potentially overshadowed the optimism that we had in March right but I feel going into cancer season into the summer it's like we're getting an opportunity to kind of re-evaluate right because with the Sun being in cancer what we're talking about is a time of self-evaluation and kind of taking some time to look back at the last six months and if you want to go as far back as six months prior to that you can do that too I just realized the lighting just totally changed the Sun is behind clouds but anywho so I took a couple of notes and when I was trying to figure out what it is that I was kind of sensing I used my Osho Zen cards that I absolutely love cuz they're the bomb it's a kind of pinpoint what it is that we were talking about here and overall the essence that I get is this is about self mastery right in a myriad of different ways we have the understanding card and possibilities we have the master we have friendliness and then we have come on deck now that son-of-a-gun worn off then we have letting go right so all of these are all elements of what it is that I'm sensing here what stands above the rest is that now cancers as well as the collective are on a path to self mastery but it's more or less getting an opportunity going forward to revisit everything you guys have come out of but from a more superior position right and there's elements of each that are kind of sticking out to me right so the first thing that's important to note is that today symbolically all of us are standing in our full power right energetically speaking so it means that it's right for the picking proverbially speaking yeah or we can tap into it or align with it right it's all a matter of mindset of if we're gonna allow that to shift so that we can align with this right so in so many ways it's coming to a point of understanding whether now or later that the only limitations that we've really had on our life are ourselves right us keeping ourselves back I've talked about this before in a sense of talking about fear right and fear being what keeps us stuck right when I posted this is probably the week or so ago when I posted on YouTube and on Facebook about like you know inner childhood means and how fear sometimes keeps people stuck I'm seeing that same theme here but it's more being brought to the surface of showing you of how the fear stepping out of your comfort zone or doing something that you've never done or even self-imposed limitations like glass ceilings and things of the sort that have told us that there's certain things that we can't do whether that's you know old school mindsets from you know our families or just past experience is more or less giving us an opportunity now to see that a world of opportunity is available to us if we're willing to align to get it right so we could say oh it's just about changing the mindset and aligning with that moving forward of course if that were the case life would be so easy if I could just think this and then just do it you know I'm trying so there's a practicality to this the duality that I'm seeing in this is a balance between material and spiritual right so it's a couple of little notes that I jot it down here overall it's about self understanding right so energetically what's important for us to know is that there's a world of possibility open to us but a lot of times we can kind of get analysis paralysis to where there's so many opportunities or so many things that we feel that we could do that were not really sure what direction to go in right us balancing that out with looking at what our goals are like what it is were aspiring to write and looking at where it is that we are now right that's what kind of helps us to get that middle road that we need to walk so what we're talking about overall is if we're looking at this through the lens of like self-evaluation this would mean going back to what I was saying a few minutes ago looking at the last six months or even six months prior to that looking at where you were this time last year what were you doing this time last year what has changed since then right looking at where you were three months ago where you were six months ago if you even revisit your what do you call them that people do in the beginning of the year what do you call those why can't I think of the word resolutions there you go even if you revisit your resolutions from the beginning of the year and seeing what it is that you were hoping to have done right it's not just beating oneself up of saying like oh I haven't done that or I'm still in the same place I was three months ago six months ago or a year ago right it's looking at why right that's where that self understanding comes in it's like what is it that's really truly blocking your path right if we're thinking about the things that we want to align with on our path right we're looking at things that are going to reflect the highest vibration which would be unconditional love right and getting clear on what in my life is supporting that because the energy that I really feel is a lot of this and I think specifically for cancers and I said this on Instagram how was gonna manifest for a lot of cancers is like a desire to go like find yourself right or to like do some spiritual quest or and it may be manifesting now is like an existential crisis like Who am I where am I how did I get here you know what I'm saying and feeling like everything in your life is just discombobulated and desiring for more desiring for more meaningful friendships desiring to have you know your tribe or a place to call home and not necessarily like a physical place but a group of people within which you feel accepted right and coming to this place of realizing that in order to have a different life that there's certain things that we have to release right to make room for those new things to come in but it's also having that courage to desire for more to believe that you can obtain more right so the few things that I wrote down was that in this balance there's a spiritual side to this of things that are going to be achieved and this isn't just for cancer this is for everybody but there's okay sorry those motorcycles but there's a few things that I see or like up most importance right hmm so as far as where it goes to self understanding we're talking about taking a look about say take a gander at what's been blocked and what's been holding you back all right and there's a need to make changes in your life now the sign that there's a need to make changes in your life is looking at what it is that has been holding you back right if it's been finances or a lack of managing finances properly then that would be so money and stopping me from doing what it is that I want to do so it's looking at what are better ways that I can manage my finances right if it's been something along the lines of like intuition right like I feel the need to follow my instincts but I don't trust myself so it's making those steps to align better with your intuition so that you're able to trust yourself more if you feel that your physical health has been holding you back right because you haven't been eating right then it's making the decision to start eating properly right so it's paying attention to those and then allowing balance within those things and on Instagram I have a video posted about balance because of course that's a process it's not something that we're trying to obtain like we're trying to do work to get to a balanced state to stay there balances little modifications that we're making every day to maintain that homeostatic state of balance right and that's a lot of the themes that I see here for everyone it's walking that middle road between two extremes so it's not fixating just on our spiritual life and trying to you know ascend and reach higher consciousness and whatnot and totally neglecting our physical care and it's not solely focusing on you know I gotta go to work gotta make money that it up and completely neglecting our spiritual life but finding that balance in between the two right so another thing is focusing on higher matters of life and I think that's for those who are more fixated on you know day to day type of stuff and getting kind of stuck into that right so it's nurturing your intuitive gifts and abilities it's getting your finances under control and paying attention to your physical well-being and then identifying what the obstacles are to either your higher learning or your higher consciousness and like a tuning to that and usually that's something where were caught up in 3d type of stuff where like I said focusing too much on like oh my gosh I have to make money I have to go to work I don't have time to cultivate a spiritual life but it's you know sticking in 5-10 minutes a day here and there to be able to counterbalance that right and then the fact that each and every one of us were going into like there's a cycle that's closing out right and I feel it's it's somewhere in between it I think it may literally be July but what is it is it that Eclipse oh I think that's what it is then because it feels to me like there's a little bit of this last cycle that's left and that's the reason why I'm sharing all of this stuff with you because this is almost like preparation for what's about to happen and it must be this Eclipse and that's interesting because I'm looking at this picture and this card and that does look like an eclipse and I think the Eclipse is on a second if I'm not mistaken oh well that makes total sense because within Eclipse things are being eclipsed out of your life okay whoa Wow alright I just learned something okay so that's what it is in so many ways there and then I know eclipse is working like six year increments so when it comes to Y letting go is showing up Wow because it's almost like wow this is so gangster I'm sorry oh I'm having an aha moment while I'm talking to you I love when this happens this is like a marriage of two things this is you guys spirit giving you guys the tools to meet the universe halfway in a sense right so it's kind of like how I always say oh my granny you see the Lord helps those who help themselves spirit is helping you guys help yourself right because this eclipse is coming in to eclipse a lot of things out of your life and so it's not a shock it's like the remnants of this cycle you guys are coming out of leading up into this Eclipse and I believe that's on a second with the new moon if I'm not mistaken but what's being Eclipse out it's not going to be a shock because you're going to be prepared for it so this is more or less information I'm telling you guys so that you can hit the ground running so you know what's happening because when eclipse has happened there can be friendships that end there could be jobs that end there could be relationships like romantic relationships that end and with the letting go card and the Osho Zen it's talking about like a comfortable surrender so it's not like something being taken away kicking and screaming it's a comfortable release so it's more or less nature taking its course so it's more or less giving you guys a heads up in a sense of whatever falls away it's falling away for your high as good because the energy that everything in your life is going to start to reflect as that of unconditional love so things that are balanced things that are more in alignment with you so this is more or less giving you guys the tangible action steps and 3d that you can take to align you with the energetic state you guys are going to be in right so that you're mirroring your inner balance out and then spirit as above so below is gonna mirror that in your life as well okay so other than that the thing that's most important is is to allow yourself to dream allow yourself to believe and your high is good manifesting right because this is um in a SAN ascension innocence and as you guys stepping into a place of mastery but this mastery is self mastery right so it's an L chemical process that's happening with you guys and ascending to a higher state of being and it's a little bit of like you know your traditional phoenix rising rebirth type of things and then also I feel with finances as well as with intuitive gifts it's more or less wanting to reach out to mentors in that area so it's like in a mentor and finances could be like a financial planner or something of the sort or your accountant or something or you know a family member that you know that's really really good with money in talking to them to help you get tips with your physical well-being that be a trainer and nutrition is something along those lines but it's more or less balancing out what it is that you don't know identifying what it is that you don't know right and how that's been blocking you in the steps that you're taking to gain balance with that is either you know within yourself if you're an expert in that particular area or needing to reach out to someone who can help you along with that right but the whole thing is it's a sense of like personal personal accountability and that's like a very practical way of stepping into your power by seeing where it is that I'm lacking and what I can do to kind of fill in those blanks going forward if that makes sense so I think I covered everything here oh yeah the other thing is almost like the stance you guys are in is like student-teacher right or student Master if you will it's the fact of in the highest sense it's knowing that your soul is the master all-knowing all-seeing all being but understanding that your human kinda has to catch up a little bit right so it's more or less standing in that wisdom attuning to that inner wisdom and learning along the way because learning from these other you know mentors like people in your life it's not just you being like in a subservient position to them it's more or less looking at it as this person is just reminding you of what it is that your soul knows so you have that resonance and that recognition right and another thing that's important is to be open and adaptable and more or less being in a sense of a teachable spirit right because none of us know everything and another thing I wanted to point out too was with lessons learned one side and I get asked this a lot it's like how do I know what the lesson is right like when we're going through cycles how do I know what the lesson is a key way to know what the lesson is is what it is that you're constantly repeating meaning what issues are constantly coming up one that's coming to mind is um I had a client once that was telling me about saving money for a car and she's like every single time I get to the amount of money to purchase my car something happens and I have to spend that money on something else right and as she was speaking I was thinking to myself I was like why do you have to spend it on something else right because if we think about this logically we're making money like we're getting a paycheck and we're sending money to the side right if we weren't sitting that money to the side it would have been spent on something else anyway right like regardless of what it is we would have spent it on something else but because we have a goal we're sitting this to the side right so something comes up if you weren't saving for a car that money would have been spent anyway you know so the thought is if this money is already allocated for a car then regardless of what comes up if you want to stop taking away from that money then you want to find another method right like what would you do if you weren't saving that money because technically if it's for the car that money's for the car yeah I'm trying because if you think about if your pan a car note it's like however much a car note is if it's $300 $300 was going at the beginning of the month anyway right so if something came up and that money wasn't there how would you handle that how have you handled it in the past you know what I mean so it's more or less having that self restraining that self control and that's another huge element with this is when you're setting a goal is holding oneself accountable and self managing in order to achieve that goal so that means that because that money's allocated towards my car you know I'm saying he's like it doesn't exist right but when things like that are constantly coming up that it's coming up not because you know like God hates us or the universe hates us you know I'm saying we got terrible bad luck it's because it's something that we're not learned there and it's the fact that the mindset isn't just about oh this keeps happening to me alright it's like what can I do differently every time this comes up I do this every time you know I have the right amount of money for my car right it's like something comes up but it's like what is that something that came up right it's important to know that every time in life like how we get our own karma and this is a lesson I literally legit had to learn myself last month was whatever you skip right and the seven of swords would be a perfect example for this it's like whatever you skip will trip you up later right so that's like if you know there's a bill that you know needs to be paid and you don't pay it you know what I'm saying and you're saving money for something else and so kinda like that car situation and right when you get the money to be able to purchase this thing you've been working on it's like now this thing comes up where you have to take care of it right because it's a bill you didn't pay six months ago a year ago now these people really want their money and they're gonna go to court on you want some stuff so it's like you have to pay it but the thing is is that it's not really unfair because it's a it's a step that was skipped and to kind of encapsulate all this cuz I know I'm bouncing around everywhere but to kind of encapsulate all of this that's really what we're talking about here it's not cheating the system not cheating yourself because skipping steps or not taking care of things that you're indebted to that's considered skipping a step right is the same thing if you're a parent or if you're married right and you neglect your family or your spouse or your kids solely just to work right that would be considered skipping a step because the concept is I'm pushing out all of these distractions so I can reach this goal and once I get there then I can deal with that and I think that mentality is what's been kind of holding us back to where we're constantly repeating things right but it's being more aware in the moment and looking at these decisions and being more personally accountable of taking care of certain affairs because I feel it's a lot of loose ends like that that have been holding people in this self-imposed prison so a lot of times it seems like life is conspiring against you but it's actually the byproduct of a lot of things that could have been solved early on if that's making sense right but overall I feel handling those things tying up those loose ends is gonna put everyone in a position to where when this energy shifts is really gonna be like a restored order a homeostasis and like a fresh clean new start where you ain't got no stuff riding you back from the past you know sure so that's all I have to share but um on Vimeo the thing that I'm going to do is if you're interested I'm going to go through a self evaluation right because I think everything I've shared here could help you do like your own self evaluation to kind of look back at your life right to kind of jot things down but on Vimeo I'm going to use one of my actual personal assessments that I use in my sessions and it's gonna look at your personal like well-being like your health and all this other kind of stuff work and work life balance happiness things sort then we're going to look at character traits like a self examination of your character traits as well as just your overall life in general and one of them is like a scale and we're going to kind of look at both ways of like what's the ideal and what's not ideal and see where your score kind of falls in between the two so we can kind of hone in on the areas that you guys would want to work on it going forward so if you bout that life click the link below if not I love your freaking face I hope this helped and it's something else I want to tell y'all I forgot oh the rest of the readings and stuff let's fail


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    Bhakti Yoga and writing out schedules help me in my new balance with retirement being a father(yayyy me) and college. I used my inner child archetype to help with this. I liked Harry Potter when i was a child so I used the 4 houses to compartmentalize my new life. Gryffindor is how I approach all my fatherly endeavor with Courage and I write out everything from the heart. If it's not loving it's not listed. So I create games like a fox (if you study seahorse and foxes they are the best father in the animal kingdom) for the development of my little ones. I used Slytherin headstrong house of knowledge to keep my PTSD distracted as it study mysteries from this new age stuff until I can find a therapist to help me with this ever evolving overly aggressive muse, that's the nicest way I can state that. I use Hufflepuff for nutrition for Mental and emotional development. I use the house of Ravenclaw to look at things from a birds I view and listen for ways to improve so kind of my Spiritual house. I do not let them cross houses. Brahma had 4 heads so I created 4 houses in my head to give my outward expression a balance persona.

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