(New!) 5 Awesome Exercises For The Six Pack Abs

– Hey, what's up? Here today I wanted to
show you five exercises that trains the entire abdominal, including the obliques
and the Adonis belt. Right, so five exercises, we'll be starting from
the easy to the hardest. Now Exercise Number One, one of my favorite
exercises to get started, trains overall abs, especially if you're running short of time and don't have too much time to work out, this exercise will help. And that is the Double Crunches. So to set this up is very easy. So from here, you lie down straight, start from the arms position from here, and you need to crunch and raise
your knee at the same time. Up, and touch your heel. Right, and repeat. So the common mistakes for
this exercise is like this. This doesn't work, you
need to use some effort, in your abdominal, right? And another common mistake is the neck going forward and backward. Don't do this, because
this will hurt your neck, it's not so good, so make
sure to keep your neck tight, focus on the crunch and knee tuck in, by feeling your lower abs. Okay, so you can aim about
12 to 15 repetitions. It's a great exercise. And the next exercise,
Exercise Number Two, that mainly trains the
obliques and the Adonis belt and the deep core the TVA. And this is a plank variation, for now I call this the
Dynamic Lower Body Plank. And how to set this up? First of all you get
into a plank position, not like this, but arms fully extended, so back straight and now
you gotta kick sideways. Imagine your knee touching your elbow, up, and then you've got to use
the same legs and kick outward and touch your toe. This is one. Other side. Great exercise, do this
for 10 repetitions. When the moment your knee raise, going towards the elbow, it actually trains the oblique, and your this lower abdominal muscle, so deep core and the moment you
kick outwards towards there, kick outwards, and you try
to contact with your toe, you are also stimulating the obliques and some abdominal muscles. Right, 10 repetitions, five
for left, five for right, and repeat. Now the third exercise,
this will look simple, but is not as easy as what it looks. And this is what I call a
Knee to Chest abs workout. Just like this, sit up,
stabilizing yourself, so you need to get a balancing, because right here you gotta
bring your knee to your chest. Okay, when you repeat, try not to put your feet on the ground. Right, feet off the ground So the tips to do this exercise is you have to do it explosively. Right, you can't go too slow, you won't get the balancing right. Just for example, you go too slow, right, so you really need to stabilize
first before you start. Stabilize, and feet off
the ground and from here, use explosive. Right, make sure to be
fast, flexion and extension. This is not easy, because of balancing and
because of explosive effort. I will say do eight to 10
reps is good enough already. This really fires up your entire ab. And the fourth exercise, this
is a Plank Power Tuck In. So this exercise is actually easy to do, but is a very energy demanding exercise. It's kind of opposite with
the third exercise earlier. But the third exercise looks
easy but is hard to do, but this is easy to do, but takes lot of effort
in continuing reps. Once again the plank position. So from here, you need to bring your knee to almost to your chest, like this. Right? Everybody can do this, it's
just that, some of you, if you feel too much of the lower back, don't do any of these
exercises, seriously. You need to consult a physician first, if you're healthy enough,
fit enough, then do this. Now the common mistakes
of this, is like this. Your body's right, but like this. This is the common mistakes. Right, this is hyperextension,
it's not really good. So you could keep your
back high up a little bit, like this, right? Right, same, this is
explosive, you must be fast. In and out, right? Eight to 10 repetitions is
good enough for this exercise for one set. And the fifth, also known
as the last exercise I'm about to share, to fire up the entire
abdominal, is Double Tucks. So Double Tucks consist
of the fourth exercise and a tuck jump. Right, this double tuck
burns a lot of calories, doesn't just train your abs, trains your abs and
fires up your metabolism, and really condition you. So do this same thing, from
here do a power tuck in, and from here, you get
up, do a jump and a tuck. And repeat. Right, once again, don't do this, no. No. You should land softly, right. Land with your knee, foot, land softly. Right, or you can take it one by one, step by step. One rep, repeat. Okay, so this is extreme,
this is really advanced, especially the fourth and fifth exercises. So the fifth exercise, the last exercise, you should do about six repetitions. So remember, one rep is a
plank tuck in, then jump, equals to one rep. Do about six reps. Well, if you're fit, you
think all this is too easy, bring up the repetitions, do 10 reps. All these exercises are just a sample, you can D-I-Y according
to your own preference. You can do them in a circuit version, first exercise, second, third
and so on, in a circuit form, take a break, and then repeat Round Two. I personally love to do this
because it saves so much time, and really gets my abs firing so much. Or if you find this too
hard, do them one by one. First exercise do one set, take a break, follow up the second set,
take a break, do four sets and then before you move
on to the second exercise. Or you can do them day by day. Day one, do exercise one. Day two, do exercise two, right? There's so many ways
you can do, no excuses. So I hope you learn something today, if you liked this video,
give me a thumbs up, share this around, and ultimately
if you need my coaching, in order to how to really
maximize your results, getting a chest like this,
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