NBC August 16,1997 news report about Elvis' health problems in 1977

frog and all the other problems from NBC News world headquarters in New York this is NBC Nightly News with song Brooklyn's in a congressional bill that would allow millions more guns into this country and the 20th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley you may be surprised there is new information about the end of the King's life it was 20 years ago this summer that Elvis Presley died unexpectedly the king of rock and roll a poor boy with a huge appetite for fame fortune and whatever else made him feel good as he transformed American popular music and made his name synonymous with excess tonight NBC's Bob claw has new information on what brought on the death of the man who became a legend and his name I'm so I face the final version he was so bloated his lifestyle so dissolute when he died millions blamed drugs but medical records only recently disclosed show drugs did not kill Elvis Presley author peter brown study the records for a new book elvis presley died from a heart attack a massive heart attack memphis physician dan broke off reviewed the records and agrees i think there's a lot of evidence to say that he did have chronic medical problems the records show Presley had heart disease hypertension insomnia the arteries of an 80 year old man and enlarged colon and terrible constipation because of his use of the steroids for his bowels he suffered a lot of compression fractures in his fine the young presley used drugs for recreation the older presley needed them for pain he was since the steroid dependent and it was Demerol dependent dr. George Nicholas who began treating Presley in 1967 hospitalized in three different times to break his addiction one who put him on methadone then the man Elvis called dr. Nick started a new regimen we gave them an appetite suppressant give him hormones occasion and occasionally lasix that's a diuretic giving something for playing sometimes something to help the itching from the costume yep and then to get to sleep for the insomnia you give him strength entails and one sort of another doctor Nick insist that new combination broked presleys addiction he wanted to be drug free yeah he ever tell you that sure yeah here in the town where he died that new medical appraisal that Elvis was a victim of chronic disease is a distinctly minority view then he still believed he was a victim of chronic lifestyle two years ago Tennessee strip dr. Nick of his license said he'd given too many drugs to others this is malpractice but his controversial treatment of Elvis is now seen in a different light doctor Nick gave him the most minimal drugs he could twenty years later controversy continues over presleys death but his fans say since he was fighting serious medical problems any stigma which lingers is unfair people call you know talking about his obesity and things like that like i said here's a guy with a fractured spine needing steroids not feeling good and going out there and being Elvis Presley for you that's not something special addicted to fame and pleasing his fans he put his image first his health second he was trapped being Elvis and it probably killed him Bob fall NBC News Memphis this is this Monday tonight on Dateline celebrities and share

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