Navigating Dietary Supplements

Oh a general multivitamin is a good insurance policy particularly if you don't feel like you have an adequate well-rounded diet it can be most helpful to those with poor nutrition advanced age and chronic illness however taking large doses of additional individual vitamins and minerals can often be very expensive and potentially harmful where certain trials have actually shown an increased risk of some of those cancers most studies on the use of multivitamins have in general confirm little to no benefit and a healthy older adult unless they have a deficiency like calcium for bone health and folic acid for pregnant women for example based on current literature however a general multivitamin in an otherwise healthy adult probably carries little risk is well tolerated carries low financial impact and may actually be beneficial particularly in older people it's important to remember that supplements are not held to the same standards as fda-approved medications or even food and that you can have adverse side effects as well there's also potential for significant toxicity and interactions with medications that could make current therapies more or less effective it's always important to weigh the risks and benefits of supplementation you

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