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hi I'm Brent Stafford and this is reg watch by regulator watch calm for most of the developed world the US Food and Drug Administration represents the gold standard for testing approval and regulation of new drugs and treatments but what if FDA goes astray as it appears to be the case with vaping with each passing day FDA's approach grows further afield from countries like the United Kingdom and its good neighbor to the north Canada which this spring passed a law titled bill S 5 that made vaping products illegal including flavors just a short few years ago Canada took its cues from the US but today a new North American alliance of advocacy groups is hoping to reverse that direction joining us today is Mark Keeley chief government negotiator for the Canadian vaping Association and Larry flick head of federal policy and government relations for the American illiquid manufacturing standards association hi gentlemen good to have you both here good to be here indeed all again for both of you Larry let's first start with you seeing it's the u.s. that needs the most help here tell us about the new North American vapor Alliance and why it's needed well thanks again Brent we're very excited about this new announcement and this new alliance I sort of started almost a year ago I went up to meet with mark and the president of CBS on KC and the whole team at CBA and I wanted to learn more quite frankly about what they were doing because I saw that they were being affected so mark obviously there are some lessons to be learned then from the US by Canada is that really the goal here no I got it put a kid this way the organization that Larry heads up aim sub is in my opinion is also the gold standard in terms of the manufacturer of standards and I think we need to demonstrate in Canada right now a little more leadership from the industry as it relates to the development of standards so the government is extolling that kind of mantra on top of the Canadian vaping Association it just it's as a matter of course it's it's probably a good idea that Canada the United States these two organizations that Larry and I are part of join forces to do that kind of thing so I did it's a I think this is wonderful Larry I agree a hundred percent we as we were just talking over the past several months about what CBA was doing what Ames has been doing in the u.s. it became clear that we were aligned we actually had released the set of shared principles which formed the basis for how we as an industry can behave responsibly put forward standards the regulator's can adopt and enforce we do have an opportunity to work together both on the standards which can be used by both regulators and on the ER and the beer framework including part of our alliance will include a very aggressive industry lead youth prevention and protection program and we are committed to demonstrating how serious as a industry in the US and how serious the Canadian industry is about preventing and protecting you educating retailers on how to make sure that there's no access to youth and you know we understand that that issue in and of itself is paramount to those that we've been in you know sort of across the table from and and you know I think that you know Canada brings a lot of credibility to what they've done with regard to prevention and protection and and we're willing to do the same thing in the US so we think being able to point to a responsible friendly neighbor who's doing it we think effectively would and working effectively with their regulator is is really a good template that we can bring to our regulator the FDA here in this states I want to add to that rent it's very interesting right now in Canada we have just there's a limited bandwidth in terms of the regulatory infrastructure that exists by government to manage things like you know this new tobacco and baked products Act or bill as five as you call it and then we've got cannabis legislation that's coming in for full-blown recreational cannabis and then we've got other issues around food and NAFTA that are really taking a lot of airtime away from things like baby so if we could put some kind of a cross-border attempt and the heft of aims and what's happening in terms of standards development from the United States into what we're doing to present to Canada that to me demonstrates to the world our globally that this organization that we've created the nav aware calling it would have the half that's going to be available available in Canada to assist the government to not only to craft but to develop them or to implement the regulations that they want to put in place and obviously the changes that we aspire to make in the United States I think it's like and this is like I said this is a this is a this has the hallmarks of something that could really go global for us so Larry do you think the FDA will be responsive to here you know hearing lessons and messages from other countries well I do we know that Public Health Canada and FDA have a close working relationship they are policy people talk to our policy people so we think if we can do it jointly and in parallel fashion it really demonstrates that it's the correct approach that both both sides see it the same way and we have a parallel approach that dual line and you know to brain it's not like this is a surprise we've actually given Health Canada in in our nation's capital a heads up that there's this kind of alliance that some that's been contemplated and they actually said to us what we do talk quite regularly with the FDA is as Larry that suggested at the said but our organizations that this industry level have not so this is I think this is music to Health Canada's ears mark let me ask you this question you've mentioned a couple of times the global question I can certainly tell you that a lot of Americans are not familiar with just how much of an impact the World Health Organization has in a detrimental way on vaping in the u.s. coming from Canada that pressure also was on Canada for law tell our viewers in the States about the dangers around the WHL and what that means for vaping well you know it's interesting comment and like I don't want to put myself in a position to to cast aspersions on the whu-oh it's an important organization it does good work there are a number of initiatives that have occurred as a result of the World Health Organization with poverty you know women's health etc etc but as it relates to this they have what they call conferences of the parties and cop seven and you recall because you were there and had suggested in those days that this issue on vaping was so misunderstood I'm gonna say misunderstood by the world health organization that had co-opted a number of countries and the way it works breath and both Larry and I know this a–to ative Lee is that the w-h-o entices countries to sign on to conventions in this particular case under the cop 7 not to support vaping lest they be told they won't get money from the WHL I mean I'm I'm not certain that the United States has to be even an inkling of how the w-h-o goes around with their conventions there's a copy that's happening in France coming up this year and we're gonna be there both Larian and and I under Nevada law boys to say don't get sucked into a convention that deems vaping to be like tobacco and it's hard it's harmful we've made the point very clearly in Canada that were just like the UK has word magnitudes less harmful than smoking cigarettes and that should be celebrated as a viable option against combustible cigarettes so Larry Alliance now could present a unified front for North America at the WHL at the World Health Organization at cop 8 absolutely and you know we will work closely with their respective governmental and entities to get that message you know loud and clear to the the conference of parties I want to chime in here because I think there are other countries right now India as an example who reached out to us to say how do we how do we do what you've done in Canada and our country because if you recall under the cop 7 they had signed on to the convention so now they're looking at perhaps growing their nascent industry in in India because they know that smoking is harmful and if you look at that there we've now been approached by countries in South America and Africa now about the same kind of issues the fact that you've got both a United States very very well regarded and standards based organization like emza and the Canadian vaping Association that have done a wonderful job in terms of working collaboratively with government and governments across Canada on regulation and legislative initiatives there's a there's a curiosity now and and I think that when I say global I think that people will look at that and say that ought to be the gold standard for moving forward on collaboration and cooperation with government in a regulatory framework so Larry with all due respect to everybody in Canada that lives under a regime that's now you know Pro vaping to a large extent which was a pleasant surprise and much needed the US though appears to be that it's not the case and I'm gonna truncate here a minute which I think might be your argument that you know thinking Commissioner Gottlieb for the deeming regulation extension but if things don't get sorted out he's a political appointee and it this could all go back to the Democrats and the progressive left and seeing how much opposition there is by progressive nonprofit public health groups which is just relentless how can anybody say vaping is on sure footing in the United States well that's one reason why this alliance is so meaningful quite frankly in Canada it's the progressives that have taken the farm reduction policy under their wings and and adopted it for whatever reason that's not been the case in the US the liberals and progressives have have viewed this as Big Tobacco which we know it's not they viewed it as trying to a dict another generation on to nicotine as a gateway to cigarettes which it's proven not to be so I think being able to point to what's happened in Canada how the science continues to develop on our side but the the time is now and that's why this alliance is so critical we want to be able to point to what Canada is doing so that again the progressives up there can can you know we can message to the Democrats down here in the US that you know there's more one one way to view this issue and quite frankly I think this alliance can be very very helpful in turning that paradigm around mark let me ask you is is there some validity to that there sure is and one of the things that we've suggested and the government here in Canada is taking us up on that is what we've affectionately called the best brains exchange as Mark indicated we've we've already talked about getting a delegation of the thought leaders and politicians that have been leaders in Ottawa to come down to Washington DC and meet with their counterparts and vice versa so I I think you know it'll prove to be very effective there are gonna be people in the advocacy community in the US that are gonna be skeptical of this alliance well you know what if that's the case please talk to us we have an open open-door policy and we're willing to meet and talk with with anyone in the US both in terms of individual companies other organizations consumer groups public health organizations tobacco harm reduction advocates you know I've I've sensed the real change that people are looking for a you know a standards based system where if you check all the boxes and you can demonstrate to the FDA that your manufacturing processes are first-rate your component ingredients are all pure and and and up to up to speed in terms of what what is necessary for quality control then then you should be allowed on the marketplace and that's that's what we that's the framework we're looking for it allows for innovation it allows for improvement in products and it doesn't result in just you know a few big companies or big tobacco companies or big vape companies owning the entire industry we want to get as much innovation and entrepreneurship as possible


  1. The new North American Vapor Alliance seems to be off to a brilliant start.  Messrs. Kealey and Flick are formidable examples of what committed, cooperative efforts at the industry level may accomplish in bringing the FDA to a commonsensical stance as regards vaping.  Promoting a healthier alternative to "deadly cigarettes" is about saving lives NOW — so I thank you, gentlemen, and thank you, too, Regulator Watch!

  2. I love what you guys are doing for vaping. We also need your help out here in Taiwan.

  3. I love this channel! Thanks for everything you do.

  4. Thanks – Regulator Watch – for keeping on this stuff and producing these videos. There's something clearly off the rails about the US FDA approach to vaping. It doesn't make any sense; they are not committed to harm reduction, or something. Ulterior motives?

  5. The WHO is doing the same thing here in Taiwan.

  6. Adding other countries structures in handling vaping will be ignored by the FDA………………BOUGHT AND PAID FOR BY BT/BP
    The political agenda is clear, kill vaping at all costs

    Let;s talk about the state bond issues and the real effects to the economics involed here.

  7. Thank you for all your work and everything you do for the vaping community, especially when it comes to communicating with us vapers.

  8. Please keep working for all the vapers

  9. Thank you for doing what you do for the vape industry.

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