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Well, whether it’s
motion sickness, the flu or pregnancy
related unease, most of us have dealt
with nausea of before. It’s no fun, but there
are steps you can take to help with that symptom. Jackie’s meeting
up with an expert to find out what you should
reach for to bring relief. (upbeat music) – Hey guys, it’s Jackie Bender, and I’m here today with the
balanced babe, Sarah Baker and we are talking today
about all things, nausea, and specifically
how different foods can help alleviate
those symptoms. – Yes, yep, we have all of
our foods to kind of help us through the nausea
recovery process. – Okay, and there are a
lot of different sources of nausea of course, pregnancy is a big one.
– Oh yes. – The flu, but
regardless of the source, the foods still provide
the same benefits. – Definitely yep, they are. There are specific ingredients, specific foods and even some
supplements that you can take to kind of help ease any
sort of digestive upset. – Okay, so let’s talk
through some of these, ginger’s one you
hear about a lot. – Yes, it has been
studied to show that it can be just as effective
as anti-nausea medication. So there are
bioactive compounds, the main property of
ginger called ginger ale that helps get rid of
any kind of sick feeling. So I always say, “Take
ginger in its freshest form, “or those a little frozen cubes “that you could blend
into smoothies.” (upbeat music) – The next one is broth. – Yes, so typically, when
you see peak feeling nauseous so like you’re going to vomit, you don’t really wanna chew
on a lot of foods, right? So I always say, “Rehydrate
yourself with electrolytes “and vitamins and minerals
that have been lost “if you’ve already been ill.” So broth comes into the picture, you can do either chicken
broth, vegetable broth, or if you love the trend of
bone broth, all of those contain electrolytes that will help
replenish back into your system. – And the next thing he
recommend is cold foods. – Yeah.
– So smoothies are an example of something that
– Yeah. – Will really help
alleviate that nausea. – Yeah, so you can again
infuse your body back with some electrolytes,
vitamins, minerals. A really good smoothie
I like to make for when I’m not feeling well is
bananas, almond milk, and oats. All of those ingredients kind
of help settle your stomach and the coldness is also
very soothing in itself. – The next one is one we’ve
all heard of the BRAT diet. – Yes.
– Let’s talk through that. – So BRAT diet
stands for bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. When you feel like you
could eat a little bit but not too much, you
always wanna stick to these bland food groups. A lot of the fiber
and the applesauce can help act as a binding
agent in your digestive tract to kind of settle anything
that’s going on in their, bananas contains potassium which helps replenish
those electrolytes. And then of course, everybody
knows the rice and the toast helps bind everything
in your digestive tract. – [Jackie] The final two I
hadn’t actually heard it before, fennel and then Vitamin B6. – Yeah, fennel is
great to chew on. So you just chew on
fennel seeds, there’s
compounds in there that helps relax the muscles
of your digestive tract from cramping up or causing any sort of upset
stomach issues, but you don’t want
to swallow the seeds. You just wanna chew them just
to release those compounds and then you can discreetly
get rid of the seeds. – Yeah. – Last but not
least is Vitamin B6. This is very commonly used for morning sickness
and pregnancy. So this has been studied
extensively to show that there has been success
in those supplementing with B6 when they are
experiencing morning sickness. – Overall takeaway is if
you’re not feeling well, it doesn’t have
to stay that way. There’s a lot of natural
foods and remedies that can help have
you feeling better. – Definitely, food
can always act as your first line of defense. All you really need is
just to replenish your body with vitamins,
minerals, electrolytes, everything that’s been lost
when you’re feeling sick, and you’ll just be
feeling great and no time. – Well thank you so much.
– Thank you. – And for more tips
on healthy eating you can head to our website

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