Natural Supplements For Depression! – by Dr Sam Robbins

hi it's dr. Sam Robbins today I'll discuss the best herbs and supplements for depression now there is literally dozens and dozens of natural supplements and herbs that claim to help relieve stress reducing xiety and panic attacks decreased depression improve your mood and help you sleep better so it can get a little confusing but allow me to save you the time and money by listening the best of the best and the most effective natural remedies that are clinically proven to work quickly and safely for long-term use so let's start with one of my favorites which is FINA baat which helps increase dopamine which is also known as a pleasure chemical and helps reduce cortisol which is a stress hormone then we have an amino acid called 5-htp which helps increase serotonin which is known as the happy hormone and then we have an herb called st. John's wort now this is a natural antidepressant in fact it's clinically proven to be better and safer than Prozac and then we have two other herbs passionflower and valerian root extract now these are great for anxiety panic attacks and improved sleep because they create natural calmness and then we have inositol magnesium and out re now these are B vitamin and a mineral and an amino acid these are required for proper formation of numerous brain neurotransmitters including serotonin now people who tend to have anxiety or depression genetically have low levels of these three ingredients then we have l-theanine which is an amino acid and it's found in green tea and it helps reduce stress and cortisol levels and then there's three ingredients called phosphoryl serine ashwagandha and also vitamin c now all of these help reduce the stress hormone cortisol and finally we have gaba which is an amino acid that helps calm your nervous system and creates relaxation now the most popular option is if you want to save yourself time and money you can utilize a product called probe annex which is an all-in-one supplement that already combines everything I just listed in the specific extracted dosages in addition to a couple other helpful ingredients now how would you categorize yourself as a glass-half-full or half-empty person now have you ever noticed that in life some people tend to generally just be happy right positive people they laugh more they they seem confident and hopeful about life you know they can handle stressful situations well and they stay calm and cool you know they're basically the glass half-full people and of course I'm sure you know some people who just tend to be negative about life right the critical and they're hopeless you know they get stressed out quickly and have anxiety and panic attacks and they feel nervous in social settings right they worry a lot and they have sleep problems they tend to get depressed you know or down more often than they like to admit these are the glass half empty people so what's the real cause is it nature or is it nurture you know if yes most people why person is the way they are you know they'll generally say it's because of the person's attitude or their upbringing or me know they choose to be this way now this is certainly true to a certain extent but science has proven repeatedly that over 50% of happiness is based on your genetics so if you tend to be a person who feels more anxiety or panic attacks or if you just you know really sensitive and even get depressed from time to time guess what it may not be your fault but to a certain extent alright genetics does play a big role in how you feel but what's behind all of this are your hormones and neurotransmitters something that you can improve on which is the good news and that's what I'm going to discuss today so don't worry there is hope and you can easily do this okay so without turning this into a biology class at medical school I'm going to keep things just really simple now there's three primary hormones and neurotransmitters we want to control which can help make dramatic improvements in your mood and your happiness and sense of well-being and these are dopamine serotonin and cortisol now the great part about making improvements in these three is that you'll slow down aging and thus you'll look and feel younger so the first goal is to optimize your serotonin levels now this is a neurotransmitter which is located primarily in your GI tract which is your stomach and also in your central nervous system now people tend to refer to it as the happy hormone it's really not even a hormone this is done mainly because drugs such as Prozac Paxil and Zoloft work by optimizing serotonin now serotonin for you might be low if you tend to crave sugary or salty foods or caffeine if you tend to be moody or extra sensitive or you get anxiety or panic attacks or you can't seem to maybe let go of the past and you tend to dwell on negative thoughts your second goal is to increase dopamine now this is known as the anti-aging pleasure chemical which acts as both a hormone and a neurotransmitter and it's very powerful because it plays a major role in motivation now many addictive drugs work on dopamine receptors and the lack of dopamine is also the primary cause of Parkinson's now your dopamine may be low if you have memory problems or you have a hard time focusing if you have a decrease in libido if you feel unmotivated right maybe you've lost your drive about life or you don't want to interact with people and you feel just hopeless or depressed your third and final goal is to decrease cortisol now cortisol is known as a stress hormone now when you don't sleep well when you're angry when you're tired when you're feeling overworked or under a lot of stress or pressure then your cortisol levels dramatically shoots up now this is your body's coping mechanism to stress so you do need some cortisone to survive and function however elevated cortisol levels cause an increase in blood sugar and blood pressure there's muscle loss in fact there's extra fat around your belly there's lower testosterone in men and feelings of anger and women it causes poor sleep and insomnia and it dramatically increases aging wrinkles and hair loss unfortunately because today's you know extra stressful lifestyles it's estimated that eighty seven percent of the population has chronically elevated cortisol and if you have any caffeine whether it's coffee tea or energy drinks then you are a hundred percent guaranteed to have elevated cortisol so let's discuss how to do all this naturally because I want you to forget about using anti-anxiety or anti depression drugs not only do they have lots of long-term side effects but they barely work in a 2008 study done by Harvard Medical School 82% of the users said they felt zero improvement taking the medications yet 67% reported negative side effects but luckily there are specific herbs vitamins and amino acids that do work in improving your serotonin dopamine and cortisol levels which results in improvement in both mental and physical well-being now earlier I mentioned about eight to ten of the best supplements that are clinically proven safely you know help reduce stress anxiety depression help improve your mood and give you better sleep now as great as these individual ingredients are they work much better when combined together because there's a special synergy which creates better results without any of the negative side effects so basically you get to take less but get more results now because of this synergy I personally use an all-in-one solution called Pro Vanek's which contains all these key ingredients in one simple pill right so it's easy it's convenient it saves me time and money now the feedback has been amazing and since the products been around since 1999 you know it works and it's safe anyway there's a free video about how Pro Vanek's works you know how you'll benefit the clinical studies and hundreds of customer reviews and so forth if you want to try something natural that works quickly I suggest you give pro Vanek's a try take a look and let me know what you think please do this now while it's fresh on your mind

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