Natural Mystic Healing with Master Herbalist Patrick Delves Healthy Eating Tips Foods You Should Eat


  1. Your onion looked like garlic

  2. Purple sea moss.

  3. Never mind ! People are used to elephant size 🤣 ! When anyone is healthy because he eats healthy food, the people who eat processed food call him "skiny". Actually they are processed people. That's why they think upside down. Thank you for sharing the true knowledge 🙏. Much love ❤

  4. Thank you so much for the wisdom.

  5. No you're not malnourished. You seem super healthy with all those natural essential vitamins running though your body! I love the Soursop, but in my areas it's not sold in it's natural form.

  6. You should make a cookbook

  7. Well Nourished!! Thanks for setting a standard.

  8. Excellent

  9. True talk, bad manners! Keep on educating. I'm learning.

  10. God bless you bro but be careful of big farm agents.

  11. Love how you make sure your little one is right there learning. Absolutely beautiful.

  12. Thank you sir. I appreciate the information. I look forward to learning more from you!

  13. You are not malnourished at all.

  14. 1 love

  15. Some of these foods are against Dr. Sebi's teachings (in which you are influenced by). How can this be? Video must be outdated.

  16. Thank you , so much . i shared with friends .

  17. I love your passion and enthusiasm! Great info

  18. Can you address hydrocyle what do you recomend for hydrocyle ( fluid in the testicle )

  19. how can i get in touch with you to buy cemos

  20. People say anything it means nothing. Eating once a day is a choice that many people have made to allow the body to receive its proper rest and to insure complete digestion and elimination of food. Of course you know this, So what does it matter that people say you are malnourished. People that eat everyday 3 or 5 or 6 times a day, are obese, have yellow eyes, are unable to run down the street, have shortness of breath, edema in their ankles, and the list goes on. Is something wrong with this thinking? YOU BET !. The same thinking that makes people eat meat, drink milk, give animal milk to their new born babies, eat pork, drink soda, and everything that gives them unhealthy fat cholesterol, and constipation is a misconception of health and no nutrition. When people see you with extra weight they equate weight and overweight with health. Lean and slim they relate to poor health. How did they get so mixed up and twisted?

  21. Thank you , great video peace and blessings!

  22. Love this! 🙂

  23. Thanks for sharing. I only eat once a day too. Thanks for the tips on lighting steaming certain veg =)

  24. great really teach people how to eat and I really believe your right thank you

  25. Thank you sir am a student watching all ur videos I have pleurisy and TMJ trying to heal thank you for ur wisdom

  26. this is jerry live in dallas trying get some ware can I get it

  27. True blessing to have stumbled across your videos. Thank you for taking the time out to provide such insightful information. I will be glad to share and tell everyone about you. I just recently found Dr. Sebi (RIP) another herbalists like yourself and that is how I ran across your videos. Please continue to share your good works and I will continue to spread the truth. If there is more I can do please let me know – Texas

  28. Those are hybrid bananas. Why not use the real smaller banana?

  29. Great Video but you are dead wrong on two items out of 50: LOL
    1). Corn. Corn is bad unless non GMO. Respectfully you know better. Maybe where you are from they don't have GMO's but here in the states we are screwed.
    2). Sweet potatoes are great. The Owkoaowins (I cant spell) who used to live to over 100 years ate mostly purple sweet potatoes. Carry on. Great videos.

  30. What do you think about soursop tea?

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