Natural Health Care Kit with doTERRA Wellness Advocate Betsy Holmes

I'm Betsy Holmes, and I've been using
essential oils for the last 10 years and I love teaching about how you can
create a natural home health kit. One of the things that I love about
having essential oils in the home is their accessibility especially when
you need them the most. I have two small children and my
husband, Paul, and I live in Florida and my children are always in need of essential
oils because they are running around, playing, outside in the sun a little
bit too long sometimes, and always interacting with nature. Sometimes when our skin is under distress
we like to use essential oils like Lavender Melaleuca, Frankincense,
or Yarrow/Pom. We have lots of options when it comes
to essential oils and these are really basic ones. I love having the Melaleuca and the
Lavender around in most rooms in our home because we can grab them quickly and if the kids have come in
from outdoors and have a little booboo from running around outside we can quickly
grab those essential oils and apply them topically. So it's really really nice
to have those on hand. I mentioned Yarrow/Pom because there
are other types of skin distress that we could have. And it's a nice to apply when you want
the skin to heal quickly and especially if it's an area that's very visible
that you would like it to heal. Another essential oil that's been used
for thousands of years to help the skin when it's in distress is Frankincense. Frankincense is mentioned in the Bible
Queen Esther for a reason she bathed in it every day. Frankincense really helps remove impurities
and therefore cleans the skin and it gives a great glowing appearance Since we've been living in Florida, we go
to the beach a lot more often than we used to, and we spend a lot more
time in the sunshine which is wonderful! Every once in a while we come home
with more sensitive skin than we usually have, and so I figured out how
to use our essential oils very effectively for that. You can just use Lavender or Lavender
touch topically on the skin. I like to make a mixture. I like to
put Lavender, Melaleuca, and one drop of P eppermint and a solution can
be water or aloe vera and then it's in a sprayer so that
we don't have to actually touch our sensitive skin and we can just spritz it on the body
and help the skin heal as it does naturally so much faster. My husband Paul is the coach of Tiger
Rugby and you all know how rugby can be a pretty rough sport and often
the guys on his team get their skin a little roughed up too. One of our favorite products to help
them out with that is Correct-X. S o the guys that have used Correct-X
they know how quickly their body repairs itself when they've used that ointment after a game rather than postponing
or waiting basically the Correct-X is so supportive of the body's healing
abilities that things just speed up and by the time the next game rolls
around they don't still have the same skin irritations. And aside from the rugby of course
we love using Correct-X in our home. Our children are very active
and our son loves skateboarding Our daughter loves gymnastics and there's
always something we need to use it for and I love that it
helps them naturally and supports them naturally rather than some of the
other things that are out there. Having natural solutions in our home
is something I'm so grateful for. S omething we can reach for quickly for
our children for ourselves to keep us keep our immune systems on track to help our bodies stay strong and
healthy as well as when we have little issues that arise that we can
use something that's safe and natural and very effective. Thank you so much for listening.
I hope you've learned more ways that you can use essential oils as a safe,
natural alternative in your home for your family.

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