Natural Breast Cancer Treatment: How to Fight Breast Cancer Naturally

hey dr. axe here welcome to Facebook live man I'm really excited about today's episode I'll be talking about how to beat breast cancer I've got my lists here the top 10 cancer fighting foods also going to go through the top 10 herbs and supplements to help you to naturally fight cancer so hey take a minute right now help me spread the word food is medicine punch that share button click that love button millions of people need to know the truth about how to beat cancer and also hey give me a I'd love to give you a shout out let me know the city or from the state you're from the country you're from and I'll give you a shout out right now here on Facebook live I see we've got people popping on from all over the world here right now excited to have you here with him at my home here in Nashville Tennessee you know my mom is a cancer survivor my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer about about 24 years ago and she beat cancer years later it came back there because her first time in treating it she didn't treat the root cause of the disease she ended up going through chemotherapy had a mastectomy and after that first round of cancer she was actually sicker than ever she got diagnosed with thyroid issues chronic fatigue congested liver chronic constipation a clinical depression three medications sick all the time and then she learned the truth food is medicine and she started juicing vegetables she started doing positive affirmations and getting grateful she started doing something she loved in the past horseback riding she started really doing things to heal her body the right way she started doing chiropractic care she started doing lymphatic drainage massage jumping on a mini trampoline you know spending time in prayer and just doing things to heal her body and so again today on today's episode I'm gonna be talking about how to naturally fight cancer first here using food as medicine I think this might be showing backwards all I'll post an actual picture here at the end so cancer fighting foods into the top ten there and I'm also going to be going through the top ten herbs and supplements as well as part of today's episode here as well and by the way so again take so everybody who share this video already again you know it breaks my heart I think about when I was a kid and how devastating it was when my mom was diagnosed with cancer and one of the things I did at the time as I said you know what there's got to be a better way there's got to be a way that you know that's natural way that doesn't have all these side effects and think about there there are these are gonna be hunter people diagnosed today with cancer and they need to know the truth on how to fight this you know on how to prevent cancer – I mean these things are preventative in nature so I see we've got people jumping with me all over the place are jumping on with me alright guys so let's dive it let's talk about the top 10 foods to beat cancer or the top herbs and supplements by the way I'd love to hear from you as well on what you believe to be the most powerful natural cancer therapies no it can be a therapy it can be a food it could be an herb and essential oil lists your top one or maybe even your top three of what you have heard or believed maybe you could see in your own life what could be good for fighting cancer but I'm gonna start sharing with you my number one here and again I know this is backwards but I'll post it live afterwards green leafy vegetables okay so green leafy vegetables are number one you know whether it's spinach kale collard greens dandelion greens arugula watercress get more greens in your diet there are the most nutrient dense in the venom in the vegetable kingdom we're talking about loads of vitamin K which has anti-cancer properties lots of magnesium which has anti-cancer properties in loads of phytonutrients like lutein xanthine and other powerful things alpha carotene beta carotene you're getting all of these in green leafy vegetables against spinach and kale really high up on those lists now dandelion greens in particular are really supportive to the liver so those are great as well but again make sure you're getting your greens on a daily basis so lots of kale salads lots of spinach salads cooked juiced raw there get in all sorts of ways but again number one superfood for fighting cancer lots of green leafy veggies number two berries okay we're talking berries here and I want to talk about some specific berries in particular number one just to consume that you can buy it your local grocery store health food store are going to be blueberries okay blueberries contains contain resveratrol they contain bioflavonoids they contain other phytonutrients lots of enzymes that can help fight cancer we know blueberries are an antioxidant powerhouse now listen to this there's a clinical there's a study that came out that said if you buy conventional blueberries versus wild or organic blueberries wild organic blueberries have three times the amount of antioxidants elicit the type of food you buy matters you're much better off buying organic blueberries shopping at health your health food store Whole Foods Market your local farmers market get wild organic blueberries when you're buying them now a few other bears I want to mention there's a berry called camu camu and it is very high in vitamin C now it's more of a sour berry it doesn't does it taste the best but camu camu has an amazing amount of vitamin C and vitamin C has really powerful anti-cancer properties reduces oxidation protects and supports yourselves and regenerating and healing so camu camu is amazing some other really high antioxidant berries are the acai berry Maqui berry and goji berry those types of tropical berries are the highest and antioxidants in fact they're even higher than blueberries and antioxidants and you can actually buy acai Maki and a goji berry powder and so what I personally do is I make a superfood smoothie in the morning I do a scoop of a bone broth of a protein that comes from a bone broth it's a bone broth powder so I put that in a smoothie I do a little coconut milk but then I personally I put a few scoops of this goji berry an acai berry powder I put those in my morning superfood smoothie so again that's another great thing to do you can get these super berries in powder form and it's a great way to get those Bennigan's berries are gonna be the highest and antioxidants remember antioxidants protect your cells from free radical damage have powerful anti-cancer properties so again number one green leafy vegetables number two berries of all types all types of berries number-3 shiitake mushrooms that's right medicinal mushrooms now these are prized in traditional Chinese medicine that's TCM and so what they would do when people were sick in traditional Chinese medicine medicine especially when somebody had an immune related condition okay mune related is they would have people drink they would make a broth and then they would add in things like like miso which is really high in probiotics and they would also do shiitake mushroom maitake mushroom all types of mushrooms okay but especially a lot of shiitake Myatt Aki reishi is amazing but you have mushroom soup mushrooms are naturally immune boosting to the body they've actually been shown to increase your white blood cell production to gobble up and kill off different types of cancer cells so again number one green leafy vegetables number two berries number three shiitake number three asparagus now asparagus actually boosts an antioxidant your body could glutathione okay now glutathione is known as your body's master antioxidant and there are actually other herbs that are very good this is low in fact milk thistle actually supports your body and glutathione production which is great so again you can do lots of herbs there but asparagus is green actually the asparagus tips have been shown to nourish and help cleanse your lungs and your colon so they're detoxifying as well really really powerful now Wilmer mention something here and he's absolutely correct mushrooms medicinal mushrooms are also prebiotics they support the growth of beneficial bacteria and probiotics that line your gut so they can also be great for it conditions like leaky gut so really beneficial there as well all right number five now this one might surprise you but if we're talking about a full-on diet and fighting cancer I've got bone broth on here now here's why bone broth contains an amino acid called glycine and in a recent clinical study glycine it was shown that people that had a higher conception of glycine have longer lifespans it actually increased people's length of life that their overall on Jeffie absolutely amazing if somebody's doing a pure unadulterated healthy bone broth so again bone broth is really high in glycine it's really it helps support the production of collagen so again lots of benefits there of things like bone broth you don't want a bun rather than anything and I'm talking about real real bone broth is what we're talking with number six is carrots now a lot of times I get questions about what about sugar and cancer now here's the deal if you have cancer you want to keep sugar levels low in fact one of the most popular diets for fighting cancer is a ketogenic diet okay and that's there's a belief in to a degree it is true that cancer cells can feed off sugar in fact some people believe that cancer is very similar to it the way it responds like like a fungus or a parasite that it really spreads and grows in the body we want to starve yeast candida bad bacteria fungus is parasites in cancer cells sugars what most of those feed off of so you want to keep sugar levels really really low okay keep sugar levels low so again but here's the thing carrots contain super high levels of beta-carotene and other nutrients that fight cancer in fact I've got a friend his name's Chris Warrick he's got some great info I know a lot of other people part of the Gerson Therapy is doing a lot of fresh pressed carrot juice so carrot juice through individual case studies has been shown to absolutely beat and fight cancer so if anything is sweet on the list the berries and carrots are the only things and they're mildly sweet low levels of sugar but again carrots and berry carrots are great for naturally fighting cancer and by the way I know that my list here is I set up my phone here I had to look towards me today because I don't have anyone to fill me so I doing this at myself in my house but again carrots if you can read backwards here and I will post this list at the end here as well so now we're gonna get into the last three and then I'm about to jump into the top herbs and supplements and essential oils for fighting cancer in just a minute but hey do me a favor right now there are millions and millions of people that are gonna be dying that are diagnosed with cancer don't know there's an other way help me spread the message right now take a minute punch that share button click that love button help me share this people need to know the truth that food is medicine my mom's life was saved because of some of the information I'm sharing today about the best foods and supplements and essential oils to fight cancer hey thanks so much everybody who's on mission with me right now alright let's talk about the last three here cruciferous vegetables okay now cruciferous vegetables actually contain compounds like indole-3 carbinol okay and this compound found in cruciferous vegetables has actually been shown to detoxify your body from phyto estrogens now this is specifically important with estrogen based breast cancer if you know is someone that has breast cancer that's hormone related they need to be eating cruciferous vegetables now I want to say this in my opinion cruciferous vegetables should not be consumed raw they should be consumed only cooked okay so in consuming cruciferous vegetables they should be well cooked and again not soggy but they should be cooked broccoli cauliflower cabbage okay Brussels sprouts very very powerful at fighting cancer but their best cook did you know some foods you know are better raw and some foods are better cooked and it depends on what you have going on your body when you cook certain nutrients become more absorbable but also when they're cooked sometimes they lose some enzyme so it just really depends but again cruciferous vegetables in my opinion should be cooked but they are really powerful again if you especially somebody has that estrogen based breast cancer for breast cancer or ovarian cancer uterine cancer cruciferous vegetables that are coke can be very beneficial number nine here we go avocado and coconut now again I mentioned this earlier one of the most popular diets today for fighting cancer is called the ketogenic diet now the ketogenic diet is where you completely get rid of almost all sugar in the diet and you consume mostly fat high fat protein low sugar that's what that diet looks like our carbohydrate loaded no sugar actually five percent of the diet is typically carbs seventy five percent is typically you know it is typically fat and maybe 20% it's protein so that's really your typical you know your typical ketogenic diet and I don't believe somebody should be on a ketogenic diet their whole life it might be a three month time period and then they get off ketosis and then they're just doing more just really nutrient-dense foods but for some people there's clinical studies showing it may be beneficial at fighting cancer there as well so I did want to mention that there as well but here's the key getting more healthy fats in your diet if you're gonna load up on healthy fats the best of the best to me are avocados and coconuts also certain types of seeds like flax can be great as well but again I'm a big fan of avocados you know if avocados are high in monounsaturated fats they're also a great source of potassium and magnesium two minerals that absolutely help relax the body and can support a fluid exchange in the body for detoxification so avocados are great coconut has medium chain fatty acids and certain fats like lauric acid capric acid which can kill off bad bacteria and yeast and fungus within the body so again coconut avocado really high up on my healthy fat list along with I didn't mention here salmon okay so salmon now and I know this is backwards I keep getting comments so I'm gonna post this at the end in the right order so check back in the lab it turned around alright so anyways as I'm saying here salmon is really high in a fat soluble antioxidant called astaxanthin so astaxanthin the fat soluble antioxidant it's really great for the brain great for your cellular membrane great for healing the body so again astaxanthin in high omega-3 fats we know most cancers today there is an inflammatory component we got to reduce inflammation salmon wild caught fish like mackerel sardines herring these are really really high in omega-3 fat so you want to get some omega-3s in your diet and last but not least nutrient-dense fresh herbs like parsley ants now we know cilantro has some benefits for detoxing heavy metals parsley is very high in potassium really helps with that fluid exchange and both of these are very alkaline forming they're also very very high in chlorophyll okay very high in chlorophyll and part of what we want to do is we want to get this these green juices in the body filter out some of the acidity now listen I'm not one of those people that believe that just get the body an alkaline environment it'll heal it's not true that it's way more complex than that but the truth is yeah a lot of people could use more chlorophyll in their diet could use more greens could use some more alkaline rich foods so in that case yes parsley and cilantro are absolutely fantastic or that you're doing them fresh you know I love fresh cilantro in guacamole I love cooked parsley doing that in like a boat chicken broth soup and I love both of them juiced okay so making your own veggie juice and I'll tell you when my mom was sick with cancer she had a juicing recipes you some of the things she put in there she would do she would do celery juice a celery and carrot were her biggest bases she would sometimes do some romaine maybe a little cabbage and then she would also do lots of herbs lots of ginger lots of turmeric lemon and then also parsley and cilantro and sometimes some other greens like spinach she would throw in there but that was the base of her juice so she did that juice all the time and and she also did green smoothies and lots of broth and you know chicken broth and she did lots of berries and all this stuff I'm talking about but again doing some veggie juicing you're not for everybody well this someone has cancer or truck is trying to prevent cancer or a cancer survivor like my mom juice and vegetables can be absolutely just incredibly beneficial so now I'm going to dive into the top herbs supplements and essential oils and as I mentioned early on this program you know my mom's life was saved by a lot of this information I'm talking about so this is so near and dear to my heart and I want to thank everybody who's sharing this information if you haven't shared it yet or you want to share it again take a minute right now press that share button how let's share this on Facebook because some what you never know somebody might stumble upon this video and it might completely and radically save their life she transformed their life in their house I've had people email me over the years saying you know what someone shared your facebook video with me and it literally changed the entire course of an entire family in their house so I want to say thanks to everybody who is sharing this alright let's jump down to the herbs and supplements and again this is backwards I'm going to post in a little bit here on Facebook send a picture so you will get good to see this so herbs and supplements number one here we're going to talk about tumeric now we've heard about tumeric a lot but there are two compounds in tumeric that make it so beneficial curcumin and to Murom where curcumin has very powerful anti-inflammatory properties it's also been shown to fight cancer cells kill off cancer cells call something called apoptosis where the cancer-causing causative to die the other thing found in turmeric though is to Marone which actually supports your body stem cell production and cellular regeneration so somebody has damaged tissue it actually helps the cells regenerate and heal so powerful and this is why turmeric is over the past 10 years it is the most common clinically studied herb available today or yeah our spice actually is more along the lines of it a root and spice but a to work is so powerful because this one-two combination of curcumin and to Marone so incredible so again turmeric is number one on my list for overall cancer-killing foods and herbs now number two here actually really high in clinical studies is green tea extract now green tea contains a component called EGCG that's epic electic catechin and I would recommend drinking green tea in fact my favorite green tea is matcha if you want to know what I probably the top beverage I drink outside of water is matcha green tea I do a matcha latte I love it I do uh i'll do some much about a teaspoon of this fresh matcha powder and then i'll do a little bit of like an almond milk and drink a matcha latte sometimes just i just do like a hint of like in there too and it just tastes so good so I drink a matcha latte or just straight-up matcha so energizing again I again I think coffee coffee and espresso if it's organic and mole free can be great some people do really well with that but if we're talking about anti-cancer benefits for a beverage it's really hard to beat green tea especially matcha it's a lot of matcha it has three times the antioxidants compared to other green tea so I like much I like Sencha as well two really good forms of green tea number three here frankincense essential oil now along with frankincense I'm going to put more in fact surprising there's a clinical study show that has shown that myrrh may in fact be more powerful than frankincense at fighting cancer but you know frankincense and myrrh you know make your own body lotion like with shea butter and jojoba oil and frankincense and myrrh use that as your moisturizer you know diffuse it in your home use it topically and I've had patients put like two drops of frankincense on their thumb rub it on the roof of their mouth so it's getting into you know the you know it's getting to the brain and the other areas of the body but using essential oils but frankincense and myrrh two of my absolute favorites to use and fighting cancer in addition there are many essential oils with anti-cancer benefits using lavender oil in fact I'm a big fan of tumeric essential oils you know there's tumeric oil I personally do like five drops of a tumeric essential oil that it's actually a co2 extract so I'll do that in a spoon black seed oil is beneficial as a as an essential oil as well I want to say hey to my good buddy one of my closest friends dr. Dan Sullivan who just joined me here as well at a great time with him this weekend but anyways want to say so in terms of essential oils frankincense and myrrh the top two in addition lavender and chamomile oil can be so calming those are fantastic in addition to that you know even oils like clove and cinnamon really powerful antioxidant properties but again frankincense and myrrh are absolutely two of my top ones alright let's continue going on here anti-cancer nutrients I'm gonna post this turned around the right way here as soon as I'm done this video number four reishi mushroom now medicinal mushrooms again we're using with that throughout traditional Chinese medicine because of their immune boosting properties reishi is fantastic cordyceps shiitake lion's mane all medicinal mushrooms have many of these benefits as well but again reishi mushrooms when my mom was sick with cancer she did both Rishi and cordyceps those are the two that she was doing on a regular basis but again doing these mushrooms can be very very powerful as well for fighting cancer and really activating what are called your natural killer cells okay that's what that's why they're beneficial is these activate more of your natural killer cells which actually go and gobble up cancer cells number five vitamin D okay now number one source of vitamin D by far we know is the Sun okay you got to get outside and get sunshine even in the fall and spring get outside you know even if you're wearing a t-shirt get some Sun go and walk some trails and do that type of thing get some Sun in addition though take it as a supplement you know vitamin d3 5,000 IU's you know once – twice daily is great as well 5,000 IU's vitamin d3 you know more of a food base vitamin D is great number six proteolytic enzymes now I want to mention something here I want to say I hate it Emmit Blahnik you just join me here as well hey hey dr. Emmett number six here are proteolytic enzymes now proteolytic enzymes can include Bramall in which is found in the core of a pineapple Papillon which is found in papaya ginger actually contains a compound called ginger Berean which falls in that family – so these are really unique enzymes that actually break down and digest scar tissue they break down and digest cancer cells so again proteolytic enzymes are amazing now these are typically taken on an empty stomach but they're really for reducing systemic white inflammation of the body and for also breaking down unhealthy cells so your body can create new and healthy cells as well but again proteolytic enzymes are absolutely fan stick there as well so again Parkinson's bra M'Lynn I mentioned ginger bean from ginger Papillon and even the great things like natto kinase found in natto a traditional Chinese dish can be really great as well number seven here this might surprise you of all the things on the list in terms of clinical studies for fighting cancer the top three probably are tumeric green tea and garlic in terms of proof of clinical studies of things that fight cancer so number seven here is garlic and garlic contains a compound called allicin which has been shown to kill off Candida yeast funguses and cancer cells so garlic has a load of benefit there as well so so garlic garlic also contains sulfur sulfur containing compounds which are really beneficial at detoxifying your liver so there's a lot of detoxify detoxifying components of garlic there too now number eight I have listed here and this is where I'm gonna have a few bonuses here at the end that are not on the list number eight are probiotics now probiotics remember part of what happens and can't let listen this might surprise you for me to say this all of us have cancer cells in our body all of us do right now I have cancer cells in my body but you know what my immune system is strong enough right now and listen all of you have parasites all everyone has yeast everyone has candy everyone has we all have some degree mostly though our immune systems are strong enough where our body kills it all off every day our body is strong enough our immune system our white blood cells are like oh there's a cancer cell ham killing that thing oh hey this parasite we got too many of these are we got too much Candida hey your immune system is strong enough or it is killing these things off all the time but if your immune system starts to get too low in too weak certain organs get too stressed your body your defenses get down and you know what happened when your defenses are down some of these candy that cancer cells parents these things start to overtake your immune system in your defense system so you got to build it back up you know there are things you like we got to get enough sleep I'm get a little off-track here but I'm going to say like you got to get enough sleep you got to keep stressed low you got to nourish your body you got to build up your immune defenses that's the reason I bring this up as probiotics okay so probiotics line your gut we've heard this thing before but 70% of your immune system starts in your gut so you got to nourish your gut you're gonna be doing that by lots of probiotic rich foods kimchi's probably my favorite for fighting cancer and not of those two you know kimchi's got a little bit that spiciness which actually has anti-cancer properties typically has some carrots and cabbage loads of probiotics there lactobacillus plantarum as a species which is so good I also have got natto which with natto conduct kinase and lactobacillus plantarum as well so lots of good properties there are some of those probiotic rich foods or taking a probiotic something whether it be a soil basic and espyo probiotic or a food based both are great number 9 chlorella and spirulina okay these are allergies now allergies are actually more nutrient dense than green leafy vegetables these are super super high in calcium magnesium in chlorophyll in just vitamins and members are very high in B vitamins really high o some of the most high B vitamins in the world are found in spray lena and chlorella these also have great detoxification benefits for your blood as well as for your kidneys in your entire body so again doing lots of spray lena chlorella is great and like that you know you can do a green superfood powder that has these as well but doing these is fantastic ok you want to get a lot of these greens in your diet and the number 10 by the way I've got a few bonuses after this you won't want a mess and by the way I know this is backwards but and I'll post that at the end number 10 here is ginger okay now ginger I mentioned Zen Gerbino earlier it's got ginger bean it also has a group of compounds called ginger allz and you can do ginger as a tea I'll say the best thing is fresh pressed ginger juice now if you ever watched me on instagram our my and by the way if you got if you don't follow me on Instagram you can do that myself and my wife Chelsea she's always going over her natural skincare routine how to use essential as you can find her her I'm dr. Josh axe on Instagram she's dr. Chelsea axe I bring up to say you know we did ginger shots yesterday with our good friend dr. Dave to hell and dr. Isaac Jones who are in town for an event we had on but I managed injure shots are amazing for activating your immune system for fighting cancer for reducing inflammation throughout your body ginger is just one of the biggest superfood that was really popular 20-30 years ago but really it's across the board ginger should probably be one of the most widely used herbs almost everybody can benefit from ginger ginger and tumeric both I mean really one two we should be using these all the time in any way we possibly can I also use ginger essential oil I'll put a couple of drops of that in a smoothie I'll diffuse it you begin ginger oils great too but ginger whether it's a tea fresh pressed juice use it and cooking the powder every way possible get more ginger in your diet and I'm gonna go through a few bonuses here before I do that I mentioned this early on the broadcast you know my mom was diagnosed with cancer more than 20 years ago and this information I'm sharing with her it really erratically transformed my life it transformed her life this is part of the reason why I became a doctors when my mom was diagnosed with cancer I said and she had went through the conventional treatments of chemo and radiation I said to myself as a junior higher seventh grade there has to be another way to get healthy she was diagnosed again ten years later and we decided to take a natural route my mom started juicing vegetables every single day she started doing wild berry she started reducing stress she started doing positive affirmations and getting grateful and doing all these things and it radically transformed her health and that's really what drove me to become a doctor and so I want to thank everybody I see everybody sharing this video right now if you haven't shared it yet take a minute punch that share button click that love button how many thinks are out for helping me spread the word that food is medicine and food can be so powerful they can support your body in killing cancer I want to say there's a principle I do want to mention here none of these foods I mentioned actually heal your body your body heals itself but many of these nutrients were created to work in tandem with your body to kill off cancer cells and boost your immune system so we want to make sure we're getting these and we're given the body what it means to build up those defenses okay that's what we want to do here with all these things now a few nutrients and supplements I just want to mention in addition to this you know even things like lemon more of these vitamin C rich foods juicing lemons are great so all says you know citrus across the board can be really really powerful pomegranate you know pomegranate has some really unique antioxidants in raspberries they contain something called illegit acid which is actually been shown to help fight skin cancer if we're talking about skin cancer specifically doing a raspberry extract with eggplant extract mixed with like a myrrh essential oil can have have some great benefits there the more specifically I've talked a lot about breast cancer on this podcast and with breast cancer you really got to pay attention to hormones okay hormones more healthy fats avocados coconut flaxseed and get rid of the refined grains the sugar the prot you know the hydrogenated oils the genetically modified foods you got to get all of these out of your diet you know in order to allow your body to fully heal and I want to mention this we've talked about food we've talked about herbs and supplements you got to reduce stress it really is key you know I really believe that more half of cancer if we talk about half of its diet you know what the other half is its negative emotions certain emotions cause disease and specific organs fear builds up disease in your reproductive organs and your kidneys and adrenals anger causes disease of the liver and gallbladder worry cause disease of the upper GI system your pancreas your spleen all those areas grief causes a detox causes toxicity within your lungs and your colon so we got to heal these areas and a few other things my mom did you know my mom got adjusted she went to got chiropractic care several days a week she got adjust and worked on one of the things she did with chiropractic she had them focused on her upper neck area there's a nerve called your vagus nerve which and most of us live in this this high sympathetic stay really high emotional stress you got a decrease sympathetic fight-or-flight response and increase your parasympathetic response you know how you do that one great way is through chiropractic adjustments in the neck and the sacrum the upper and lower part a few other ways that can help that um you know my mom did lymphatic drainage massage so she worked on the draining of her lymphatic system she did deep breathing she did walks out in nature you know all those types of things reading things that were spiritually uplifting so if you know you're one of those people maybe you got a lot of fear you got a lot of worry work on naturally combating those things by giving more you time more time to build peace and join your life my parents in fact another thing they stopped watching all the dark stuff on TV they just watched comedies and things that made them laugh that they really enjoyed and you know and my mom today my mom is just um she's a real spiritual woman my mom wakes up every morning gets grateful you know praises God and you know and reads her Bible and and you know and meditates those types of things and just you know gets really healthy that way the last remedy I do want to mention here it's kind of controversial but I but I do think for cancer patients it's one of the most powerful things in the world and it's cannabis or specifically high CBD cannabis you know CBD or the entire you know cannabinoids in general have benefits remember I talked about parasympathetic nervous system reducing that sympathetic state in terms of a natural rep something found in nature by far the most powerful herb or supplement on the planet for lowering high sympathetic state that sympathetic state we get it for lowering anxiety in that is CBD / high CBD cannabis okay there are different strains out there such as Charlotte's Web canna tonic and different ones out there that can be good options but again I want to mention this I'm and no way I'm not right now you know promoting it for necessarily recreational use but again for medicinal cannabis the the clinical studies out there are really powerful I mean cannabis has been shown especially people with epilepsy but really a you know severe autistic with with hyperactivity behavior actually can't anybody struggle with chronic pain nerve related pain it is really really incredible I'd love to hear from you if you've ever you know if you know much about see if you've ever used CBD of any type we'd love to hear I know we pride have a lot of people here who have maybe used it before seeing benefits there but again CBD can be a great natural supplement or high CBD cannabis can have a lot of benefits for naturally improving that parasympathetic response and lowering that sympathy we have to look we have to reduce that sympathetic response most of us live in these high levels of cortisol which I know a lot of people you know I've known people in fact doctors that I really believe they got cancer they ate perfectly I'm serious when I say this they ate almost perfectly and they got diagnosed with an issue because they couldn't turn it off they lived in this really high state of sympathetic all the time we got you got to bring that down better sleep less stress whatever it takes for you to get there it's really important that people get in that state of reducing a lot with reducing stress here as well by the way hey if I missed one of these tips I'd love to hear from you what do you believe are the most powerful essential oils for fighting cancer what do you believe are the most powerful foods for fighting cancer I would love to hear from you what you believe are the best herbs supplements natural treatment protocols for fighting cancer on the planet would really love to hear from you guys as well and share with each other answer each other's questions I really believe this faith our Facebook page here is a community I'm so encouraged all the time I read a lot you'd probably be surprised at how many of your comments I go on and read obviously many of them my answer my team they our access team answers here as well there's someone I mentioned there by the way if you're not subscribed here to my channel make sure you subscribe here to my Facebook page I'm going to be coming out with a lot more videos you know I typically do about two videos here a week and my wife Chelsea and I are actually now doing some facebook lives together we'll do another one this week talking about we're gonna be getting a lot into fitness and energy and that type of thing you can also follow me on instagram it's dr. Josh axe my wife Chelsea on instagram it's dr. dr. Chelsea axe she's that she's the doc as well so hey I want to say thanks to everybody or watching share this with somebody there's a lot of people out there who need to know the truth how to beat cancer and specifically breast cancer there as well and I'm gonna post live right now these are charts that I know showed up backwards it's all post those right now so if you want to check them out print them out that's great let's say thanks everybody for watching I'll see on another Facebook live later this week hi dr. axe do I want to say thanks so much for checking out this YouTube video and also don't forget to subscribe if you want to get more great content on things like herbs essential oils natural remedies and how to use food as medicine also check out more of our content on my youtube channel thanks for watching


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  18. 30 carbs or less. 18 hrs plus of fasting and we rolled trough worst chemo (red devil) without side effects. All 4 rounds

  19. Artesamine annua killed our stage 4 metastasized breast cancer in what we think was less than 1 week. We know moved to Chiapas Mexico to use all other plants to make tea. We don’t really like smoothies

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