A little rant about Greg doucette a yes
the douche of douches I love people I’m welcome to Jon Sheppard fitness and I
hope you all well well I’m doing a bit of a rant today I’m gonna do a rant
about the main man the people who are starting to look at the moment
Greg doucette a and I’m gonna slate him because of what he said about me yes
recently he did a video he does a lot of videos natty or not about a lot of
fitness people and obviously he was natural once and now he’s not natural
because obviously he can compete or something I haven’t got group why would
you go from being natural unnatural you know after so many years I don’t get it
you know but that’s his own opinion what I want to say he’s I I am no doctor I am
no scientist I am no brain surgeon I am nobody
I I I’m into fitness right I’m competing next year in for the first actual body
competition natural and I respected this guy he is a IbFF Pro is being in the
business for years yeah he does know his stuff and and I’m not Slatting about what
he knows but what I’m selective about is how he speaks to people and how he needs
to watch his mouth because one day he’ll say to the wrong person and he will
get completely knocked out because if you follow him or if you don’t follow
him he basically said that matt does Fitness we all know matt does fitness I if
you’re English we all know who he is if the over a million subscribers he’s a
genuine decent guy he is he’s got has got good physique and he basically said
he’s on steroids oh he’s been on steroids so I watch the whole video
because I find them image interesting to see what he said and basically he came
up with all these things saying that he’s done this he was skinny and now his
nipples or different sizes and all this which I can’t really tell on his nipples
that his nipples or any different than the other ones obviously your nipples
can’t change shape by the way you are standing if you are going like that my
nipple is going to go up a bit if your stretchy layer your nipples are got a
stretch of it right so telling me about nipples is not really gonna do much to
prove your evidence about if he was on steroids you know the only thing I know
about steroids I’m not a professional about those so just because I haven’t
taken it doesn’t mean I can’t I don’t know the signs of steroids when you take
steroids your nipples do go out a lot and they go poofy I know this because I
know somebody who takes they’re always and he’s do that and matt does
Fitness has never had big puffy nipples his nipples have always been the same
I’ve never stood out on me and I don’t think that you can say he’s on steroids
because I was nipples and the reason why I’m gonna I’m gonna put my take on Matt
does fitness and because I’m going to say that he is
actually natural and well I’m gonna say why I put a comment on Greg doucette a
douche or Greg the douche douche a that basically how could you say that Matt
does Fitness is on steroids and then you say Mike thurston because he’s got
skinnier legs he’s not on steroids right the one thing I said Matt does fitness
he’s a power lifter no he’s not a power lifter book he does train a lot of
powerlifting he does heavy weights squatted dead lifted where Mike thurston
doesn’t he doesn’t do that he’s more isolated moves you know and he
doesn’t do his legs like matt does Fitness I would say if you are training your
legs a lot harder on bigger weights your legs are going to get bigger than
somebody who’s just doing a certain move and all the time and that’s what I put
on the actual video on these comments and this is what he put you could be on
steroids or you can not be on steroids and you can actually be smaller than
somebody who is natural or not natural depending on your train if I went on
steroids and I didn’t change my legs my legs would not get any bit bigger they
would never get any bigger right but the same if your natural and also I put on
the actual comment saying about well if Matt does fitness he actually on
steroids he is nowhere near as big as Brandon Harding who is on steroids then
he said he brandon Arden he’s on steroids he’s a monster he’s six foot
two well Matt does fitness is over six foot as well you know and um they are
basically the same size in like height yes
Brandon Hardy is bigger because he wants to be a bodybuilder where Matt was
Fitness does not want to be a bodybuilder you know he wants to stay as
was he at the moment he wants to keep his physique you know he’s no he’s not
on no special diet he’s no I’m no special training plan you know he do
he’s basically like a normal person who likes going to the gym
he does his heavy lips he does his isolated the moves and as that is it you
know just to maintain the muscle he’s got now I am going to say what I
actually think that Matt does Fitness is actually natural if you look through his
career he was an athlete and most athletes I’ve got good physique that
some athletes might not be as big and as mostly as all athletes but generally
they are good in physique white you know and whatever size they are
and I would say when matter finished doing athletics he went on to
bodybuilding he went on to powerlifting and you can’t progress a lot obviously
he has got them genetics in him to do a sport I am like why is it in long jump
in triple jumping so he’s got it in his genes to actually succeed excel in a
thing what he’s doing so his body excelled in what he’s doing which was
bodybuilding it doesn’t mean that he is on steroids or was on steroids to get to
that physique because if you look crew he’s actual if you actually look fruit
he’s a career he’s been on YouTube since then days and he has not got any bigger
he’s not got any bigger at all he’s not exceeded ly gosh
super strong comp no compared to nothing where he’s I mean lucky to bench like
what a hundred like me you know he’s not got super strong gone dead list from
when he wasn’t super strong on deadlifts you know he’s progressed right I when I
watched the video and he’s showing him doing 160 deadlifts and then how he does
a lot more now it’s called progression you gotta think that if he has got time
and he’s got coaching back in the days where he wants
to do that because he had coaches previously obviously when he was a long
jumper and luck triple jumper he will can still have coaches to get him into
the next stage he was interested in powerlifting as well so he was gonna
just focus on and then think if you’re just focusing on a certain thing you’re
going to excel on that surfing if you’re just wanting to look good
your whole lifts are gonna go gradually up slowly all together or if you’re just
focused on deadlifts your deadlift is gonna go so so much higher than a person
who does evil once a week because you’ll be doing it two maybe three times a week
and it will your for your how to lift we’ll just go rock it up and it will
make you at least and it’ll make you a hell of a lot better than the average
deadlift so obviously when you’re doing powerlifting you’re getting a lot of
muscle from powerlifting all know that compound movements are the best movement
to actually build the muscle and if you’re doing these compound movements
you’re gonna build some serious muscle especially if he was doing deadlifts he
would have been building his back up to stupid size because obviously to lift a
certain weight you’ve got to have a certain size back and the muscles to
lift that weight and you gotta think he is not young if he was now 22 and he
looked like that then yes he would be on some sword steroid but easy in his
thirties we all know that it takes time to build muscle it doesn’t you can’t get
muscle over a week you can’t get muscle over a couple of months it takes years
to develop and he he is probably I would say in his prime I don’t think he could
get much more muscle I’m personally he could probably get a little bit bigger
but you know you would have noticed and he
he was on celery don’t you think he would’ve been a lot bigger than he was
his deadlifts would be a lot more than what they are now they would be they
would be over 300 I know people who are smaller than him who can deadlift more I
know people who are smaller than him who can bench walk like you for instance we
got David blade-like who is what 22 and he’s deadlift is just as good and he can
lift just as much as Matt and every says he’s on says he yes you could say he is
on steroids because of the of the the power the strength for such a young
person how he’s developed so quickly over a matter of years yes but Matt is
now in his 30s so how would he be on steroids if he’s
gradually got stronger his his his strength is gradually gone up his his
body competition his body competition his muscles have slowly got bigger they
haven’t they haven’t gone from one extreme to another you know so Greg I do
respect you on things you do say but you’re wrong about matters fitness
completely because one you’re just doing it for the views and it’s a bit sad
because you know he’s got a love followers too
when you’ve got people who actually follow you and you’re calling me morons
and calling calling them names you you shouldn’t be because it is actually rude
it’s wrong to slake people who I’ve just got an opinion and it wasn’t even a bad
opinion you know I mean it was just how can you call one person who is on who
you think on steroids then use basically his best mate which is like first and
saying he’s not and when my person I’m the top half he’s actually bigger than
Matt does fitness and how because I’ve seen them interesting and
yes max has bigger legs but he has bigger legs because he trains him a lot
harder not because he’s on steroids and if you
looked at them and you thought mats what on steroids and if you put him next to
you you would see the complete difference of somebody who’s on steroids
to not you know stick him next to Brandon Hardin somebody who’s on
steroids compared to somebody who’s not right there is complete and utter
difference right because when Matt he’s not gossip UMP he doesn’t he just he
looks big still but he hasn’t got the the veins popping out constantly what
like you do when we see you are on the screen you know and people on steroids
always looked absolutely shredded he’s in condition he’s in good condition
right he’s not absolutely shredded you know and if he wasn’t on steroids he
would look a hell of a lot better than he does now and you might say well he
could have took him years ago yes he might have done but I don’t think
so because if he did take him there is no evidence through the years of YouTube
that he’s been doing that he’s actually progressed and shot up a lot also what
you do not know about he was a teacher a PE teacher and do you think he would
have jeopardized his job his career as a PE teacher taking steroids as you know
teachers do not have much time to mess about you know recruit anything like
steroids it would be shame that and at school he would have lost his job just
like that because obviously a PE teacher taking stories kids fine
kids’ll wanna take those hats cool and you know he does not look very good so
Greg I think when you do these Nattie’s or not you really need to look into the
person a bit more than just a couple of videos because you actually do not know
the person themselves also if you want to grow on your channel which you have
grown a lot and I I actually do think you’ve only took on Brandon Hardin
because you know he’s popular so you can get popular more yourself which is the
wrong way and I think you need to respect people because for one you don’t
know who you’re talking to – it’s rude how you can talk to people
who you don’t know just because you might not ever see him and free you
should never ever be nasty to somebody just it’s somebody’s opinion you know
you should just because you don’t like that opinion all right or somebody’s
nasty if that personally nasty yes say whatever you want to do because that’s
what I do well when you are actually calling people morons and that just
because they’re asking a question it’s bit wrong really and I would expect that
from a immature little boy but you’re like how old 44 now is it and you still
act like a little teenager you need to grow up right get some respect
alright because if you’re gonna keep on doing that one day somebody will come
and punch you in the face and because of the way you spoke to them and I hope you
do watch this you probably won’t but if you did right keep up your good work
your channel is good and and but just stop talking down to people yes I
understand you don’t that you’re where you are but when you’re talking to
people who actually watch your videos you shouldn’t you know you know and if
you don’t like a comment you news you ignore them or you just say
yes I at the blah blah blah blah blah blah and say your opinion like you don’t
need to put their name calling like a little bar you hear oh boy anyway people
I’m gonna go now after my little rant I’m gonna now go I’m going suffer again
cuz I’m ill and I will see you you


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  3. Very interesting to hear your take on this mate. I think all the drama is for nothing really, but hey, that’s show business 😉💯

  4. There's nothing like a good bit of YouTube drama Jon it's always gonna be up for debate when somebody has top level genetics like Matt wether he is on the gear or not it takes a super level of dedication to reach that level MINT

  5. Greg Douchette looks and sounds like a jerk !!

  6. So then do you think Matt does Fitness is natural?

  7. John Sheppard you're an Alan Partridge like gimp that was bollocks, you nipple watcher.

  8. Nice video and thank for share. I love your video. I'm new friend. I'll come often 😉😉😉

  9. Uh bro, Greg Doucette is 100x more qualified to be criticizing people than you…..

  10. 10 like and Ossum share dear friend stay connected 😊👍

  11. I’ve seen a few of Matts videos, proper funny and seems a great guy. I’d say he has almost certainly used PEDs at some point though, and he probably still does now.

    Just looked up the other douche guy. He does seem a bit of a knob I guess, but seems to know what he’s talking about. His vibrant squeaky energetic approach is appealing to a lot of people .

    Well behind on your vids mate. Hope all is well. By the titles seems like you’ve had a rough time

  12. Nice talk!

  13. U need to re watch my video on why I said mike thurston is natural. He was way more developed at a younger age. Also never said he is on steroids said he is not natural. Could be on low dose SARMS. Being on steroids does not make everyone huge. For example if u took the same cycles as i have you would not even beat my natural physique from 20 years ago. Sorry to crush your dreams and your views on mattdoesfitness being all natural. congratulations 165 views while name dropping me and MattDoesFitness 🤷🏻‍♂️

  14. Oh and I forget to say ur a moron 🤷🏻‍♂️. I’m a douche but at least I’m not a moron. Will that person who come punches me be you. Would love to see that attempt. I called matt hot and said I like his vids. Its not all insults just speaking the facts. Not my fault your a moron. 🤫😜

  15. Hi Jon. I am glad to be here & get more serious about my fitness level!Thanks for the great content

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