National physical fitness and sports month

or what we know the month of May is special in Indiana they also have the big race of course but a lot of fun that comes with it did you also know that may is also national physical fitness and sports month which is why the little outfit change here out of my dress we're here with dr. Craig Nate Olson from Doctors Express Indianapolis to learn about how you can really get active maybe while you're at work or if you're in line if the track so you've got some great ideas for us well the recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and many other athletic associations are for adults to get at least 150 minutes a week okay moderately strenuous exercise such as brisk walking or pushing a lawn mower or at least 75 minutes a week of strenuous exercise which would include running or fast biking or playing basketball but if you're unable to get away from the desk is just so many of us are to do standing in place there's there's things that you can do okay i want to show us a few guys I'm gonna stand on this side of you good um so what are some easy ones maybe you're at work and you just have a few minutes okay well you can always drop down and do push-ups okay they're actually do that right now yeah I'll do one I'll do one hopefully you can't even see oh darn you can see it okay we got one my trainer would be so proud of me right now okay we got some push-ups that's a good start alright then you want to involve all major muscle groups you want to hit the legs to uh you can do calf raises okay these are easy on your toes I know how to do these okay these are eating you can do standing squats okay air squats like that yeah look you know fall hold them further okay so someone gonna look at me weird though if I'm like in the office and I'm just like chillin like this probably window true but it helps though all these little things you can do really help so say you're in line ims as we know so many people have to wait in line because so many folks go are there things you can do while you're waiting well you know you can grab whatever you have brought with you you know you can take your beers and do your 12-ounce curls oh I like that idea yeah I like that idea and just kind of stretching after that's always good to one thing I've learned my own little fitness journey I never really had done much physical activity until I moved back home Indianapolis got a trainer and he taught me so many just simple things that you can do at home at work you know whether it's squats or I know a lot of folks who also like to take a walk during their break maybe walk around the building more yep that's a great way to get extra so you said it's a hundred and fifty minutes 150 minutes of moderate Lee strenuous exercise or at least 75 minutes of strenuous exercise okay and what do you find are the biggest excuses from people not having time that's probably the biggest mm-hmm well this is a good way to show you that it doesn't really matter you can find a few minutes look at me doing push-ups on the anchor set floor but thank you so much for joining us today great to meet you and just if you can take away anything from this is that you can find a couple minutes in your day whether you're out at ims or at work to just sneak in a few minutes of exercise

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