National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) at CVS Health

Hi, my name is Lisa Carrara and I am a
longtime Aetna veteran, but I’m also somebody with a visual impairment. And
although it’s not obvious, I was really, I’ll say paranoid over the course of my
Aetna career that somebody would find out about it. I didn’t want to be treated differently. I didn’t want anybody to feel sorry for
me, and I certainly didn’t want to not get maybe a stretch assignment that
would help further my career because anybody thought that I was incapable of
doing something. In my early twenties, I had an accident playing softball where I got hit in the face with a ball traveling about 60 miles an hour and it fractured
everything on the right side of my face and I also lost the sight in my right
eye. And so as a result of that it was a severe concussion, some vision issues
actually in my good eye and headaches for years. But even more so than the
physical, I was very insecure about how I looked because to me I didn’t look
normal anymore, at least not the way I thought I used to look and so that
actually weighed very heavily on me. So what I want to say is that if I’m out
there hiding in plain sight, then there are a lot of other people that are out
there just like me that are hiding in plain sight. So I’m gonna ask you to be
tolerant, to be kind and to be patient. We are all shaped by our experiences and
you really can’t understand what somebody is going through unless you’ve
walked a mile in their shoes. So bottom line is we’re all different, we all have different experiences that shape us and we all each have value to add. So I wanted to make this video really to
thank my friends and my Aetna colleagues over the years who have really never
ever made me feel anything less than able. Thank you.

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