NATA Position Statement||Evaluation of Dietary Supplements for performance Nutrition

hey you guys Edwyn here with the video on a position statement of the national athletic training Association I would try to make this quick and entertaining because I know you know reading this article was not alright let's dive in so NATO's evaluation of dietary supplements for performance nutrition tells us about their philosophy which is very simple number 1 promote food first number 2 understand the rules and regulations regarding dietary supplements in sports and banned substances number 3 become familiar with resources for evaluating safety of supplements now let's explore each of these main points in more detail number 1 promote food first when an athlete comes to you for advice on a supplement to improve their performance we are presented with an opportunity a chance to educate them about an intentional performance diet we can ask about their habitual diet frequency of meals their eating portion size of reveals and the variety of food that they're eating and according to our findings we can share knowledge on creating balanced meals and hydration with proper timing to stay fueled to work hard with an intentional performance diet setup Nutrition overconsumption is possible if accompanied by dietary supplements with athletes requiring a specific diet due to complex situations we can refer them to a registered dietician to not go beyond the boundaries of an athletic trainers scope of practice ultimately we want to be advocates for Whole Foods before powders and Tails moving on to number 2 understanding the rules and regulations regarding dietary supplements and sports and banned substances okay here is a crazy fact supplements will not have to prove their purity safety or efficacy before being sold to the public which means it could be being sold total lives because of this it is left to international national and local organizations as authorities to set a level playing field and create lists of banned substances and exam a governing body that sets rules and regulations for all athletes of its member institutions is the n-c-double-a on top of having permissible and non permissible list they have made a mandatory for all Division one member institutions to designate a staff member as the person in charge of answering questions and educating student athletes and staff about supplement use the lack of federal regulation means that studies have now been done on dietary supplements and the variety of components present make it impossible to predict chemical interactions absorptive issues and metabolism in the body when purity safety and efficacy are not monitored supplements can pose a significant health risk to athletes and the public for that matter number three athletic trainers need to become familiar with resources for evaluating safety of supplements what this means is to know where to look for assistance and faced with questions regarding dietary supplements especially if you are the go-to person for coaches parents and athletes a good place to start is the website for the governing bodies the athletes will be playing under for example at the Olympic level the professional level and at specific events food resources will help establish a strong foundation to promote food first with athletes regulatory resources will help your athletes stay eligible to play by identifying banned substances and helping athletes to stay away from supplements that will yield positive drug test safety resources will help athletic trainers stay up-to-date on supplements that have had problems staying in the market because their product is a health risk it's now safe to assume that supplements are what they say they are simply because they are sold in the open market these stems on labels of supplements show that they have been verified for factors like purity truth in labeling efficacy safety and absorption dosage facility inspections and ongoing monitoring whenever research articles are used they need to be critically evaluated because outcomes can be open to more than one and two and biased dietary supplements are used to gain a performance edge over competition with that in mind some questions can arise about the safety legality and efficacy of the supplements athletic trainers are advocates for the health of their patients and therefore need to stay aware of the trends and supplement use and the risks they may carry for exactly's health and sport eligibility there is no shortcut only hard work and discipline will get you the results you want alright guys thank you for watching and I hope this video has made you understand one of the National Athletic Trainers Association position statements better peace

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