'Mystery Disease' Caused by Lychee Fruit in Bihar . क्या है सच ?


  1. Very useful information Sir. Aapne bahut acche se current situation ko analyse karte hue, har point par baat kari. I wish ki ye video Patients ke attendants, Doctors ,Media ,Politicians sab dekhe aur sab apni- apni understanding ko badhakar situation ko handle kare. Very Good work Sir. God bless you

  2. Natural therapies that they use in the center in Poland, which heal incurable diseases.

    Is the life of a medico that bad in terms of work life balance? Is it always 12 + hours 24x 7 even after residency for specialities( esp. Surgeons) other than rad or derm
    I m aspiring to be a first generation doctor in my family and as such i dont have any one to look upto and talk regarding my doubts.. A lot my friends who are preparing for engineering entrances always bring up the topic of worst work life balance in medicine ..At first i ignored them and laughed it away and concentrated on my studies, but of late this issue is bitting me so much that now when i sit to study my brain keeps questioning is it really worth all the years of hardwork to come in if u r not having time to enjoy the prime of ur life

    I m curious about the work hours during residency.. Does it vary much across different specialities?

    Are they really that hectic (15–20hrs/day) even after first year

    or it is more like 8am to 8 pm kind of thing after 1st 6 months or a year? What are the work hours during Sr ship or fellowship(say after MS ortho)? Are they similarly hectic as Jr ship? What about post residency career say for a surgeon in corporate hospitals, is it also going to be that hectic as it is during residency?

    During residency how do the doctors manage time for study and bare minimum recreation ? What if they are in a relationship or are married to a non medico? Is it a really bad idea to get married or being in a relationship during residency because they are most likely to suffer greatly..

    If so hectic then is it feasible for doctors to even expect a decent family life with 3 -4 free evenings with family and friends per week even after residency?

    Can u please give an insight on a typical work week hours during and post residency if possible in the form of( mon -sun itinerary )

    I really really need ur advice to make up my mind please🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 reply or make a video

  4. First off all thank you very much .I want to know after baslp I should do mph or maslp what will be my salary

  5. Sir lychee honey safe or not safe

  6. Sir please reply me becouse mera future danger m hai. M bahut jyada confuse hu ki bnys kru ya bams ya baslp… Sir please please please please reply me…

  7. अतुलनीय……….
    सर आप अपना जो समय निकालकर देश और समाज की जो सेवा कर रहे हैं उसको बयान करने के लिए मेरे पास शब्द नहीं हैं।।

  8. Prevention is better than quer.

  9. Hii brother iam taking admission in B.sc neuroscience from amity university is it good desion as a carrier or not…?

  10. Sir MBBS main admission ke liye Medical fitness main kya kya jarurat hai?

  11. Very useful.. sir apki bahut zarurat h… Hum log ek team banakar chale waha help karne… Ye generalist interrupt karte h.. doctors ko pagal samjhte h.. they really don't know the hard work, dedication and sacrifice of doctor…

  12. Thankyou sir

  13. Ur videos r very good sir lots of information explained so nicely

  14. Very important information this situation for all patient family

  15. Sir BASLP m admission kaha mil sakta h ab please reply me

  16. Thank you so much sir …. Is information ke liye Aapne bahut achchhe se samjhaya

  17. नमस्कार डॉक्टर साहब मोंटेलुकस्त फैक्सोफिनेडाइन का अस्थमा में क्या रोल है और उसे कितने दिनों तक लेना चाहिए कृपया मुझे सलाह अवश्य दें क्या इन दोनों दवाओं से अस्थमा पूरी तरह से ठीक हो सकता है क्या इन दवाओं की आदत पड़ती है प्लीज डॉक्टर साहब इसका जवाब दे

  18. Bsc dialysis technology ke scope ke bare mai bare guide kr skte hai hai..I m student of 2nd year student .. BSC dialysis technology.jo mere senior hai Jo pass out ho chuke hai…but unke pass job nhi hai .to please btaiye Kya bsc dialysis technology ka. Scope I'm tns sir

  19. Sir bsc dialysis technology scope …

  20. बहुत दुःखद है ये, ये किसी भी देश की अस्मिता पर बहुत बड़ा धब्बा है ….किसी देश में बच्चे किसी बुखार से मर जाएं….बहुत ही शर्मनाक ।।।

  21. Sir plz vit B12 deficiency par treatment batayiye..

  22. Sir please make a video on BHMS I want to take admission but I don't know much about it please sir I really need it

  23. Nice video sir thanks for awareness about this disease !!!

  24. Thank you sir, i was searching here and there for AES information, and you provided very well

  25. Thanks for giving useful information

  26. Sir amino acids are micro form of protein,how this can be toxic ? Similarly how can ketons be toxic ? Explain please

  27. Why can't all the doctors be like you.

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