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Mike writing vegan supplements all hi i'm paul from hench ever bought if you want ultimate health and fitness without harming the animals and the rest of the planet consider subscribing get the bell notifications so you're notified of new videos and livestreams down to business then now this video is sponsored by my protein they launched a brand new first of its kind fully natural vegan pre-workout so I'm excited to try that they've sent me a nice little haul of all they're vegan goodies say you know if you watch this channel for anything for time you'll know that personally I favor Whole Foods over a lot of supplements however I'm aware enough people do like to take supplement and so I think you know why not give my honest review so you guys can see you know at least you're doing the veganism what may or another you know you need to know all the options I should mention from now until Sunday the 17th of December if you used my promo code you can get 40% off any of these vegan products and the code the code is hang on MPV hench MPV hench 40% off for the next few days at fast now the exciting bit I was cut away from yourselves people despite what I did a second degree I just had mr. Bremner from my old school in my ear telling me off sure not being oh I'm out the shot we've got a vegan protein bar it's like Christmas isn't it whole fuel I don't have to say a meal replacement it certainly looks that way we'll unpack everything and then we'll have a little closer look at stuff here's the pre-workout and quite exciting to look at this well it's Cola flavor it's got Maccabee tree gharana grape seed extract we'll give this a go I'm working out today shortly in fact so we'll give it a little try can you see everything the great you never have too many shakers why do they always go missing now we've got some hemp bars if I don't get in here vegan blend okay say and unflavored prating so this I would you know generally use a lot as a nutritionist I advocate Whole Foods whole plant foods wherever possible however for a largest strength athlete without eating just like loads of lentils or beans all day long and not too much else might be a struggle to get an optimum amount of protein so but I look for a supplement ideally there's no additives so Whole Foods number one nothing bad added nothing get taken away you know processed foods this is just that some good stuff taken away but you're upping your percentage of protein which for a gym go there sometimes is important to them is as it is to me so I use a couple of kind of scoops of this sort of thing you know but this will have no nor your additives and in fact it's got some added enzymes to aid digestion say thanks my protein this is myself AG okay and there's a vegan t3 if we're not living in the tropics or you know a really sunny area or if we're indoors like day all day long like year-round we're gonna be low in vitamin D that's just not a victim in this a.m. it's a hormone 25 hydroxyl Calcifer all that took me a second to remember it you might notice to jump cut but essential raises our free testosterone by lowering lowering our sex hormone-binding globulin so real booster work and a prize mixture and especially for a vegan knocking sun even non vegans most of new procedures only get about a hundred and thirty our use of hitman deep per day from that food most health authorities say if you're not getting a certain you probably need more like two thousand say essentials get him in yet and why not get a vegan one with no gelatine now our animals are harmed vegan or non-vegan less not harm animals if we don't have to make our nice bigger a meager supplement Israel it's got 250 milligrams of DHA and 125 of EPA very very good high potency from algae which is where the fish get their omega-3 so cut out the middle fish you don't get all the bio accumulated toxins that store in the fat of animals of fish brilliant again even non vegans you could use this instead of taking a fish oil supplement much better for your health same potential health outcome from the benefits none the negatives sir I use too many words there and lastly a b12 someone at my party knows what they're doing they are the three supplements I really do recommend for vegans right let's give this pre-workout a world our way Frenchie shake us out when you first get can't find any scissors so this left today I don't know what my Fighting's done there but that was a lot easier than I expected smells lovely so it's one steep is it Devin Graham 7 between smell was good no big fella and don't screw this on with the lid closed Israeli trap extra air and when you shake it if you read it well explained on you know you know might be know this is safe to be here [Applause] what I know I'm strong enough here we go that's pretty decent yo leather so ingredients organic matter powder natural flavorings beetroot powder citric acid guarana extract powder grape seed extract fat wood used cocoa powder so there fat in cocoa and cocoa beans is actually harmful is to a nasty sachet that raises our LDL cholesterol so cocoa powder especially fat reduced get rid of that so someone process food which is actually healthier than the whole food for going to tree seed extract it's a little stevia in there green tea powder black pepper 150 milligrams of caffeine say if you're a really caffeine sensitive not so good but if your nurse stopping workout Kathy did does about six really cool things to benefit workouts believe another I've been lowering my caffeine lately so this probably will give me a bit of a visa now would recommend to a friend right so I'm off to the gym I guess over again for the other stuff let's ride post-workout justice under packaging what's that I hear you say you love my new vegan warrior training best well you're in luck link in the description give it back so I'm at the gym thirty minutes has passed pre-workouts Tecna off it'll really really pumped I'm really excited to get training so let's do this [Applause] post-workout I'm getting hungry gotta get my snacks own and try the protein bar I'm excited for this is orange flavor gluten-free which is good for me because it will cripple me if not I individually wrapped for her pleasure [Applause] those delicious really chocolatey and tangy 10-hour 10 zorbop chase I've got the protein powder as I said before it's unflavored so I've put a little cocoa powder in here just mix it with water and yeah that works a treat it's fine no like nasty bitter taste or anything this is my friend role I just met him hey sir he's speaking one day weak happens to be today now in the interest of full disclosure and my party told me to be honest and authentic this hampire Alerts division is scott coconut oil in which i seek to avoid each their own a lot of people love him and rather agreed to give it a whirl so this is the health bar so this is got a coconut oil hemp protein powder some sort sugars pea protein date syrup hemp's date sunflower seeds pumpkin seeds flax seeds cinnamon in order to Tony there might have published in regard to the boy what's your verdict – nice yes yeah decent Buddhism nice was it quite right little dry food right oh yeah actually nice probably every with a protein shake post-workout and then that might help it oh thank you for your honest opinion okay and lastly I'm going to try this meal replacement vegan protein and carbohydrate powder blend with pea protein flaxseed really helped promoting really the flax seeds in there for a nice protein women's minerals natural vanilla raspberry flavor sounds nice let's give this a whirl go YUM mmm that is delicious 13 grams of healthful fats 44 grams of carbs 30 grams of protein now those been learn about Whole Foods nutrition but if I was out and about on the go and I you know didn't get enough food to eat that would be a handy little substitute just to make up some macros okay so those that know me know I'm nothing if not generous so I'm going to try these out on some unsuspecting gym goers it's my client Jeremy Bobby he's a fan of my protein check out his straps this is the health bar journey mmm and did you have a nice workout tonight we've had a really good workout he has to say that weight it's true it's true every weight every weight has gone up stakes game yeah you've earned yourself a nice bar high in fiber potentially delicious nice so it's a chocolate orange and atashi it's my favorite if you weren't the vegan I tell you I like a certain chocolate orange it comes insane no boy because I'm vegan it's heavy man not good ah yeah that is good whether you end that today Germany I have that my best wishes what I do without you I know I know he's already nothing yeah let's get this a bit closer hey it's my friend Eric he is a well good power lifter what are you in the top 20 now yes thoughtful in the country top 20 in the UK train toka demon he deserves some good fuel today's actually really good yeah you like that yeah really good to go yeah there's there's actually really good nice good texture yeah I would give it 7.5 month of them 7.5 be bad enough not a vegan man but he is a vegan fat new you on the hold is handy I swear I wouldn't use that bit okay mate no he went okay so we got so mad gym junkies so this is the hemp far if you want to give that a whirl per month look at me he's gay we've got damn game yeah you like that yep such a bit weird but yeah yeah he would recommend to a friend that's friend yeah oh yeah look his little smile Wow yeah we have a winner if you've been doing this video please like and subscribe vegan for victory yeah


  1. Cheers for this video Paul, was just contemplating switching over to MyProtein to try out the new vegan range and this has made my mind up. Good work! πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯

  2. Hi paul ive started buying the proteinworks vegan super bland and its a lot better then my protein.

  3. Brought the Vegan pre-workout and I can't stand the taste …..yuck!
    Thank you for the 40% though!!

  4. Guys, you can get 30% off your total order on MyProtein by making a new account and using STEFAN-RL1 as a referral code. You can thank me later πŸ™‚

  5. very good video πŸ™‚ and getting lots of people to try vegan products!

  6. Always rinse/wash your shakers out before use is overlooked good advice. Thanks Paul.

  7. Great video!

  8. It only gave me 25% off πŸ™

  9. Going to stock up, thanks for the code πŸ˜‰

  10. The Vegan Blend makes me fart like Billyo!

  11. Ironic how I ended here after watching Lolly's video about how you don't need protein supplements to be healthy πŸ™‚

  12. Quality. Thanks for that πŸ™‚

  13. Great effort, nice video! <3

  14. Did you get the code working again? πŸ™‚

  15. I'm a whole foods protein girl myself, but now I have a great gift in mind for my (going vegan) bf. Thanks!

  16. would be better if that packaging is recyclable

  17. How come you avoid coconut oil buddy?
    My protein do β€œvegan super food” powder that’s pretty tasty, looks like pond water but make me feel good.

  18. Dang you got the hook up! Great stuff as always Hench!

  19. Just put in an order using your discount code, thanks mate <3 also sent the link to the mrs πŸ™‚
    EDIT: also sent to my brother who's in the gym everyday πŸ˜€ he's not vegan but avoids dairy, so he'll love this.

  20. tried the my protein supplements they taste nasty. the best I have found is the protein works vegan extreme protein powder(vanilla crème).

  21. I'll be dropping by to get those supplements and choc orange bars- great video πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  22. I’ll have a look again at these guys. I’ve got stuff before from them and it was pretty good πŸ™‚

  23. Do you recommend cutting out wheat?

  24. what are the "6 really cool things" caffeine does to benefit workouts? you didnt expand on that πŸ™ ive been making good strength gains but really trying to live a stimulate free life and go as natty as possible

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