myHealthRecord: Protecting Personal Health Information

Hi my name is Kathy Callfas I’m the
manager of privacy risk and patient relations at Women’s College Hospital.
Women’s College Hospital is committed to protecting the privacy, confidentiality
and security of personal health information entrusted to us including
information in my health record, which is our electronic patient portal.
Safeguarding your personal health information in our electronic systems is
very important to us. To do so, and in accordance with privacy best practices,
we have administrative, technical and physical safeguards in place to protect
your information. You may access my health record at any time using a unique
activation code, your personal username and a password which you can update at
any time. We use the same privacy and security safeguards to protect your
information that financial institutions use for online banking, including
encryption technology. We also have a technological firewall in place and we
continuously monitor our systems for external threats to further protect your
information. The only individuals who will have access to patient information
in our electronic systems are those clinicians or staff who are part of your
circle of care. This means the clinicians or staff are either providing or
assisting in providing care to you. To ensure compliance with our privacy
policies and privacy legislation we undertake both random and regular audits
of our systems. If you have any questions about your privacy at Women’s College
Hospital you may contact the privacy office. Telephone number is 416-323-7702 or by email at [email protected]

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