myEZcare Healthcare Software with Best Scheduling and Advanced Features

now once the employer and the patient has been created successfully all the documents schedule has been updated successfully now comes the most important part which is known as scheduling from the scheduling we can schedule and in respective employ VIN with the with the respective patient so it's very simple you need to click on the dashboard then you need to go to the scheduling tab then you need to click on scheduling master so once your scheduling click on the scheduling master this window will pop up itself which is the left hand side corner have the details of all the employees which are there and right hand side is called the details of all the patients so green side a green says that the patient has been successively scheduled this says that do not schedule this patient that patient might be out for some dialysis and read say this patient has been not scheduled and the calendar comes from the particular week only which is 15 to 26 if you need to scroll down you can scroll on to the next next week from 22nd – 28 suppose you need to schedule the patient for this week that is for today or tomorrow which is known as ductless the patient name is Douglas Douglas Rhea you can set as see the red the red color says the patient has not been scheduled so we need to click on this button which is not scheduled now all these employees which has got the same schedule as this patient we can be scheduled which says the latitude or longitude this employee needs to travel this miles to the patient place so we need to select which is the match in the criteria so Sunil / Mar has to straddle the least amount that so by clicking on the schedule tab with the employ skin Sunil / Mar we can schedule this particular patient which is known as Douglas trait so when we click on this schedule it says schedule successful created successfully now if you want to check the schedule we can go back and we can see that this employer this patient has been successfully scheduled with the employee Sunil barbar now let me check this patient for you and it says that he has been created name of the patient was Douglas so just give me one minute let me check with the patient it says Douglas Douglas Rea let me search for the patients fully scheduled patient if I go to fully scheduled patient I remove this the fresh under the flesh now we can see this necklace Tran has been successfully scheduled with Sunil Palma it's showing up clearly and when we click on this this the name of the employee will be going for the caregiving purpose for this patient which is known as Douglas tree

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