1. How long do u work out for?

  2. Is it normal that I can’t do this 7:23?


  4. “Never liked One Direction” Meghan you’re missing out 😂

  5. Looking so good! Could you show us what you do post workout to recover

  6. Franny I hope you see this but I KNOW im not the only one who agrees but you are my INSPIRATION right now to work out. You’re so real throughout this whole fitness journey/routine and I appreciate it so much because many people don’t show the real work it takes to even be toned up so Thank You🙏🏼 Love You and hope to see more videos like this 💗🤗

  7. Do u need a specific diet or eat healthy while working out like this? or do u eat like a normal person. lol not expecting franny to reply just someone who sees this hopefully

  8. please make more of these fitness videos i love this!!

  9. Okay Fran you motivate me a lot and I really want to lose weight bc I have my quinces coming up and I just want to be my best version of myself for that night.I attend the gym whenever I can and I do cardio and sometimes weights but I don’t go as often as I should and I was thinking of getting a trainer but I am very afraid to. My insecurities really are getting to me and I just can’t push myself to do it.I last year followed the Pinterest “flat tummy home workouts” and then I would go to the gym and do some cardio but I’ve lately fallen out of that motivation and I don’t know what I should do.Should I continue my home routine then go to the gym whenever I can? Would really appreciate some tips from you and your fans.

  10. Your videos give me motivation ❤️

  11. PLZ make another song❤️👌🙏

  12. those squats on that box look so dope I’m stealing that for leg day haha thanks


  14. Siiiissssss body😻❤️❤️❤️❤️

    I noticed the difference in the video of you and Bobby!!!

    Keep going queen❤️

  15. Franny has such a nice body she is so pretty

  16. Yes get it girl!

  17. more workout videos where you atttt?

  18. Beautiful

  19. Wow that’s so interesting.. I honestly love the workout can’t wait to try it out ❤️

  20. Yesssss looking good❤️ you make me
    Want to get up and work out

  21. This is like the 1st REAL workout video I have ever seen

  22. Where do you get your workout clothes from?

  23. Love this

  24. You look so good franny great job!!!:)

  25. she's wearing the shoes Kian got her ❤❤

  26. you should film a spanish video with kian👀

  27. my knees hurt just watching this

  28. Ahhh Fran you look great!!!

  29. You're such a frickin badass, Franny!! 💪I admire your hardwork and dedication with everything that you do. Thank you for motivating me to push myself even harder to achieve my fitness/confidence goals! Luvvv you!! 😘❤

  30. You look great, keep after it!


  32. I just tried this today, i sweated so much but it made me feel really good. Thank you Franny for the workout and the motivation ☺️

  33. I love this video!
    Good job sis, keep going 💪🏼❤️

  34. Now do a video of what you eat!!

  35. Franny, how can you work out like that and still look amazing? If I would do such a work-out (which I probably never will), I would look like absolute shit.

  36. Franny goes hard

  37. Sweating is good, it means you are burning fat

  38. Franny? Your Physique 😱😍👏👏👏👍👍👍💪

  39. you look amazing 💛

  40. I have a body type like you, if I gain weight it all goes to my belly and waist. But I’m working out 3 times a week plus intermitted fasting and it’s working great for me

  41. Can we please see you boxing😆

  42. Megan trainer! 😂

  43. yo this just motivated me to get my ass in the gym

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