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hey guys and in the vlog and I'm going to be doing a highly requested video I'm gonna be showing you my workout routine pretty much I try to do this three times a week but sometimes with a busy schedule I just do it once so if you see my mic whoa it's not showing right now can I did a good job of hiding it but there's like a little mic pack I just wanted to let you guys know that might be floating around here and somewhere so if you see it I just it's kind of windy out so I wanted to make sure you guys could hear me well so yeah I'm also gonna be doing this on the grass it's a little bit harder but we're gonna we're gonna fight through and we're gonna do it together so let's get right on to the video here just a few things that I do for my workout routine the first thing that I like to start off with and I'm doing my workout routine is probably some cardio so I normally do like jumping jacks and then I do burpees and then I don't know if these are called I think they're likes like skater type things all right so after I do my cardio I like to do some planks thank you very hard for me but they're good so I'm going to do a one-minute plank just like a regular one so here we go three two one alright that was my one-minute plank the next thing we're gonna be doing are these things color plank twists I'll just show you they're like these and we're going to do 15 on each sides like 30 in total here we go I don't like playing why do I do so many planks next thing that we're gonna be doing Oh 30 plank leg lifts so they're like this you just like raise one leg and then what we're gonna do 15 right between Alesso right first okay no left leg next thing we're gonna be doing our side planks we're gonna hold it for 30 seconds right sides gonna be first I have so much trouble balancing but we're just gonna do it here we go and I'm falling I have so much trouble balancing it's not a bad thing we're gonna go right onto the left side now and kill my other arm here we go oh this is easier oh I like the side okay oh wait maybe not ow this is making a cramp in my left side oh my gosh I hate planks now ah I'm laying down and it feels great but we have to keep going the next thing I do is hip raisers so literally just do that and I'm gonna do 30 these are pretty easy until you get to like the last 10 and then they get really hard I don't know was anyone else counting I lost count so 12 no 13 that's fun but I think I'm at like 15 or whatever 20 this is my circuiting cord and 30 okay so the next thing we're gonna do is like one leg hip raises we're gonna 15 of each these things hurt so bad so you just kind of like lift your leg along with like your hip so you just go like that alright already here it's two three four you can like feel it all in your left leg okay five did I say 15 15 all right switch legs fifteen on each my legs are dying so the hip raises I supposed to target your core and your hamstrings and the next thing we're gonna be doing is 20 crunches which target your core hold up I was told that you were supposed to like do crunches like up like that for some reason I don't know so like I try to imagine like a string pulling like up like that way so like like instead of doing like that I go like that you can do it ever you want though so this is what I do I forgot one time for him on we're gonna go with fifteen funny okay so that's 20 next thing that I'm gonna be doing is bicycle I'm gonna be doing it for 30 seconds if you don't know what bicycle is pretty much just like move your feet as like if you're on a bicycle and your right arm Dec touches your left knee left arm presses your right knee let's do it 30 seconds on the clock next I'm going to be doing are laying down legless kind of like I guess you just like do that I don't know it explained now and that's pretty self-explanatory you just like don't let your feet touch the ground and that's about it so ha okay so the next thing we're gonna be doing 20 lemon squeezer is pretty much you just like lay down and come up like this like like 90 degree hands like this does that make sense and you're gonna do funny finish room attend I'm so bad at counting ah okay I'm never working out on grass again 20 are you dying cuz I'm dying alright so now I've got my handy-dandy five-pound weights now we're going to get into like the push-up position and do like this and you're gonna turn on each so we're just starting my left apparently right side all right now we're going back to planks we're gonna do side plank with like a leg lift so we're gonna like like that I'm ready to do what 15 of those there's a bug move getaway bug okay I say done now it's gone for the left side fifteen okay hopefully we're done with planks now now we're doing to attempt to do some push-ups I don't know how many I'm gonna do we're gonna try it cuz you got to get better at it if you practice so let's try oh my gosh I don't even want to do 1:30 we're gonna go to five I'm at three alright guys that concludes my workout routine ever III know I didn't have the best form on everything but you know you've got a practice make things perfect so I'm working up the potential of having good form and everything like that so make sure you guys comment down below what your favorite workout exercise to do is and I'll see you guys later thank you guys so much for watching bye


  1. What is your favorite exercise? ❤️

  2. She's so cuteee ❤

  3. Did you really just say you don't have good form….🤣🤣🤣you are so funny.Girl your body is goals and perfection. So is everyone's reading this.😘

  4. Who else works out then goes and digs in snakes?😂😂

  5. aren’t u like 8 tho

  6. Hip raises actually target your glute…. common sense

  7. My work out routine:
    Warm up:
    2 miles
    100 squats
    50 push ups
    Work out:
    20 weighted squat jumps
    20 Back squats
    10 bulgirian squats
    20 lunges each leg
    Repeat 5 times then stretch and do 300 for abs

  8. First period story please

  9. I love how u point ur toes every time u do something that is not in a plank!!

  10. ur beautiful

  11. She probably forgot how many she did because she was thinking about Asher

  12. Where's the room tour???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. You should do more workout videos!!!!

  14. hey y’all help me get to 300 hundred subs subscribe pls☺️

  15. Annie you inspired me a lot thank you god bless ya:) I have been doing those workout for 3 weeks and I am literally feeling fit 😂 ❤️❤️❤️👍🏻👍🏻😊

  16. I’m your biggest fan I listen to little do you know

  17. Annie u must have been tired when u did these workouts! Your getting stronger!!😊💪❤

  18. Annie. An easy way to do excerises at the beginning so it wont hurt is to put your arms under you butt. It helps

  19. But youre perfectly skinny and healthy. What do you need the workout for?

  20. i love how her toes are pointed throughout the entire workout.

  21. I would have done it with her but I hurt my back so no

  22. She’s bad at balancing but she’s perfect at predicting🙃.

  23. Annie I love u so much u are an inspiration this is a girl by the way

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