My Workout Routine: 2016 Exercise & Fitness Goals


  1. Waaaaaay beyond beautiful

  2. please do an updated one

  3. Wait, how does you make matcha latte?

  4. linda ( you is perfect

  5. your accent is very hard to understand can't you slow down a bit to make your video more useful

  6. please eat more! it's not about how much you eat, it's about the amount of calories in your food. seriously I used to do this; eating too little, working out, then craving something super bad like donuts etc. I've been a vegan for 10 months now ( or a wannabe vegan I try my best but it's not possible sometimes). and leaving animal products from your life will allow you to eat more of what your body needs: fruit and vegetables. seriously, just watch forks over knives or read the china study or watch a vegan youtuber. that's the only lifestyle where you can actually stay lean af by eating literally 20 kg a day xd because I can see you love to eat and have a sweet tooth like me! but you really want to loose weight and become healthy. the best food for a human is plain fresh, ripe fruit. but that is at least for me impossible because I live in Finland (the north pole basically) so we have almost no fruits growing here, everything comes from spain etc. and they are not the best quality and therefore not really good for me. ok Im rambling but I HIGHLY suggest you educate yourself on this nutrition a little (and stop believing what your hearing, like protein is good blaa blaa) I love you and only want the best for you(even tho I'm not your mom lol) and just wanted to share a thing that has solved my and many others issues with not only how you look physically but also how to see yourself and your body in a loving, appreciating way. 💞


  8. what brand of matcha do you drink?


  10. Lol everyone in the comments thinks they're Registered Dietitians 😂

  11. Thanks for letting us in on your workout world. Love the show watching idea during prep time.

  12. This was posted on my bday

  13. Oh my gosh your so pretty you look kindve like jade off victorias

  14. omg I finally know what spinning is 😂


  16. These kind of videos always make me want to start working out. I rewarded bought myself a new pair of sneakers as motivation. I haven't even looked at them since I bought them

  17. ur so pretty , i really enjoy ur vids , all the best for u :*

  18. typically

  19. I am currently watching this in a sports bra and eating hot cheetos lmao

  20. i need that jackket😍

  21. Fun vid :))

  22. "New year, new me, new butt" 😂 oh well thats new

  23. The egg white actually has more protein than the yolk tho.. :/

  24. Just letting you know after a meal (such as breakfast) you should allow your self around 3 hours for your food to digest before you start exercising. Another tip, carbohydrates are best for in the morning because it provides you energy for the whole day! So carbs in the morning and less carbs throughout the day! Carbs are good, not bad!

  25. Its adidas not adeedas 😂

  26. What Camera does she use??

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