hello YouTube family thank you so much for taking the time I said click this blog I will be talking about my diet I have official even on my diet for two weeks now and the side effects that I have endured taking sensor means ok guys I wanted to do a update on my weight loss journey today is June the 19th I have officially been on my diet for 16 days okay guys imma start off by saying it's been a struggle it's been a struggle to stay away from all that good food I'm not gonna lie to you guys I did have Little Caesars Pizza a couple of times since I've been on my diet and I also had a couple of those Strawberry Shortcake ice cream bars and the reason why I did that y'all because I don't want to completely not dipping down if I want to because I feel like if I restrain myself from eating every freaking thing and not cheating it off then I'm most likely to fail on my journey on weight loss so every now and then if I get an urge I will eat a ice cream bar maybe have a little pizza probably have a couple of chips or even have some juice but I can honestly say y'all I've been worse tricks on my diet this time around I've been drinking lots of water I try to drink at least a gallon of water a day what I eat is the Cheerios they have this brand new flavor is what's called maple nut I think it's caught it's called maple I think it's maple cheerios maple nut cheerios and it tastes really good and what I do is I go to Publix and I get those small bowls that they have for the soups and I get at least like 10 of those they don't charge me for them I'm not saying that chocolate a little bit as I do I get 10 of those little bowls from Publix and I get I take my and I get some of their spoons and I take that little small little Bowl and I measure out my cereal I try to eat at least 3/4 of a cup of the honey I mean not the humming up but the maple Cheerios and then I use skim milk so I used about maybe 4 to 5 ounces of skim milk and I do that in the morning I try to eat by 8:30 then I eat again at 10:30 so pretty much I try to eat every couple of hours every two hours or maybe every three hours so I don't get hungry as much and what I've been eating especially while I'm at work because I'm pretty busy at my job like I said the maple Cheerios cereal and then I also eat a banana then I take the little cut up cut up watermelons with me sometimes I eat sardines or a couple of crackers or something just something to satisfy my hunger because you don't want to go too long without eating because if you do that guys let me tell you something if you go too long without eating you're more than likely to cheat and the goal is to not cheat on your diet so what you have to do is eat up every couple of hours every two to three hours just so you won't be extremely hungry maybe a little hungry but you don't want to be starving because when you're starving you're more than likely to cheat on your diet but anywho guys I have not got on the scale yet I have worked out twice I went to the gym twice so far in my 16 days of working out I made up my 16 days of being on my diet and I can say guys when I went to work out it felt really good today guys I will be going to workout today if I don't go work out in the gym then I will be walking or doing some type of some type of cardio you know some form of exercise but anywho guys let me say this as far as the phentermine I stopped taking offense I mean let me tell you why I stopped taking the phentermine it's okay like I said this time around I got the council the last time I had was the actual diet tablet this time I got the capsule and it seems like since I've been taking it I didn't having like a little flutter in my heart I don't it's just uh like uh it's a little feeling it's like up in my heart area and I'm like what is going on so you know I took some Bayer Aspirin because I wanted to just see if that's just was it just me or was I really feeling it but then it when it went on the next day and I was feeling it still I was like hey it might be these fields so I decided to stop taking the pills and I can honestly say since I've stopped taking them that I have not been feeling that you know that uncomfortable feeling in my chest area so I I mean I really don't know guys because like I stated in my first video I've been taking thinner means forever off and on and I haven't never had no issues like this before I don't know if this is because it's the capsule I honestly don't know but I decided for myself to stop taking them for right now just to see and honestly guys like since I have been off of it I haven't been angle fabric successful looks like a thousand cheating here and there but I have been motivated and another thing that I do guys that help motivate myself I look at pretty girls I look at skinny girls I look at bodies I'm like oh my god I want this body so you know that helps me to stay motivated and then I go in my closet and I look at all of these small clothes that your girl used to wear that she can't wear now because she put on weight but I just wanted to say guys thank you for everybody that watched my first video thank you for the comments thank you for the lies I greatly appreciate it like I said stated before if anyone else is going through the same weight loss journey as myself please what leave a comment down below so I can check out here videos and back up there today is June the 19th I only put on my diet for 16 days and I can honestly say guys it's been going good so far I will update y'all with the little video of my outfit and how I look so far because I wanted to might try to update you guys if not every week than every two weeks on my mind we'll be going to the floor and I'm gonna get some lettuce I'm gonna get some chicken parts and tomatoes and some eggs and I'm gonna make a salad and something that I'm gonna make it's gonna last for a couple of days so I can suggest this guy's like I said earlier if you are a working mother like I am what I suggest you do it's as far as for breakfast what is easier to maintain is getting some cereal to get you some small little bowls get some cereal measure out your cereal make sure it's 3/4 of a cup get you a banana get you some sardines you can get some watermelons from cantaloupe some pineapples whatever fruits you like just take your lunch with you and I feel like it's been beneficial for me because I've been taking my breakfast and lunch with me versus being at work and being extremely hungry and going out to go get something because I know if I allow myself to just be hungry I'm working that long I go get something to eat I'm gonna get something I do not need so I recommend you guys taking your breakfast and your lunch with you and a snap with you because you are more than likely not to cheat if you do it that way and try not to eat past eight o'clock I try not to eat past eight o'clock and like I said I drink a lot of water I buy a gallon of water and I take you to work with me and not drink oh now water all frickin today well sometimes like yesterday when I got off from work I had my jug with me so I thought I had hardly like less than half of water left but I brought it home and I finish it so the goal is to make healthy choices guys make sure you incorporate some type of exercise like I said I only worked out twice and it's only because of my work schedule and when I get off and you know I'm working on doctor's office then when I got off sometimes any tire y'all sometimes they get off sick sometimes I get off seven so what I get up higher so I just wanna relax and then you know being that we're gonna doctor's office my job is like constant moving moving moving because we're checking in patients be checking out patients so it's like a constant like moving back and forth you're not working ophthalmology so I'm doing visual acuity senses then you know I'm dilating pupils and I'm checking pressures on eyes and then I'm happy to do a CT scan so I'm doing all of these things that's constantly keeping me busy also I'm moving a lot so your girl is losing inches by but anyone guys I don't want to hold up too much your time I say this videos not gonna be long and like I said I'm gonna show you guys a video of what I have won today so you can get an idea of what I look like so far and like I said I'm gonna keep updating you guys every couple of weeks well I'm gonna talk every week or two let's say that cuz I'm gonna promise you guys anything just to give you an update on what's been going on with my diet but thank you guys so much for being supportive if you have any questions down below leave it down below leave your comments down below and I promise I will respond to your comments thank you guys for being supportive if you're watching this video and you haven't subscribe to this channel yet make sure you do so now don't forget to give me thumbs up share my videos thank you guys


  1. Good luck on your journey! I'm on a journey also. I will make sure that i continue to check your channel out. keep grinding

  2. Good luck dear, i went through my weight loss some years ago, and it works. Just stay positive and determined💞💞

  3. Great video, I'm currently on a weight loss journey myself… I went from 75kg to 125kg is two years 😱😱😱… Head over to my channel to follow my weight loss journey…

  4. Good job keep pushing

  5. Hello sis

  6. I love your channel and the positivity you displayed

  7. You look perfect to me hun

  8. Hey Shauna, keep moving!

  9. I tried phentermine and it was great for me

  10. When can do it! I started a diet two months ago so far I lost 10lbs

  11. Get Shauna keep up the good work

  12. You look great!

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